MNLS #8: We got Chemistry between us .. and a frog

"It's unfair! You're going there and if that wouldn't be enough I have to sit alone, I can't rest my eyes on anyone as well!" I crossed my arms and pursed lips.
"Hmm. You gotta handle that. Only two hours," Chantal tried to ensure me that it's totally okay that she, Jason, Jeremy and Phil are going to chemistry laboratory.

Well, actually it was okay. For a totally normal person. I wasn't normal. I had to see Jason as often as it was possible and if someone "kidnapped" him, I was, putting it mildly, pissed off.

I growled silently to myself and continued doing the exercises. Nevertheless, it was June, it was still warm outside and the sun blinded everyone in the classroom.
A shadow fell on the table, so I looked up.

"Serioux, you're going to this laboratory next week, right. So I thought maybe Forbz can join you. Otherwise, it may be boring there for you as you're the only girl there. What do you think, Forbz?"
"I guess, it'll be really nice,"
"Then we've agreed ," and he went to look others' work.

"Now tell me, did he hear us?" I asked before Chantal could even somehow react.
"Mm .. I don't think so. It was just his sudden idea,"
"Whatever, I like that idea,"
"Who wouldn't?"


"He had such an amazing face on! I can't,"
"Shh, don't forget they're just behind us and you wouldn't be happy if they knew,"
* She was so prophet then. *

The guys really was just behind us.
"Like our security guards," I whispered to Chan and we laughed again - guess, the lads could officially take us for asylum runaways.
They wouldn't be that wrong anyway.


It was cool.
We had to be in pairs - or in a group of three as Jason really didn't want to be alone.

I didn't talk to him much, but it was pretty funny how he was "accidentally" always near me. Either when we were putting the reactives in this ventilation hood or I was leaning on the table, listening to the teacher, and he was just in case only 20 cm away from me.
How cute.

"There's some Chemistry between you two," Chan said as we were doing experiments again.
"Oh, I just wanted to say we have to remove that Chemistry, so you can be together," she explained.

"Oh, right. I don't know anymore what to do if I want him to notice,"
"Maybe he's not brave enough?"
"Want me to ask him out? It so not .. traditional,"
"Not traditional, huh? We live in 21st century where a girl can ask a guy out first."

"That's right. However, I'm still that girl who are waiting for a guy to make the first move. Moreover, I've made that more than clear that I'm interested in him,"
"Interested?" Chan teased.
"I'm all about to pouring together two very dangerous things to make you understand me,"

"Until the death sets us apart" Chantal laughed and I noticed guys were looking at us again.
"Shh. They're already thinking we're all crazy,"

"Aren't we?"
"No, but I'm not going to tell them publicly,"
"Since when do you care about their opinion?"
"I don't. About their. But I'm sure interested in his,"


"That was so fun,"
I and Chan were still talking about that, though, a hour had bypassed and we were already in esperanto.
"Especially for you," Chan moved her brows up and down as something extraordinary had happened.

I rolled my eyes a bit and tried to hear what Cyle and Simon were talking about. I didn't hear much 'cause the bell rang and the lesson started.


"Does anyone have a pink marker?" Cyle suddenly yelled.
It wasn't actually especially surprising as it was normal for him.
Sage threw him the marker, but after a couple of moments we all heard it was half-empty.

I sighed silently, took out that poor pink marker of the pencil case and stretched myself over the table, over Jason's table, feeling like - sorry, but I have to say that - a cat who's stretching herself after a long nap.
* I'm not sure if I've told you that it was this classroom where we had only two rows, and I was sitting next to Jason, thanks to destiny. *

He glared at me surprisingly for time - guess, he wasn't used to the girls who were stretching over his table.
"Thank you," Cyle said after finally getting what he wanted.

Soon I was ready with all the workbook exercises and I sent a glance at Chantal who was ready 5 minutes ago. She was doing what she was doing then in her free time - origami frogs from whatever material she got. They were pretty fun as they could even jump if you knew how to fold her "tail".

The frog was almost complete and Chan gave it go. Oh yeah, right.
I wasn't fully sure what she planned - she later tried to ensure me it was more an experiment about "how far it can jump" -, but as she pressed on that poor animal, it jumped over my table just into Jason's notebook.

I wanted to punch my face against the table - which wasn't actually that bad as you could burn 150 kilo-calories per hour - and I can bet my cheeks were not normally pink as Jason sent us his adorable half-smile and gave me that freaking frog.

"Sorry," I said more to myself, but at least I said that.
"Chantal," I hissed then.
"Well, sorry. I had to try how far this beast can do."- what did I told you - "Oh, and of course it was about you two, too. Depends if he got it."
I rolled my eyes. "About us?"

"As much as it was a hint for him that we have this very interested girl here, it has his scent all over now, like your marker. Want to keep it?" and she extended a hand, being all cutipie like she always was.
I blinked fast at her, trying to understand what I wanted more at moment - either to punch her in the face and tear "that beast" into small-small pieces or .. place that cute little thang on the shelf at home.

Luckily for me, others finished their exercises finally, so we could check them and I didn't have to think about that anymore.

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