NFFAP #3: Let be honest here

"What about this?" I showed Saleisha one black airy dress.
She sent me an askance look. "Are you going to seduce someone or just fool?"

"If you think this is good for seducing, then it's what I need,"
Saleisha shook her head condemnatory. "Of course I wanted you to be happy and find a boyfriend, but like that ..."

"You're telling me that it's too much, huh?" I asked, turning myself in front of the mirror.
"Too much,"

"Ah, come on,"
"When you're going to stop?" Saleisha flipped through the magazine, although I know that she turns her attention at me.

"I just started,"
"No, really. How much guys you're going to get played?"

"I do not know. It depends on how much Liam needs."
"And if he won't change his mind?"

I turned myself rapidly. "In the end, they all change,"
"When did you changed like this, Rox?" she mumbled, but I still heard her.

I sighed silently, and then went to the bed, landing on it. I put my hands on both sides of myselg and let the hair fall to my face.

"I don't know what happened, Sal. Something like .. he broke my heart. I knew from the beginning that this is all wrong, but I just wanted to believe that this time he's really changed that we have a chance. I .. I kinda lost the bet with myself. People like him don't change. "

I blinked my eyes fast, so the tears couldn't ruin my eye makeup. I continued: "He was special for me. The first time I felt special. Not only because I dated Liam Hormshot who is one of the biggest players in the school. I just ..."

"You just were in love with him, weren't you?" Saleisha was now kneeling on the bed, constantly watching me.
I closed my eyes. "Yes, I was,"

"What happens if you fall again? You can't tell your heart what to do."
"I just can't do this again. At the moment, I think it would be nice to never fall in love again."

"Don't say this. Love is great."
"It's great when everything gets right. Otherwise, it hurts instead."

"Well, yes. But everyone has their highs and lows.  Only that.." She paused.
"What is it?"

"How do you know exactly who is and who is not a player?"
"Oh, come on. That's obvious."

"If you look at these guys, who we know, then yes. What about the others?"
"What do you mean?"

"Are you going to fool only our boys?"
I thought for a moment. "Mainly. Might have to use a few from elsewhere, too."

"What about Cameron?"
"What about him?"

"How sure are you?"
"About what?"

"That he's a player?"
"C'mon, I can detect players from afar."

"Tell me, too,"
"He told me cute things, hit on me,"

"Don't you find that he might like you?"
"Pff, what?"

Saleisha once again raised her eyebrow. "You know, boys act this way if they like someone, "
"And why did he had girls around all the time?"

"Because he's hot stuff?"
"Okay, it may be right, if not the fact that he often left with them,"

"And you immediately conclude that he slept with them?"
"What conclusion would you make?"

"He was enough a gentleman to send them home and then say that is not interested in them?"
I shook my head, laughing. "And this was necessarily to put the arm around their waist?"

"Why do I get the feeling that you're looking for excuses for how you acted?"
"I am looking for excuses? He is a player, believe me, Sal,"

Saleisha just chuckled. I can't say whether bitterly or stealthily, but anyway she chuckled. "You better look you won't regret it later,"

"Believe me, I won't,"
"Never be too sure of something,"

I was about telling her, that it was, is and will be, but the doorbell rang and I went to open. Usually the girls would rush to open the door for their 'loved one', when they go on a date, but the players behave differently.

Rule #1, don't be too get-at-able.
I looked once in the mirror to check if my necklace  suits the dress, peeked at bow like ring and opened the door.

"You look stunning, Roxy," said Jack standing at the door. He was holding a red rose.
Rule #2: Don't let yourself be beguiled. Rule #3: take his gifts in order to show that you're interested in him.

Sure I am. And the roses? Clearly, Jack wasn't interested in me enough (read: he just wanted to sleep with me) because he didn't check any of my Internet accounts. According to this, you might say that hey, be happy, this guy is not a stalker. In my case it was still negative.

* Two boys, who I had  (it must be admitted that even this asshole Liam), surprised me on every date (incl. first!) by giving me the things I love (= they had checked my websites on the Internet). So here go my expectations for boys.*

"Shall we go?" he asked, holding out his elbow.
These guys can sometimes pretend too good. "One more moment,"

I sprinkled Victoria's Secret perfume on the neck and put the shoes on.
"We left!" I shouted to Saleisha, closing the door.

If anyone has a question why Saleisha was at my place, then first, would be more correct to say 'our place' because we share an apartment. Very useful.
I turned myself after closing the door, facing Jack and grabbed his elbow.
If you pretend, do it perfectly.

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