MNLS #18: Melbourne, Melbourne - the city of dreams

"But would you actually handle that? I mean, he comes and starts talking with you about this?" These were Chantal's word addressed to me when we left to our last trip in the ninth grade, where she couldn't come, unfortunately
And I answered totally sincerely: "I don't know,"

Because .. I actually had thought about this a lot. How we could meet and talk was the though which never left me the last month. Even though I really wanted to - and needed to - do that, I had absolutely no idea how it should be. Like what I should say and what to say later and of course how he reacts to all of that and what he's gonna say.

It was really hard, but I handled that somehow. Like Chantal said: "You have handled that for pretty long time," which she was surprised about as well. What can I say .. I don't know even by myself how I actually succeeded at it.

But there I was, on the ship which took us to a beautiful city Melbourne and I was thinking is there's gonna be something and how. According to Jason's logic, it could happen only somewhere where anyone couldn't see us - the deck, for example.  And actually I was in the same opinion as he was 'cause .. okay, mostly because of Zack as he could make too much noise out of nothing and I don't know what it would lead to. Or there are another classmates who could remember my blog and .. yeah, there would be drama again.

So, yeah, whatever was about to happen at that trip, it had to happen somewhere where there were no people. And if you think about how our classmates would move around the ship .. it's gonna be hard as hell.

We put to sea at 7 PM, as we could only use 2 days from our school year to our trips. It was actually pretty amazing as we could party in the club for two days!

At first we found our cabs and unpacked our things. After two hours there was a dinner which was freaking good. What I like about eating on ships, is that you have a smörgåsbord  where you actually can eat everything. From oysters to sorbet, crabs to different nuts, roast pork to .. okay, it was too big divagation. It's not that interesting. Let's go back to our adventures.

The dinner was for about 1,5 hours, which meant we eat for like half of that and then went back to the cabs to watch Eurovision. Only a bit as at 11 PM at SeaPub, karaoke was about to start, and of course we had to go there. And, oh, please don't forget we also had to visit Ibiza later.
Mhm, it was fun as fuck.

But let's follow the time and go on.
Watching Eurovision was more like haranguing it, 'cause c'mon, where the hell are normal and deep songs?
Michelle started to switch channels sometime and stopped on .. yes, I get totally disgusted by mentioning that, but she stopped on porn and forced me to watch this as she thought I need some "education" in case I want something with Jason.

Happily, Cassie was convincing enough and that horror lasted for max 8 minutes.

Then we happened to look at the clock which quarter to eleven, so we decided to dress up: me - blue bleached jean shorts, dark gold sequin top and brown frilly heels, Cassie - white ruffled mini skirt, gold airy top and white "laced" heels, Micha - jean jumpsuit, grey bolero and purple studded ballerinas. We left our hair to fall freely and put on minimal make up - only a little bit of mascara and I made arrows with liner. We were to go.


"Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people living life in peace"

Jamie and Nick sang John Lennon's "Imagine" and it was soooo amazing. Some people truly have talent.
I had an amazing being as well as I could sit next to Jason.
Karaoke bars usually have tables and chairs on one side, then somethings looking like bean bag chairs in the middle and sofas at the walls. At least the one we were at was like that.

So how I got next to Jason? Let's say, the sofas were occupied before, then Josh was sitting there and when he went wondering, we occupied them. And Jason .. just came one moment and sat on the other sofa, but leaned against "our" sofa's armrest. So much of "don't make it look wrong".

However, sure, it's overrated. When one classmate sits next to you, it's totally normal, right. I mean, no one is about to run around and couple you two. It's my own stupidity I make drama of that. Just because it
s special to me.

Sure, Zack wouldn't leave it alone. But as I hadn't seen him for the whole evening, I decided Jason chills out as his "best friend" is not around.
One time, Josh appeared and asked if he could sit next to Jason, which meant he sat between me and Jason as Jason's sofa was occupied once again.
Yeah, that's how it was - an endless flow of people.

Soon, the chirping ended and the younger crowd, which we were 90% of, I'll tell you who were the other 10, moved to Ibiza. There was just perfect music - I mean nowadays dance hits, okay - and we could chill out properly.

We = 99% of our class, because, oh what a surprise - Jason does not dance. You know what he did? He occupied one of the big sofas which were around the tables and just watched us. I'm not about to over react now and tell you he looked at me, not that I don't want to, of course. But to comfort myself, I can say, when I stopped by bar table to chat with Cassie, Micha or whoever else from my class and rest my feet, and happened to look at him - on purpose of course -, I found his eyes eyeing me.

Sadly it was all about glaring only that time. Because when something really interesting happened, I assumed something more from Jason. But I'll tell you in no minutes.
The story was, when we were partying in Ibiza for about half an hour, some men tourists staggered there. They were about 20 to 25 years old. And being drunk meant besides shouting being topless if you ask them. Nice, right?

Our cheerleader girls were totally okay with that - you wanna dance, let's dance. But look, when someone comes and grabs me by my hips, pressing against his stomach and .. other things, then I'm mildly saying annoyed. Mildly saying, because I did the following: turned around in a moment, looked at that bastard who allowed himself to touch me for a millisecond and in the following seconds he got a strident slap on the ear - it wasn't heard thank to the music -, and ran away.

Actually, I wanted to run away, but as Cassie saw everything, she got time to grab me and instead of letting me run I-don't-know-where, she lead me to the sofa... Exactly to the one Jason was sitting on.
"Are you alright?" Cassie asked loudly to be heard over the music. And over my screaming as well as I just yelled for 5 minutes. Post-factum, I must have looked really stupid but I was just shocked.

I nodded and leaned on the backrest, calming myself. I happened to look at Cassie for a second and that's why I caught a short, but worried look she sent to Jason. I furrowed my brows, not getting why she was worried, and looked at Jason, who I remembered about just now.
In his eyes was something wondrous strange. It was dark and I could never be sure, but I saw how he frowned and trailed the dance floor. And then there was something in his eyes .. something I couldn't detect because of the darkness. I tilted my head with interest, trying to get the whole thing.



I have no idea how I resisted. It really needed a massive self-control. Instead of sitting here calmly, I wanted to freaking jump up, storm to the dance floor immediately and just beat, beat, beat this guy...

By all rights, he had just had his hands all over Caro would say someone who hadn't any feelings for that angelic girl. But I was boiling with anger as someone dared to do that. Maybe I had been calmer if I hadn't heard her screaming just minutes ago. Just screaming, because of anger and despising. And that was what added fuel to the fire.

But my being in mafia wasn't vain. It wasn't something like just job. It was something to your whole life being, where you can study something new all the time. And when you once are someone from mafia, then you does not simply sit emotionless when someone is all over your girl. Oh, you don't. No, you have a plan in your head already.



"Well, you know, I think it would be amazing if he actually beat him up," I told Cassie when we sat on that sofa again. Jason went wandering somewhere which made me sad, but I put a smile on my face to others.
"It would," Cassie agreed and glared at the place Jason sat.

"But he won't," I sighed silently. "You know him,"
Cassie nodded. "I do. But I also do know you. Look, he went wandering somewhere. Zack's on the dance floor. You could talk to him, quietly and privately."
I frowned. Cassie's plan seemed easy, but... "Where could I find him?"
She pointed at one of the doors. "I'm pretty sure he'll be back soon. But he left that way,"

I shrugged as even though I was afraid, I knew it would be a chance. No matter I wanted to talk to him later. Because that talk had to happen somewhere else, not on the ship, half-fulled of drunk tourists. I just thought I could get to know something. We could have just a pointless conversation, whatever. That's why I stood up and went to find Jason around the ship.



With a right hook he teetered a bit, but as I punched him in the stomach, he was on the ground. I wasn't about to beat him to death, no, of course not - why would I need problems on our school trip? A couple of kicks with legs to the stomach would be enough.
"That's for Caro," I muttered, punching him for the last time.

In mafia, you are taught how much and with what force you gotta punch to kill person and how much to just get him/her senseless. That's why I knew when to stop.
I was about to return when I heard someone's steps come closer.
Oh, crap, no one should get here now. Who is there .. oh.

Caro looked at me shyly, stopping some meters away. As I had vented out all my anger and she could never drive me insane, I smiled at her. Then my gaze wondered at her clothes, and that drove me insane.
She just may not wear anything like that. No, wait, Jason, you don't want she would see that. Um, think about something, you gotta get back to the saving darkness of the club.

"What are you doing here?" I asked first thing that got on my mind, and immediately regretted that as it sounded so dumb. Like it's my thing to control where she goes.
"Um..." Her eyes mirrored confusion and embarrassment, so it made me think if she came for me. How stupid of you. She would never do anything like that.

"It's cold outside," I said with a tone like I was about to teach her Ohm's law. "Let's get back inside?"
Unable to say anything, she nodded. I walked to her and we went back along the corridors to the club.

"Why don't you dance?" she asked suddenly, after getting some power or whatever.
I shrugged. "It's just not my thing,"
"How can anyone not like dancing?" She cerebrated and I didn't exactly understand whether she asked me or herself. But I knew she likes talking to me and to avoid awkward silence, I decided to answer.
"I think, the problem is I can't,"

She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. "But it's like club dance .. you just .. move yourself in the rhythm of music,"
"Maybe I don't like dancing to that music?"
"Mm..." She thought for a second. "What would you like dance to? Classic music?"
I shook my head. "No, I think it's silly. I don't like ballroom dances."

She got lost in her mind for some time and our conversation could have been longer unless I had felt some buzzing in my pocket, which meant my boss called me.
"Hey, I gotta go to my cab for a second. Ibiza is just here, you can handle that, right?"
She looked at me unundestandably, then blushed and muttered: "So you saw that,"

I wanted to tell her everything's alright, that the bastard is lying somewhere there and will never hurt her again, but it would have been too heavy breach of law. Even though, I told her once the laws are for breaking, I also knew that omerta was more than just a law
So I sent her another look and went to the cabs.

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