MNLS #2: Turning point

Caro, you mustn't think about him, you know. He has a girlfriend, okay. Buuuuuut .. He is still hot stuff. Okay, stop, stop! Think about the physics better. It would be useful to think about it at times.

I walked along the empty school corridors, down the stairs, accompanied by my own steps when I heard it. This was the most beautiful guitar play I have ever heard. And it was one of my favorite songs - Nazareth "Love Hurts". The boy sang, too.

"Some fools think of happiness
Blissfulness, togetherness
Some fools fool themselves I guess
They're not foolin' me

I tripped carefully and quietly, hiding myself behind the wall, that he wouldn't see me. Only then I realized who was preforming this song.
The heart started to beat much faster. Jason.
The former restrictions I gave to my mind were lost again. What a pity.

"I know it isn't true, I know it isn't true
Love is just a lie
Made to make you blue
Love hurts......ooh, ooh love hurts
ooh, ooh love hurts

He has a wonderful voice, I thought, still hiding.
But, like all good things, the song ended after a couple of moments.

I took a deep breath, because as I was listening I missed some breaths.
Typical if speaking about me.

I peeked behind the wall and .. met his eyes.
I grew numb, dropping my eyes.

"How was it?" he asked, putting his guitar aside.
"It was wonderful ..." I asked admiringly, as floating in the clouds. Lovely, besides everything, he will think I'm insane.
"Really?" he wondered.
"True this. Why do you ask?"

"Mmh. .. in the music school they told me it's terrible. That I play wrong and stuff."
"Are you serious? I can't say that."

"Hmm. Looks like you're the only one. Even my girlfriend said it's terrible."

"Then she must be crazy ..." Oh shit, what did I say?! "I mean..."
"Why were you listening to it behind the wall?" He abruptly changed the topic.

Interesting. I sent him a numb look.
"Well, you know, you shouldn't hide yourself - I don't bite,"

"I didn't think about it..." I stuttered in response.
"Well, okay," he said standing up.

"Why did you chose a song like this?" I asked, following him to the wardrobe.
"It's time like this," he said sulkily, from what I concluded that he didn't want to talk to it.

I breathed deeply. "Ooookay," I answered, grabbing my jacket.
As I turned around, he was gone. Strange, I thought about his speed. About his behavior I thought: typical.

I should became offended, after all. But, knowing Jason, I couldn't. I actually thought about how awkward this moment was.
I really hope that only for me.

Because at that time it was the last thing I wanted - to get Jason Lockwood know that he means something to me.


Getting home, I logged myselfto Facebook again, which turned to be difficult, because Angel decided it would be really cool to walk over and over my keyboard. I endured her at most 10 minutes, after which I angrily lifted her away. She hissed at me for a second and then moved to the balcony.

Better. So,finally.
I didn't know why I wanted to check it again.
Just staring at the screen won't help, right?

I clicked at Jason's account, on the info. I scrolled down, my heart beat angrily.
I personally would like to know how the heart beats angrily...

But after a few moments after it started to beat faster and not angrily but happily. It didn't matter that my eyes couldn't believe what they saw.
My heart has always been dumb and believes everything.

Jason Lockwood is listed as single.
Jason Lockwood. Is Listed.
As Single. 

Wait, what? No, no, no, it can't be true. Only in the morning he was ...
And then I got it.
Love Hurts. "It's time like this," Quick leaving without saying goodbye - not that it would be not him. Only that... Anyway, yes. It needs to be checked.

What to do if you want to be sure whether a page has true information? Right,check the other pages.
Twitter. All comments his girlfriend .. ex-girlfriend (still in question) left were deleted.

MySpace. Single. Lovely.
Yeah, it may be lovely. But how the hell can it be true?!


"Why are you surprised? People break up, it is natural,"
"I don't even know. It's just so ..."

"So what?"
"I have no idea,"

"You see. I suggests you use the chance. 'Hot guys' are not lying on the road, you know."
"And why are hot guys in quotation marks?"

"Because a) it is your phrase, and b) you know that Jason is not my type."

"Now go and get him, girl. This is my advice to you,"
"If only it was that easy,"

I was right (according to later practice), though. The first problem was that Jason wasn't on MSN and I'd calling him wasn't in my plans. The second was that I had no idea what I should do. Because I never knew how to hit on a boy.
Haha, a sarcastic laugh sounded in my head.

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