NFFAP #2: And so begins the task

As I reached the school after running home to change my clothes, I could feel lots of gazes on me.
Sure. Another girl Liam Hormshot slept with. Cool. Wait a bit, my friends, you'll see how it all ends.

Another possibility why they were glaring, might be my clothing. As I decided to be a player, I had to look like one. So I put on a lot more revealing top as I usually do - pink babydoll, black ruffle miniskirt and black heels. I would never wear heels and revealing babydoll to school. But that was the task.

"Dear, I'm so sorry! I could have never thought Liam would actually do this to you, I thought he has changed." Saleisha's arms were around me.
She thinks I'm heartbroken. "Saleisha, it's alright. I'm okay."

"Really?" She stopped hugging me, so she could face me. "You're not .. you know .. heartbroken?"
"Surely not,"

"Wow, tough girl,"
"Yeah, I don't like to be mad long, I'll just get my revenge and that's it."

"You're genius,"

We started heading to our classes as someone called me.
Well, hey, Cammy.

"Hey, Roxy," he said as he reached us.
Saleisha was  intrigued as she watched us.

Guess she thinks I'm not heartbroken 'cause I found another guy to be with.
"Hello, Cammy,"

"Roxana, I wanted to talk about last night..." He started, ashamed - seriously?! -, scratching his neck.
"Yeah, what about that?" I asked, bored.

"Well .. I wanted to ask .. maybe you will like a dinner or sth?"
"Haha, what? You invite me to dinner? Really?"

"Yeah, why do you..?"
"I guess no." I could feel Saleisha's gaze on me.

If not counting the fact she had Adam, who she really loved, she thought Cameron is hot stuff. Well, the truth is, he was, but besides that he was a player, so... Yeah, that's the second point. After Cammy said he would like to talk about last night, Saleisha immediately got it. And let's think about how many times I told her I will never sleep with him.

Well, things change.
"What? Why not?"
"I don't know what you thought about, but for me it was nothing but fun. I just needed someone and you happened to be there, interested in me, so I used  the advantage."

Cammy just glared at me, I could even say, if there weren't people around us, his mouth would be open. He didn't say anything, just turned and started walking away quickly.

"Are you crazy?" asked Saleisha.

"Then why..? Oh no, I got it. I guess. But it can't be true, can it?"
"If by 'it' you mean, I became a female player, then you're right."

"Player? You must be kidding me."
"Not at all. I won't ever let any boy hurt me again. Now I'm the one that plays with them."

"Roxy, I'm worried,"
"You shouldn't be. I'm just getting my revenge."

"But only Liam hurt you. Why you hurt others?"
"Not everyone. Only the players."

She dropped her hands, giving up. "Well, I don't know what to say here."
I shoot another look where Cammy disappeared. "Me, too," I mumbled.

"So this is why you are wearing all of this," She pointed at my clothes.
"Yeah, that's my task,"

"Oh. I'm only more afraid."
"Don't be afraid, girl friend. I'm just teaching some jerks good manners."

"I'm afraid you'll get hurt,"

"Well, you know, you never know who your heart are going to choose to .. fall in love or something."
"I won't. I control my feelings from now,"

"But you can't control your feelings!"
"Trust me, I can," Although I have no idea how.


"Hey, baby,"
Hey, Jack Sweeney, player #2 who thinks he can play with me. "Hey, Jack," I said, leaning closer to him.

His eyes moved from my eyes to my breast.
Well, never expect from male players to look you into the eye.

"What about dinner tonight? At C'est la vie maybe?"
"Sounds good,"

"I'll be at yours at 8,"
I gave him the glad eye. Pretending, of course. But he believed it. Good game. "See you then,"


"Jack Sweeney? Are you serious?"
"You heard me,"

"Wow, they really start falling for your charm,"
"Well, that's not my real point, but it leads here,"

"What's your point then?"
"I said, revenge. I want to make Liam suffer this time."

"You make him fall in love with you?"
"Kind of. The others players are just a way to make him fall. Harder."

"Listen, I don't really understand this 'female player' thing. I mean, boys are called players as they sleep with lots of girls. But if girls sleep with lots of boys, then they are..."
"Sluts, yeah. Here's the difference. Female player never sleeps with every guy who takes her out. If talking about me, then I'm not gonna sleep with any of them. My point is just to make them think they can actually have me, when in reality they can't."

"Well, I go to the dates with them, then manipulates guys to fall for me. And as they'd fell for me, I get bored and leave them. So in my point, I'm going to make them fall for me, I'll just kind of break their hearts. If they have ones. So, probably I get them played instead of them playing with me. Sounds cool, huh?"

"Wow. You're really in, aren't you? And I .. well, I guess it may be cool, but not .. nice as well. You're going to play with their feelings!"
"Liam Hormshot played with my feelings as well. As I can't just go and make him fall for me, I have to show him what he lost." I said with icy voice.

"I still don't think it's good,"
"The time will show," I answered.


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