MNLS #4: Sometimes I can be this lucky

"Ready for math?"
"Like I would ever learn for the Olympics,"

"Perhaps it would be more useful?"
"Last year I didn't learn  for chemistry. I got to next round. Conclusion: there is no need to learn for the Olympics,"

"Some are still soooo unchangeable," Michelle joined the conversation.
"And you?" Chan said, knowing the answer already.

"Of course not,"
"Then, not only some,"

"Oh, of course we won't talk that some are unchangeable about boys as well," She looked at me with her knowing gaze.
I started to answer her already, but the door to class, where our math had to be held, opened and teacher started to let people in.

"You two. From 9th grade? Okay, you go in, too," The teacher let Chantal and Michelle in as well, leaving all the rest of us outside.

I leaned against the wall, observing Cyle and Corey, who for some strange reason, had also come to the Olympics. Not that I would want to offend anyone, but c'mon, these people who are popular, they have a 'strange habit' to get bad grades. Okay, let's be honest, they just didn't need to study, because their parents are rich people and can afford them everything.

You don't have to go to the lessons. Of course. That answer was so simple. This is a hobby for some people - as soon as the the season of Olympiads begin in the autumn, they participate only because they don't have to go to the lessons.
I turned eyes away because their 'fight' started getting on my nerves.

It is possible that it would have been wiser to look at those stupid things. Or at least, look somewhere else. To catch Jason's eyes (back then I didn't do it very often .. those good old times), and drown in there when he wasn't mine, wasn't just the best alternative.

This lasted a few seconds, but it seemed as if hours passed before he turned his head away. I blinked my eyes and turned away again, so I couldn't feel no longer the vibes, which occurred in my body, when we looked into each others' eyes.

Later, of course, there were millions of exchanges of looks and they still made me shake.
"9th grade, you can go inside," the teacher's voice sounded through the mist, even I was standing only a meter from her.

However, I moved to the class, smiled at Micha and Chantal, who sat in the first and second table, and went to the fifth (the third was occupied and then I decided to sit farer). I took out compasses, ruler, protractor, pen and wait until I get my work.

I supported my head on my hand and kinda daydreamed until someone landed before my table.
Are you kidding me again?

I looked over his shoulder at Micha and Chan, who just grinned obscure.
So funny. You couldn't sit somewhere else?

I raised my brow towards Jason's back, as if he really could see it. Michelle and Chantal, however, had so pleased faces, as if their peculiar plan succeeded. Not to mention, as though it were some kind of a suitable chance for I-don't-know-what.


About 1.5 hours passed, when I finally raised my head from paper. Not that everything was ready. But two of the five tasks were done perfectly, and I let my eyes rest.
Okay, it was not quite what I meant.

Let your eyes rest on the Jason's back, I mean. I had actually planned to just look around, but as my eyes stopped on Jason, I couldn't look away.
My look slid over his brown hair, shoulders, and then upside of his back. Immediately, the thoughts of his trained body appeared in my mind.

So, that no one would misunderstand this. I HAVEN'T SEEN naked Jason. But he almost always wore a white T-shirt, which was against his trained body so well that all the muscles were seen. That's why I was hyper-happy as we were had PE together. Although it didn't happen often, but still.

After a few moments I finally started thinking normally, so I understood where I actually was.
Focus, Caro, you are at the Olympiads, not .. maybe .. hot guys exhibition.


Within an hour later I gave the work with done 3 1/4 exercises.
For me, a good thing. 

It was this stupid day when our school's management decided that we have to go to classes after the Olympics.
However, Esperanto and two PE-s didn't seem to be that bad.

Esperanto .. right, we need to choose new seats.
On Wednesdays, we had Esperanto in such a wonderful class where the tables were round, so that we can look at each other. Which in itself was very nice.

Moreover, it's this class, where I sat last year .. yeah, next to Jason.
I smiled as I recalled how much I complained to Chan that I have to sit next to a boy (Chan sat on the other side of me).

Haha, how ironic.
As I had finished 15 minutes before the end of the lesson, I had to wait until it ends, to get to class.

"How was it?" Jason asked as he flopped down next to me about 5 minutes later.
Is he stalking me? "Eem .. I believe that even good. 3 1/4 tasks were done. I don't know if correctly of course ..."

"3 1/4? Pretty good,"
"And you?"

"Heh, dunno. The third was 0.5 hours?"
"It was the one I didn't get. The second?"

I nodded my head.

"4 was 250?"

"Um .. I got 236.2,"

"What have you got five?"
"That is not possible?"

"Same here. Oh, it's not so bad after all,"

"For you not. I didn't do the first, 3 is a question mark and 4 wrong,"
"Maybe I was wrong? 236.2 may also be true, after all,"

"I don't think so. It seems too weirdo. I guess I'm going to cry, as I did it this bad,"
"Oh, come on. Everybody has their ups and downs,"

* Silence, silence, silence. * I gave up. At least we were talking for .. about 10 minutes.


"So you sit there again," Chantal said contentedly, when we changed our clothes for PE.
"Yeah, sometimes I can be this lucky,"

"You'll be more lucky today," Cassie joined.
"You're clairvoyant now?" I laughed.

"Because we have a PE with the boys today," said Michelle.
"Wow, how fun," I replied cheerfully.

PE with the boys wasn't fun only because of Jason. PE with boys .. we had always fun there.

"Although, do not know what I can do there, especially when people are around,"
"Um .. watch his hot body for example," Cassie suggested.

"Irw, do not even think about hitting on my boyfriend," I said, ironically.
"Your boyfriend ..." Chan dragged reproachfully.

"Chan, it was ironic, after all,"
"I just look that you won't get your expectations too high,"

"Don't worry,"

As it wasn't raining, so we went outside.

Three laps around the stadium, of course, wasn't so great but we did it.

"Today we're going to do long jump, and then play baseball," said Ms. Staim, girls' PE teacher.
It sounds great.

At first, the girls did their long jump, then the guys and at the end when everyone had done their extremities, we just fooled around, jumping all together.

I told ya, PE with guys = fun.
Baseball was fun as well, considering the fact that it was the ball game, I was the best at (compared to other ball games).

Especially fun was the part that the girls were permitted to form teams.
Samantha was our captain and chose Cyle first.

"So who are good there?" she asked monitoring the boys.

"Jason, Aiden, Dylan, Ethan ..."
Please take Jason, please take Jason. My typical activity.

"I see .. Well, okay, let's take for example .. no, Jason, come here,"
I obviously have telepathic abilities.

Chantal was also in the same team with me, so it was meant to be a great game. And as soon as Jason had to hit the ball, I did the same I noticed him doing.
Although he didn't have any secret motive behind that, but just looked at me like other team members.

And there I was, peeking at him, as I always did then. I realized only later that this was a mistake, which I did too often.

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