MNLS #9: Our conversations are priceless

A couple of hours he doesn't reply, and it's driving me mad.
Is it really so hard to  reply?

I mess around, trying not to think about him, successless.
I never succeed in this.
I turn up the music, hoping it will muffle my own thoughts. Helped a bit.
Some hours bypassed. I read, listened to music .. and then saw this orange convo window.

How cute.

And why should I say now? That I wrote you 2 hours and 25 minutes ago, and now you just stubbornly write "mornin'". Not mentioning it's evening, but right, you're Jason. "What's up?"

"Gotta pack for tomorrow,-" Jason was going to Malaysia tomorrow.
How do I know? Well, you just gotta be in the right place in the right time to hear the right thing you actually weren't supposed to hear, but never mind. "- and doing some business,"
It sounds interesting. "You're leaving for the whole weekend, aren't you?" The question to the first answer was ready before I noticed that business thing. "And wow, what business?"

"Yes," He was writing, but then he deleted it all.
10 seconds, 20 seconds, minute, two. Oh, god. "What business, then?" I wrote stubbornly, though, I could at least guess his answer.

"I won't tell..." These three dots were really ambiguous.
Why not? Ah, never mind. "Ouch. Pretty sure smth criminal," was totally meant ironically, I was joking. But his next answer made me serious: "Depends,"

Huh, take it easy, it was a joke, okay?
*If only I knew it then, haha* "Okay. But what elective subject will you study next year?"

"Why not esperanto? You are pretty good at it, aren't you?"
"Nope, definitely no,"

"Let's just say it's too much for me. And I guess I missed smth inbetween, so I reach the ceiling pretty fast, if you understand what I mean."
"Mm .. okay then. But multimedia sounds interesting,"
"I wouldn't recommend,"
Say no to me and I'll come just because you said that. "Why not?"

"It's pretty hard for simple human beings,"
Simple human beings? You must be f-ing kidding me. Please don't remind me of that supernatural being... Or- "Are you some kind of supernatural? :D"
"You may say that,"
OMG, why are you doing that to me?
A big grin was on my face just because he said exactly what I wanted to hear. And let's be honest here, not every guy would understand that sentence properly (read: Jason might have associated that with "Twilight" and knew that I wanted it; someone else would simply write: "WTF?" and I had to explain.
That's why I like him.

Anyway, back to the convo: "I thought about multimedia, if being honest. I don't like other choices,"
"English business languge? Economy, esperanto?"
Hey, chill out. Why don't you want me there? "Business woman is not what I've planned, okay,"
"Seriously. Multimedia is like programming. It need hell of logical thinking,"
"I can imagine that,"

"You really want to do that?"
My heart started racing so fast as if he had offered I-don't-know-what. "What are you trying to say?"
"You know. Multimedia. It IS hard,"
"Don't worry, I'll handle that. True story :)"

"Yeah. It's pretty hard to ensure you not to do smth,"
"It is,"

One moment we started talking about Physics and arguing if our current teacher is suitable for teaching or not.

"As long as I listen to him, I understand. I simply don't listen,"
"Dude, no one does?"
"It's not his fault then,"
"But he has to keep us under control. It seems like some kind of a bargain there,"

"If you-" Wow, you serious? You are our angel, aren't you? "-would keep yourself under control, he wouldn't have to keep you under control. Don't you want to say it's all about the government if you rave on the street?"
"Then it's WHOLE class' faulth, isn't it?"
"It is. If you would look around in the class and just think for a second what's happening-"
He kept writing but I asked: "I mean, name me one person who doesn't mess around and interfere our lessons,"

"If you had the third eye-" whatever he wanted to say "-then you'd understand why they're doing that. And then you would understand it's not his fault,"

"Right. But sill."
Ah? Oh.. "How egoistic,"
"Sorry. I actually do interfere .. I guess. But I try to stay tuned,"

Right. "I remember. When you and Craig started playing music,"
"xD Right, I remember that, too. It was .. I just wanted him to listen to a new tune,"
"But hey, I guess, I gotta go now. We have this Math thing tomorrow."

"Oh, right. I won't hold you then. Night :)"

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