Never fall for a Player #1: Changing my principles

"And you just leave? After everything you have ..." Said. Everything that was between us. That's what I wanted to tell him, but he was too wrong person to be told that. Too wrong, yes. "Okay," I moves my hands to calm myself down. "It was nice to spend time,"

I turned myself around at my heels and just went, leaving him standing there, dumbfounded, even though he was the one who had left me.
But what I was actually hoping for?
I broke my promise, maybe even a principle. The most .. let's just say that I would never have thought I could break this one. And moreover a promise given to myself! That's even worse than promises given to others.

Would you like to hear it? Never, never, under any circumstances fall for a player.
However, there was one positive thing about it. He said that when the lessons were over, so I could now go to the dance studio to handle with stress.
And think about my revenge, because I do not forgive so easily. Liam Hormshot, you'll regret it.


Moving to the dance studio, I tried to figure out how and when this all started.

It was a party. Where I actually wasn't about to go. But my best friend Saleisha dragged me there, because she felt I needed some change. Well, then I thought she may be right.

If only I knew.
That night ..


"Saleisha, seriously,"
"C'mon, you know that I want him," She said, her eyes moving from me to Adam.

I shook my head. "Okay, go. I guess I have to find some entertainment for me, too."
"You're super!" Saleisha shouted over the music and smacked a kiss on my cheek.

"Lovely," I said. "Not me, kiss him. Go now." I smiled at these two as they run up the stairs.
Oh these couples. Yeah.
It was a moment where I remained alone, and when things started to do awry. I headed to the kitchen to take something to drink, but I had no idea, that I could find myself there, drinking with Liam one shot after another, to see who will win.

I can't remember who won anyway. Not that it would make any sense now. So .. yes, as you may think, we finished in the same bed. Naked.
The thought that we were .. me and him .. well, it was disgusting. Not that I have something against the boys (I'm 100% straight!), But Liam Hormshot was .. a player.

In the morning, finding myself in bed with one of them, I was so angry at myself that I would happily twist my head off. I put clothes on fastly, rushing from the room and out of the house.

However, Liam isn't listed as a player just because he sleeps with lots of girls. He still plays with them after that, by telling them he cares.
*Sarcastic laugh*.

I don't know what I thought about when I had him a couple of hours later on my threshold, he acknowledging me that I'm special. This is how started my relationship with Liam Hormshot.


I made a few moves.
Just like in the video.
Step, turn, jump. Mm.
Not that dancing is my passion, I never felt any attraction. But it helped to cope with stress, which I needed lately.

Hand, one, two, three, down, up.
Stress.That's understatement.

And turn. I Adjusted my jacket, thinking momentally the moves that could be used in the video.
After he had made me believe in his lies, there was no peace in my life.

He. This boy, as he Saleisha called him. Liam Hormshot. Is there any difference how to call him? It couldn't change the fact that I got addicted to him. Wildly addicted. Desperately. Very. A lot.

I made another turn, facing the mirror. If I would have been at home, the mirror would be probably broken. Why? Because I was angry. Again.
Never fall for a player - this was my principle. I hated them. Disgusted.

Stuck-up bastards who think they can get any girl who they only want.And plus the fact that I hadn't planned falling in love. I wanted to concentrate on studies to get to a normal university and then work ...
But everything went wrong.

Stop. One, two, three.
I felt that my anger was gone. By now.

And then, just as I was arranging my legwarmers, I felt someone's hands on my waist.
I didn't even have to look in the mirror to know who was it.

Cameron Shonery moved me in beat, then raising me in the air. Otherwise I would get free hands, but no, not after a plan started to create in my head.

* A small overview: Cameron Shonery was just like Liam. Stuck-up player who knows exactly how hot he is, and that girls want him. Most, not all. Not that it could change their mind.
And the girls like me - who didn't belong to the majority - were a challenge for them. They so love challenges like that.

For one, I wasn't a challenge anymore. But no, oh no, it's not over yet. Now I'm the one who will play with you. *

Cammy pushed me against the wall, about a meter above him and then slipped me slowly down. He moved his face closer and closer. I assumed that he did it cautiously, because he knew how I would normally act.

Finally, his lips brushed mine gently, and he wanted to move away, but my nails, which were dug into his back, restrained him. Instead, I pulled him back towards me.
He was intoxicated, and his hands pledged themselves to climb up and down my body. He touched my lips with his tongue, asking for permission to enter, which I gave him willingly.

If he only knew to which it leads.
A heated groan came from his mouth, as my hands reached you-know-what.

"My place, right now," he said, at once pleading and ordering.
"Definitely," I whispered, agitated.


The bed creaked under us as calling help, but we weren't about to stop. He because he wanted me, and I, since this was the plan.
Besides, I thought, this is wonderful.

Cameron's fingers squeezed mines, my hands were above my head. We moved slowly, starting to going fast. He moaned as my finger nails dug into his back with a passion.

"You're a wonderful Roxy," He whispered, when he finally sank next to me.


These arrogant bastards. Think they can get any girl who they want. How I would like this smile from their faces. These were my thoughts when I left Cameron's apartment in the morning.

I knew exactly what I had to do.
Players, eh? You like to play. Okay. Let's start the game.

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