MNLS #7: He said what?

"I love the way you are
It's who I am
Don't have to try hard
We always say
Say it like it is
And the truth
Is that I really mi-I-iss

"Caroline," Chan muttered beside me, bored.
"Oh .. sorry," I answered sincerely 'cause I've totally forgot I was at school.
Drowning into music, yeah.

And there comes he.
"You can thank me," Chan smiled. "He mustn't hear that, right?"
"Haha," I grinned. "He has heard once he's my supernatural being, so it wouldn't be that bad."

I rolled my eyes and looked back in the book. A light shadow fell on me, and I looked up.
I took my bag and he sat beside me.

I very much like it when we have only one bench before a class.
"Thanks," he suddenly said.

Really? You amaze me. "You're welcome," I answered silently, having a big grin all over my face. I knew Chantal is smiling next to me as well..
And "thank you"? I think it's under question mark who should thank who, if you know what I mean ;)


"A freak of nature
Stuck in reality
I don't fit the picture
I'm not what you want me to be

Under the radar

Out of the system
Caught in the spotlight
That's my existence

You want me to change but all I feel is


This time I sang quieter 'cause I really had a bad voice if it came to singing, and also because every second someone could come into class. It was lunch break.
I heard the door closing, someone was here. I simply shut up instead of checking who it was.

"Hey," I heard after a couple of seconds through the music.
I wasn't that person who listened to music so loud it would hush the World War III around me if it suddenly started. Moreover, just because of that I immediately realized who was talking to me. 
Um .. yeah. Monologues are pretty cool, aren't they?

"Hey," I said, taking one of the headphones in my hand.
He wasn't about remaining for long next to me.
"We have a test in History tomorrow, right?"

"On the whole World War II?"
"I guess," I thought for a second. "Paragraphs 10-14, if I'm right. Wait a sec, I'll better check."

I took my bag and dug in it for a couple of moments. I had so many things in there and there all were in a pretty mess, too, so it took some time.
Finally I got my History book, opened that and browsed it until the right pages.
Jason was looking at me all the time.

"So, what do we have here..." I said mostly to myself.
"Only 14 or 14a, too?"
I browsed some more pages, trying to find the one he was asking for.
"We haven't learned that .. It shouldn't be there then,"

"OK," It felt like he was thinking about smth - what? "It's your fault then if it will be,"
"I guess, I'll be punished then, too,"
He stood up. "Not only from the teacher," he said mysteriously.

Dirty-minded? Me, yes. He .. dunno. "Wait, what?"
"Never mind," He said, laughing.
If that laugh wasn't there, I would think he meant it like "please, Caroline, leave me alone,".

What should I think now? "I'll check," I told him loudly.
Then I texted my friend from other class.
"Oh, it's in..."
"Well, okay then,"

And this is, how easily we forget the topic.
I sent him a glance, as if trying to read smth from his eyes, but there was a humph! as someone came in, so we couldn't talk anymore.
Like always.


"Bye, guys!" said our Math teacher and started cleaning the board.
First sprinters were already down the steps, out of the door.
Auditorium is cool.

I wasn't in rush that day, so I slowly packed my bag, stalking with my eyes that one guy. I was actually quite surprised he was still there, 'cause usually he was the one who is out of class in no time.

That moment he moved slowly down the steers, and stopped there.
I raised my brow and looked around: Zack was gone, Mark and Dean, too, ffs, who he's waiting for then?
I glared at him all the time, finally finishing packing my bag. However, I could take only one step before someone grabbed my hand.

"You let yourself wait for so long, Caro," Cassie whispered in my ear.
"So I'm not the only one who noticed that?"
"Nope, you are not," Chantal whispered behind Cassie.
"Go now, you must not let yourself be waited," Cassie pushed me slighlty.

I grinned, but my smile vanished as - ffs, how, when and why? - I looked in the first row and he was gone.
I'll never understand that guy, now will I?

I tried not to notice his escape - maybe he doesn't want to talk before my girl friends, after all? -, I rushed into the cloakroom to dress up, there he is, then after him out of the school.
Of course he knew I was there. And he could just turn around and talk, but .. he didn't do that. He simply kept going.
What was it? Did we just .. mistake him?

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