MNLS #16: Jason, my dear, why are you so not Jason?

It's always fun to talk to Chantal. Mostly 'cause she can encourage you - if need, by shouting as much as it's possible in MSN -, to talk to your crush. Or she can come out with something awesome.

"Btw, I had a REALLY crazy idea today,"
"When you and youknowwho meet .. The crazy idea was about to ask him to join our team, write a song to Eurovision, go there, compete, get to the final and give ourselves a break in some cool country :D
And no, I did NOT mean it :D"
"Yes, you did, you're wonderful. But I cannot sing,"

"You wouldn't. You could .. dance, for instance,"
"Aww. I know! Cassie will exercise on the stage, Jason will play guitar ja Ian plays the piano! You will sing and play the violin?"

"If we take Scott, it will be 6 people which is max. We'll be all 17 next year as well,"
* Scott was Chantal's boyfriend. *
"So, you'll dance, Scott and Ian will play the piano and I and Jason play the guitar,"
"No, you'll play the violin,"
"Don't wanna,"

"Violins are in lately. You can also write a story for us. And Micha will help with the moves,"
"I want to help Jason,"
"Not meaning it that way, but never mind. Btw,I REALLY like the idea,"
"You know it's quixotic, right?"

"It's not,"
"If it was feasible, someone would have tried it already,"
"But Eurovisioonis full of young people. C'mon, let's give it a try at least :D"
"Still. Besides, Eurovision has a "secret". The song has to be with an amazing show and striking,"

"We have. Micha is the choreograph,"
"Let's hope she won't be upset we won't take her on stage with us :D"
"Unbelievable. We're planning a totally IMPOSSIBLE thing,"

"It's not! You can ask Jason,"
"Oh no. DON'T tell him,"
"Already writing, you know :D"

Then we started to look through photos girls did during the day. Don't ask me why I had a camera with me as I really didn't remember. But after the lunch, there was a funny photo shoot in the English' class.
At first it was okay, when we, rather they, took pictures of each other. But when they started to take pictures of Jason, it all took a strange turn.

How, you ask. Micha and Cassie sit before us and they pretended to take pictures of me, but instead the objective was targeting Jason. We're crazy, I know.
"There's lots of Jason,"I wrote as we had gone through almost 20 photos, all with him.
"Yeah. Look, it looks like he's hiding from the camera here,"
"Behind Caroline's protecting shoulder :D Gosh, why are they loading for so long :S"

"You know how impatient I am,"
"Are you? You have held on really good,"
"That's why I am impatient! Although the last weeks I have that feeling everything's gonna be okay. Then again .. 'Don't fly too high or you're gonna fall',"

"Right. But I think he will be gentle then,"
"Just that .. so many things have happened lately .. and Melbourne, too .. ah,"
* Our last journey in the 9th grade was to Melbourne. *
"I have a hypothesis what will happen,"

"But that and the other one are 50-50. Sorry, I can't."
"Mew. Tell me. I really like your hypotheses,"
"Let's just say one will end well and the other one not. But both include the fact he likes you. And why I can't? Because it will be telling the only thing I haven't told you yet. He was hesitant in this case, too, so..."

"Right. If only he knew I know the most of it..."
"I really hope he WON'T,"


Sometime after a few days

Like I've already said, "too many things have happened lately".
I don't know what to wait from Melbourne and the Christmas party, seriously.
Look, I totally like it when Jason is near me. It makes me feel safe, not mentioning wealth. But when you don't know what your loved one feels for you and he's acting strange, everything's really messed up.

What Jason did, you ask. I'll tell you.
Remember the time he decided to sit just a table from me? I hope you do. Anyway, we were in the same (mu favorite) classroom.
Half of the class was bypast when teacher started to write the words on the board.

And as Dean sat almost crossways with the board, he obviously couldn't see anything what was written on the board. "If you can't see, then you come and sit on the better place" should be normal's person logic.
I don't know if Dean knew about "me and Jason", but the following made me think he did. He whispered something to Jason and Jason simply .. shifted himself to the chair just before me. I mean, now he really was before me, his table crossways with mine.

I cocked my head as a cat and observed him for some time. Next moment Chantal was nudging me with her elbow as telling me staring is not polite, trying to remain serious at the same time at which she wasn't especially successful. I smiled at her and shook my head.
"I'll never understand him," I murmured, almost laughing.

When the lesson was over, Jason got his things packed with his supernatural creature's speed and moved to the door. But lately - as I always wanted to be close to him, closer than I should have been -, I learned how to be as fast as he was.
If it was possible to learn that...

Jason opened the door and, I guess, because the window was already open, the gust, which started from the door, passed the class, sending wonderful flush of air with Jason's scent. I mean with his eau de toilette's scent...

When Chantal reached my side, I whispered my thoughts to her and she smirked.
"Do you have anything against that?"
I thought for a second. I really hadn't. "No, but I immediately get that lotion advertisement feeling,"
"Haha," she laughed, "It really starts to seem like 'Princess Diaries',"
I agreed with her in that case.

I can't be sure, but I want to think Jason got an energy boost from sitting near me - stupid, I know - 'cause he just couldn't get his mouth shut in English.
Oh, right, I'm not sure if I mentioned, but that was the Physics class where he and Dean sat behind us. I did now.

Because of that closeness I could hear almost everything they talked about - another quality Jason "helped" me to acquire.
Whatever happened in that lesson - it was one of the last lesson that school year -, but the teacher asked us different cases and syllables and whatever else.

For example to the question/ask "name a word with two syllables" which was meant to Jamie, Jason answered as well. He did it quietly, though, so he would be heard only by nearbyers - not sure if it was on purpose, a'la to "impress" me, or accidentally - you never know in his case. What he said?

"Doggy," And it was told with the childish tone as well.

Listen, it's not actually that funny. But when you hear it from a person like Jason who usually isn't the fool of the class, and don't forget to mention he was my crush, then yes, I couldn't help but gruff. The childish voice helped it, too.

And when the teacher asked me something - can't remember what exactly - and I answered silently like I always did while in the class - if only you heard me in the free time... -, she asked: "Can you please say it louder?"
Jason had to answer again. "Surely not,"
I rolled my eyes, trying not to laugh, though it was nothing special.

For others.

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