MNLS #15: That was fun. Let's do it again sometime

Back in the past, I never understood people who told me that when the one you love touches you, you get washed over by a wave of heat - it's stupid, after all. But thinking back, I really misunderstood love. I assume that's because I never felt that before.

Thanks to Jason, everything changed. Now, lying in a bed and smiling like an idiot, I still think about what happened at school, and I'm happy, he gifted me something like that. 'Cause love is something all the people should experience.

A little note before I tell you what happened. For example, Michelle thinks love is pointless. Overrated and stuff. But I say, as you once feel it, you understand how special it is. And I pretty much believe she will soon, as we all see how she and Craig look at each other.

Though, I don't think you care 'bout that. Bet you're waiting for my talk, why my 16th birthday was special. I could say, it really was my sweet sixteen. And sweet not only because I have about 60 muffins at home besides 36 my classmates got. It was 'cause .. no, I won't just tell you. Get in my head and watch that memory.


Actually, I was pretty sure my birthday will be nothing special. Jason would say that b-days are overrated, but I wasn't that immune. I wouldn't have baked so much muffins previous day otherwise, right?
Okay, okay, I would have because I wanted to impress someone .. A LOT.

The beginning of the day wasn't too much hopeful, too. Cassie and Micha wished me happy birthday and gave me a chocolate bar (as we were about to celebrate our b-days soon, 'cause they were quite near, we would give the real presents later). Some girls .. and guys from my class, Cyle, for instance, came to congratulate and hug me, too. And were all excited because of muffins. Which, in case, was the very special moment.

I decided to hand out the muffins in our native language lessons, mostly, 'cause I liked our teacher back then, not that I don't like the one we have now, but deviate from the topic. First 5 minutes I just stood before class with this freaking box, looking wherever my eyes decided to and trying not to look someone in the eye. You know that feeling when you stand in the front of class and everyone's singing "Happy birthday to you!" or whatever and you just stay there, thinking: What the hell should I do now?

But it was the only con of that. After that I started to share muffins and everyone were happy they didn't get candies again. Jason sat in the row located by the door and I started from the other side (not on purpose, but because teacher's table was there), so it took some time to reach him. Although, I guess, it was worth it

Anyway, I reach his table and put the box on it - so Dean could get his muffin at the same time - and just then he does something really crazy. He holds out his hand as if wanting to take the box or wish me happy birthday or whatever he got on his mind. As a result, our hands just touch.

'Just' was in italics as it was sarkasm. One does not simply call it 'just touch'. It was .. fire. Avalanche. Volcano. Nuclear bomb? Yeah, kinda. You can't even imagine what this little touch did to me. Besides - hell yea, I saw what it did to him -, he looks at me with his amazing bright green eyes and says, "Happy birthday!"

I look at him, too, confusion, love and passion in my eyes - I really hope he didn't see that much - and answer, smiling and blushing lightly, "Thanks,"

And instead of attacking him or whatever I had in mind - I know I'm too straightforward, but that's just me -, I keep sharing muffins (there were two more tables after him, that). And then I reach the teacher's table where the empty box is. I take the binding, wanting to cover the box with 5 other muffins (the other teachers got them later), but something unexpected happens.

I'm not exactly sure what it was. I guess, I never understood it completely. Maybe some Physics law or whatever. The binding is already covering the box as it "hops" out of my hands, about half meter in the air, doing some flips and flings the muffins on the floor (let's appreciate the fact they had the right side up).

Some seconds pass by. I bow down, my face the same color as tomato - fail, fail, fail! -, and start to collect them, listening to the classmates' quiet buzzing. They're not talking about me, nor even laughing. No, they've grown up and feel sorry for me. As much as it's possible. When Jamie mutter to Jan: "Nice one...", Jan answers sharply: "What are you grinning at? Things happens. You better help her,"

Thanks. Happily it doesn't take much time or many skills to collect 5 muffins, and I get ready with it in no time. Then, my face a bit more normal, I take the other (closed!) box and go sit by Cassie.

"What the hell was it?" she whispers.
"Did you see what happened when I was by his table?" I ask breathlessly - but so quietly no one notices.
She shakes her head. "I watched with a big interest as you reach him and how he congratulates you, but I didn't notice anything specific..?" She raises her voice in the end, but I'd already planned to tell her about that.

"When I was by him, he .. maybe you saw that .. he reached his hand as he was about to take the box or shake my hand. And then our hands touched,"
"And the storm," I finish.
"The storm?"

"Volcano, tsunami, nuclear bomb. Inside me," I explain.
"Oh..." Cassie's eyes are wide open. "And I thought you may not look at him for too long unless you want that to happen," She makes a move with her head to the teacher's table, but I'd already understood what she meant.

I never answer, but I know that his enchanting eyes, which looked at me so differently, so peculiarly has something to do with it. But his eyes are not able to do what his touch can.

And then I do something stupid. Well, I'm not sure how stupid it is, to look at someone... I look at him. And find his gorgeous eyes I was thinking about just a couple of seconds ago looking at me.



This girl is .. hot. No, I mustn't think of her that way .. especially of her - she's not a temperature, after all. But what else would you say when your skin touches hers and you get driven over by a earthquake? I'm not good at geography, but I can say there were lots of magnitudes. Or whatever they are... But the earthquake was mildly said.

I'd like to know what will happen when our lips once tou... Wait, what? Why would I think of that suddenly? I must not think of that, or else .. well, cute. Happily I have a table before me. And the lesson won't be over that soon.

Still. How did that happen? What is that, what makes me feel so wonderful?
With one eye I watched that amazing cute creature, how she closes the box, and with other the muffin she baked with her own hands. Thanks, Chantal.

And then I, once again, start thinking that if I'm gonna eat that, my lips are going to touch the dough her thin fingers touched, and it would be like I'm kissing her fingers.

Jason, that's stupid and fool. You shouldn't think like this. You don't have any chance now.
Then, I hear a bang, my thoughts clearing up in a moment and I understand the box is on the floor and I have no idea why, though, I've been looking at her for the whole time.
I really should stop overthinking.

I look at her once again, how her today wavy hear is framing her face as she bows down and starts collecting the cupcakes, and as her dress (Author: in the second row the first one from the left) brings out her beautiful figure. And although her face is bright red, it makes her somehow cute. And then she walks gracefully and sits by Cassie.

I scroll my thoughts back to the moment where we touched and it made a cyclone, and I think if it had the same effect on her. For a moment, I have a thought I can read it by how she is right now and sent my needing glare at her.
Maybe it wasn't a good idea, after all. Because when that amazing girl's sea blueish-grey eyes are looking at you with the same interest, you feel like you're are resigned and drowned.

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