MNLS #14: Sometimes I try too much

"HEEY. I need you a lot. Do we have any instruction to our biology synopsis? And .. what else has happened? No one was online today. I thought, something had happened. I mean .. maybe you changed your plans about the talk with you-know-who and did that. Because he wasn't online, too."

A bit crazy, right? Well, that was Chantal. As I've already told ya, she had lots of Olympiads and stuff, so she may have missed tons of interesting thing. I don't exactly thing biology was that interesting. But if you don't understand that "hanged your plans about the talk with you-know-who and did that", then I'm here to tell you.

So, the thing was, lately I was thinking a lot about Jason and what should I do about him. Let's pretend he knows. Why is he all shut up then? Waiting for me to talk to him 'bout that? Yeah, that was exactly what I was about to do. Because when Chan said, "He knows you like him, but because of some reason (he's not ready or whatever) he doesn't want anything right now,", I thought that I have to know for sure. So we were all about how and when I should do that.

"Firstly, yes, of course I and Jason were on a date. And the rest were watching us, right (you wish, Caro),"
"Not bad, not bad,"

"Secondly, I'll take my bio notebook with me tomorrow and you can write it down,"
"Ooh .. is it that long?"
"No, I'm just not in the writing mood,"
"Okay, that's comforting, I guess,"

"Btw, you see .. he's online now :D"
 "That's what I was talking about. Oh, right. He doesn't have the instructions, too... I'm totally just sayin' xD"
"Mhm, mhm... Okay, I'll do it then. We haven't talked for a lifetime. Oh .. sorry."

"You know. I scan it for him and you have to write it down :$"
"I understand, so I cannot be mad at you, okay. A year before you I was just like you. Oo .. thanks for sending that."

"I guess, if I'm willing to scan it for him, I share it with you as well. And, um .. you could send him, too,"
"No, no. You better :D"
"Um .. I'm not sure. It's like: 'How do you know?' 'Chantal told me,' 'Ehm, okay, why would she tell you that?'"

"'Because she thought you'll need that.' And I'm doing that as trying to be good .. partly :D I think you should use that. Really."
"Emm .. okay?"
"I guess I lost you here. Okay. Actually, when we talked the last time he told me he doesn't want me to affect anything. So I'm trying not to .. a bit :D Just encouraging you at times and sharing information you would use, etc. But DON'T .. tell him .. that now,

* Interim comment: Chantal "beat out of me" Jason's MSN and started talking to him there (about me, of course). She told me soon, though. It was peculiar 'adventure' ofc.

I really do like when Jason starts the convos (he hasn't done it recently, though), so I was pretty surprised when he wrote me "hey" (dunno where he lost his 'mornin'(g)'). And then there was "so .. talk" after a second and I went all WTF.

I complained to Chantal and she admitted she 'has a talk' with Jason and how she just a moment ago told him that I really want to talk to him - guess that was because I was torturing her to death with my "oh my god, I'm dying to talk to him" -, so Jason decided I know all that and .. cool, isn't it? *

"I still don't understand anything,"
"Well, me almost either. I have no idea what is he up to. He has two 'things' I actually understood. First, no one must get to know. Second, everything must follow the stream. From which I concluded, he doesn't want me to affect anything. Maybe it was a polite way to say "leave me/us alone". But I'm trying no to get on his nerves. Just in case. NOR affect anything."

"Em .. okay. What were you talking about when he said that?"
"You obviously, duh. Is it that hard to guess? Told ya. He know much more you could think,"
"That was the thing you mentioned yesterday, but couldn't tell me?"
"Kinda. But it seems I can't shut up in that case. Don't tell him, okay?"

"No, ofc not. I'm just about switching to his convo and write: 'You know what? Chan just told me something really interesting,' Sure."
"No, really. He knows a lot. And we have discussed you and that you like him. He knew that before,"

"Before? How much before?"
"Before I started talking to him."
"I wouldn't say that. It's quite .. seeable :D"

"Yeah, right. Uhm .. has he asked why I'd gotten on his bus that much?" Do you remember my sea madness? You could only get there with Jason's bus :D Oh, okay, you can see me through. There were actually 2 more busses, but because of 'certain reasons' I only drove with that one.
"No, he hasn't. I asked what he thought while seeing you on his bus. But you know, he couldn't have asked. He can't. I think he likes you, but he doesn't want anyone to know. And if he had asked, it would show his interest."

"Seems logical. And he said?"
"'Thought that's the tough bitch, her own bus was just in the stop", 'I don't exactly remember when she left' and 'I was too much in my own bubble'. Sounded like a protest. I mean .. like he actually does like you .. but it's just my assumption, okay?"

"Bitch? Seriously? Thanks, honey. I'm gonna beat you up tomorrow,"
"Don't overreact :D You'd regret it later,"
"Right .. later I'd cry in the hospital and promised to beat up his beater. Suicide is not nice, though."

"Wait .. how would he know which buss I go by?"
"That was that weird moment, too,"
"Anything else?"
"I guess, I've already spitted out too much..."

"Pweaase? If I make puppy eyes? Although, I won't prolly succeed?"
"Okay. One more thing. I explained why I'm talking to him. Told him I want to help. He said he doesn't need my help now. Maybe later. I didn't like that part,"

"I firstly thought he says 'no' and I gotta comfort you. That's why it wasn't good. But the second option was even weirder. He likes you, but he doesn't want anything now. Later, and that's when I need to help him."

"Freaking bastard!"
"Yeah .. oh, and he also has principle 'the later, the better'. So he won't do 'the first step'. I know, it's cute when a guy does that. But they're too damn arrogant, so they don't,"

"Kinda like that. Hey, let's talk for another half an hour, I'm going to bake some muffins then,"
You know when people bring sweets for their birthday? I decided to go farther and bring muffins. Sorry, me :D

"Nah. I won't get any :("
"Where will you be this time? :("
"Actually, I just won't have enough time to study for environment otherwise. Don't tell anyone,"
"Ugh-oh. I gotta sit alone again :/ But okay, I won't"

"You don't have to actually.."
"Yeah, right, he allows me to sit with him,"
"No one knows until you try :D"
"Well, he can't simply punch me away. In general, 'cause one does not simply beats a girl and then again, 'cause he may not harm my feelings. But I gotta go now,"

"Okay, see ya later,"


2 hours later

"Are you there?"
"Figures. Because when you are about to bake ninety muffins, it's hard to be around,"
"NINETY?! What will you do with that many?"
"There had to be less at first .. I guess, I added something too much. Or maybe I'm trying to impress someone with my cooking skills,"

"Ehm .. okay :D It's quite .. interesting from your point. Tell me what was in esperanto's test,"
But as I wrote: "How could I tie the bow to the right muffin?" at the same time, it turned out to be completely different as it supposed to be.
"I don't believe it's possible. But if you get him a really cute muffin, it'll work good, too,"
"I'd rather do this way. One certain muffin (with a bow). Someone's about to take that and I yell: 'Damn you! It's Special One!'"

"Muffin with a heart? :D Or you can add a letter to his. Everyone's eating silently and suddely: 'Ouch!' 'What happened?' 'I cut my tongue with paper,' 'WTH?!'"
"I like that WTH in the end :D He could wish me happy birthday..."
"I'm gonna try something .. oh, I know!"
"Tell me!"

"You didn't tell me about esperanto, so I gotta ask him .. And I mention that I can't ask you a you're too busy baking 90 muffins for your b-day,"
"The bad side is, he won't answer,"
"Indeed. He doesn't run around, panicking: 'OMG!? 90 muffins? What should I get her?' He'll answer sometime. You know that."

"Already did."
"He didn't comment on that one, so my theory might be right. Not 100%. About 65?"
"It seems goods,"

"Not much, but over a half,"
"Enough for me :D Well, I g2g now. Maybe you can torture him a bit ;)"
"No, torturing is your profession. See you later,"

In reality, 90 muffins is way too much. But as it turned out later, they worked hell good.

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