MNLS #3: Telepathy

"My 10 questions, sure, yes," I handed Chantal my esperanto notebook.
"Vi liberta matura, vi dorloti, vi hobio. Cool." Chan gave my notebook back.

"Kind of questions,"
"Mmhhmm," dragged the girl, currently studying her phone.

You lose half of your friend, when she falls in love. Absolutely.


"As I promised, you're going to do some pair work today. And not with your casual deskmate." The answer to this sentence - as well as to the previous one - was neither "boo" or "yay".
You will let me be with Jason, won't you, Mr.Stromwell?

* Haha, yeah, that was what I was doing then. Sending telepathic prayers to teachers to get Jason with to be in one group or in pairs. Now, it's so funny to think back. *

"Caroline and Jason .. ..,"
My head jerked up. Wait, what?

Mr.Stromwell continued to put students in pairs, like nothing happened. Well, for him nothing.
"Use the opportunity, sweetie, like I said," Chantal grinned beside me.

"It seems like I have telepathic abilities, don't I," I replied, looking at Jason surreptitiously.
He was sad, you could see that.

I sighed. "It's not a chance," Not now.

The girl threw a quick look at the boy, so no one could suspect anything, then looked back at me. "It looks like that. But I know what you could do. In tough times we all need good friends. Be supportive."

"Sinjorinoj, obei," Mr. Stromwell stood next to our table.

"Apologio," we muttered.
"Caroline, iri po Jason,"

"Okej," I stood up, grabbing my bag, notebook and pencil case, as our esperanto group or pair works usually take the whole lesson. What a fun.

I bit my lip as I landed next to him. Of course, I had been closer than one meter to him for thousand times, but si next to him and talk for a whole lesson was a completely different thing. And what can I say about this, is that it was really weird.

Jason stared for a long time at the table. I looked at him for a long time, until I heard buzzing around us, which meant that the others started to work. I sent one glare at Stromwell to make sure that he's watching our work.

Okay, it's okay. Start talking. "Um .. Jason?"
He flinched as if hadn't been listening for a long time.

Does he know why am I next to him? I hope.
"Sorry, I was in my mind. Let's start with the questions, right?" He smiled at me with his sweet smile.

However, I noticed that the smile was fake. It remained only at his lips, the eyes were sad. Seeing him hurt was the hardest thing to do, but as I meant nothing to him, there was nothing I could do.

"Let's start," I squeezed a smile on my lips as well.


"We heard the news," declared Michelle as I and Cassie reached our table.
"Haha, like it's big news," I said with a laugh, taking a mouthful of Spaghetti Bolognese.

"Or isn't they," Micha looked at me, still waiting.
"What news, tell me," asked Cassie.

"Oh, okay. I sat in Esperanto with Jason."
"Wow. How did you get there?" Micha said.

"We had a pairwork," answered Chantal for me. "And Stromwell decided that it would be awesome to make pairs by himself."
"It was fun, after all," I argued.

"Fun? You may had fun, but do you know who I was sitting with?"
Now I realized why this Chantal told it by herself. But who was it? I shook my head in response.

"Chan, sweetie, she was obviously too busy with his 'hot guy'. Anyway, who was it?"
"Sure, I had lots of fun. I sat with Bai-,"

"EWWW!" We almost yelled. It was enough that the people who sit near us sent us askance looks.
Who cares. "Ew, how could he do that to you?"

"Well, I guess he does not know that Bai-,"
"Do not tell me that name, I beg you. We are eating, after all."

"Okay. I think that Stromwell don't know that B stinks and stuff. Ooh."
"These people should be thrown out because of that,"

"Exactly," Micha pointed ato me with a fork. "This is a legal offense."
We shivered again.

"How was it?" Cassie turned to me.
"Mh?" I asked, already forgot about my topic.

* At first I was really calm. No too much mentioning. This changed at some moment, and Jason appeared in each of my sentence. It was horrible, yes. *

Cassie looked at me, with  are-you-an-idiot- and at the same time isn't-it-obvious-look. "'Mr. Hot Guy # 1 in the world'?"
"Ah," I took a sip of hot chocolate. "It was unique. Weird. Crazy. Feeling like I don't belong there, you know."

"Not really,"
"She wants to say that Jason sent an electrical charge to a chair and then Caro thought that something must be wrong here,"

"Thank you, darling, you really know how to explain everything so right," I knew that Micha used sarcasm, but it was a narrative sense.
"I see. That explains a lot." Cassie started to laugh. "But what about you two?"

I sighed heavily. I also knew that we will soon reach the point. "I do not believe there will be sth soon. He's broken."
"What proves once again that you need to find yourself ..."

"Micha," Chan sounded harsh.

"Well what?" Micha sent her a disgruntled look.
"Keep out," I sad, a spirit of conciliation. "Of course, falling in love with a classmate is silly and not the best choice, but I've never could tell my heart who to choose."

"Indeed," Micha sent me a glance.
Obvious. "Exactly,"

* We talked about one actor's mad fanning about half an year ago. I don't say his name, because now he is disgusted to me. The right would also to say that now I understood how ugly and stuff he is. Micha sent me the look because she hates him as well. *

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