MNLS #17: Our little sexual fantasies

Usually they say, when you fall in love, your friend will lose half of you. I think it was like that lately because Jason was in every second sentence I said and even though, girls didn't react - except Michelle of course - I knew very well it's driving them insane.

But that wasn't the point. Why I mentioned my best friends now - because they had a very big role in my life, when my love story was nonexistent. They helped me, cheered up and of course came up with different scenarios as about how I could meet Jason and get things straight between us as well as random stories about usual school days. As Jason did something, it encouraged them even more.

In school, we had that thing that each class has to help in the cloakroom for some weeks. But our previous form misterin was so caring she forgot to tell us we got that week.
As I've already told you, I came quite early at school - because I actually could sleep for 15 more minutes and come to school later and these 15 minutes could be really saving in some case - to "be" with Jason more, though sometimes it happened, that I reached school before him - these moments when we came together were awesome of course .. Sorry, deviation of a topic. Again.

Anyway, Chantal waited for me and this morning wasn't an exception. But as we started to walk up the stairs, the cloakroom lady - terrible, mean and evil bitch - told us we gotta help her today.
As we didn't have any tests that day, we stayed to get away with it in the beginning.

We were already in the gaps when I heard the familiar steps - you won't think I'm weird as I can make him out just by steps, will you? - and after a couple of seconds, Jason appeared. He had his white T-shirt on what hugged his amazing body and drove me totally insane.

And then I realized I can talk to him. I mean, I had a reason to and he wouldn't look at me strangely and .. my stupid thoughts. I don't think anyone would look strangely at a girl who is in love with him. However, that's how I was at that time - a coward and scaredy-cat.

"Uhm .. Jason?" I leaned on the barrier and looked at the guy. I could feel Chantal's look at me and I could say she was proud of me as I finally got over that. Not a big deal, but still.
Some couples of seconds he ignored me. As I assumed later, it was because I didn't say it loud enough - a coward and scaredy-cat, like I said. 

But then he sensed my gaze or something - not that I wouldn't glare at him usually, but I didn't do it for so long and intensively -, finally he looked at me questionably.
Okay, questionable was his look for a millisecond he turned to face me. 'Cause then his eyes wandered to my clothing, to my upper clothing - which was flowery corset which showed well my .. cleavage - and never said what he planned to say.

"We just found out that..." I tried to make my voice sound normal, not shaky and ignore his glare as much as possible"Anyway, we gotta help here,"
"A.. h .. ahh," His voice was disrupted and shaky as well which made me understand I wasn't the only one who felt strange.

Someone coughed and I realized Chantal was here as well and - oh, god! - the cloakroom lady, too.
Awkward, awkward, awkward.
Jason somehow "woke up", too, understanding how much information his behavior gave out - thank god, only three of the whole class came that early -, he turned and went to change his shoes.

Chantal jumped to me for a second, whispering: "It seems you're not the only one who gets crazy by the other's clothing," and stormed back to get the shoes' bags.
I smiled to myself like I was insane - I actually was one - and started working, too.

Our supernatural creature didn't take much time to change his booties and he was here pretty soon .. in the gap next to me. It made me smile even more, but after 5 minutes the urge to kill took over. As our cloakroom lady decided there were too few people where I was - it was the gap of 7th grade, I guess -, so she sent me to the kids - 5th grade.

I stomped there angrily, but didn't have much time to think as there were loads of people there and they couldn't tell me the numbers normally, so it took time till I got that interesting job like taking the coats and shoes' bags into my hands. After some years training we because the masters in that profession, though.

At 8, after being thanked for the job, I stormed to the bench I let my things, packed the scattered thing into the bag and ran with Chantal and Cassie - she, Jamie and Owen joined us as there were needed 6 people - to the Math class.

While on the road, Cassie told me about her assumptions.
"When I came, I didn't see you immediately, so I went to our gap. Then I saw, that, oh god, your things are tossed around the bench - headphones and some notebooks and stuff - and he was gadding there and, you know, I thought if he really took all his courage together and tossed you on the bench and you know." She made a face which explained her emotions so well.

Chantal shook her head, laughing. "And you couldn't come up with anything more logical?" She sent a look behind us, where some meters far Jason should have been, and added: "Your shorts are working as good as the corset. His eyes are at your fit butt,"
"I thank you for that," I nodded complimentary and turned to Cassie. "And?"

"Well, I thought maybe UFOs stole you or something..."
"It really sounds more logical," Chantal said, still laughing. In case, it wasn't even sarcasm.
And let's be honest here, I may say it was more likely than the first choice, which I would obviously like more, but let it be. "UFOs, huh? Something really better,"

"I saw you in the gap later and stuff, but still..."
"The thought remains," I said for her.

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