MNLS #19: Messed up love stories

I don't know what about you but I have some kind of tradition. When I visit a city, I, of course, need to get something from there. And as Melbourne is one of those cities in Australia they call shopping centers .. then yeah, the next day consisted of our class"despoiling" the shops.

Because even though I loved my little Orbost, there wasn't that mega important (for me) shop like H&M. That was our main target of course.

"Well, I don't know," Micha peeked through the curtain again. "What do you think?"
She stepped out the cab and twirled before me in an indefinite colored - maybe a mix of pink and beige? - dress with gathered bottom.
I pursed my lips, thinking. Despite of the dress' strange color, I liked it a lot and it fit Micha really good. "I like that one,"

"Me, too," She turned to face the mirror. "But $20! I don't even know..." Then she shut up as she saw Craig walking around.
I bit my lip, so the guy wouldn't see my crazy grinning. Micha was really discreet about the feelings - if it was her case -, but it was obvious she was attracted to Craig .. a lot.

She slipped back into the cab and I did the same, sending a look at Craig who had a weird smirk on his face. I didn't exactly know what it could mean, but assumed he liked the dress. Or Micha in that dress. Or just Micha. At all.

"Micha, dear," I jerked the curtain aside a little and saw Micha's happy face in the mirror.
It seems, Craig is not the only oneHow to get them together? "You gotta buy this dress,"
She raised her brow. "For what?" She asked, though, she had already made a choice in her mind.

I smirked. "Because someone likes that," And then fled back into my cabin, so she couldn't say anything to me.
Yeah, we act really weird about each others' "guys".
It was true. We all took part in creating each others' relationship, that was a really interesting process.

"Micha?" I breathed after putting on another dress. "Tell me if it's..." I couldn't finish as Micha had already jerked the curtain away and stand there, sucking for air.
"Whoa, it looks like it's made for you. You know you gotta get it, right?"

The dress was really pretty. Snake imitation harmonized really well with big ruffles, the dress revealed half of my back and there was a coquette ribbon, which connected my shoulder-blades.
"And guess what - only $15! I would have given everything for that,"
"Lucky you," Micha said with a smile. Then she returned to her cabin and said: "I think I should get that one. $20 is not that much," I presumed she had a big smile on her face as she thought about someone specific. I was the same.

After about half an hour we had finished our shopping tour, which had lasted for a couple of hours, and there were black and pink shoulder-off tunic, bracelet with pearls and big pink stones and, as I liked the Far East culture, Indian bracelet. Like you can see, I really like different accessories.

And as I exited the shop with two shopping bags, that time with Cassie as I had gone into Jam Factory with her in the meanwhile - after SMS "you just need to see their minis", she meant as dresses as skirts by that -, I had a surprise waiting for me. And hell yeah, she thought, if I had already talked with Jason last night a bit, then he'll be smitten by how I look today in my new clothes. So I told her we had to hope he'll get overwhelmed before some drunk tourists.

But sorry for changing the topic. I started talking about a surprise and .. actually got to it. Well, when I and Cassie got out of the shop, sunglasses on eyes to protect us from ablaze sun, my eyes automatically drifted to Jason, though, he was in the middle of our group - the ones who had finished their shopping for a long time ago and waited for the guide -, and almost fainted because his eyes .. he looked by turns at my bag and then at me, and then his eyes locked with mine - actually mine got locked with his, because my sunglasses were dark enough, so he couldn't see I was practically eyeing him -, and they had a message like: "Girl, I wanna see what you got there. At you."

My god.
"Are you having a crazy eye-rape right now?" Cassie asked, giggling, though she was looking in totally other direction. I guess, it was just covering.
"You can't even imagine," I gave Jason my bright smile, though, I'm not sure he got it, as he couldn't know I was glaring at him through my dark glasses.



"Whoa, it looks like it's made for you. You know you gotta get it, right?" I heard Micha's voice from somewhere Craig just got out, and as I saw her coming in with Caro, I guess it was about the girl.
I had an urge to see that, whatever it was, on her. It could be even underwear. Okay, that was perverse. Sorry for my thoughts.

I saw Craig sitting on the bench, his head between hands, and though I actually planned to look around in the shop as well, I decided to go to him and ask what's wrong, as he was one of not many I could call a friend. Besides, it kept me from going to the cabs, hoping to see Caro "accidentally".

"Yo, man, what's up?" küsisin, potsatades tema kõrvale.
"Ah, see oled sina," Ta toetas selja vastu riiulit. "Ei, ma siin niisama,"
"Tüdrukutemured?" küsisin, kuigi ma ei olnud inimene, kes ennast tavaliselt teiste suhetesse segaks. Kuid vahel tuleb oma põhimõtetest üle olla, kui asi on kelleski, keda sa võid nimetada oma sõbraks.
"Võib ka nii öelda,"

"Michelle?" I asked by the way.
He approved my fact by looking at me, half-scared. "How do you know?"
I shrugged. "Just wanted to be sure,"
"It's just like .. I don't know. I like her, a lot, but I think I'm not right for her,"

Please, don't tell me a story of my life. "Why?" Craig wasn't in mafia and was a totally normal guy. He was smart, good-looking and he didn't have any affairs.
"She thinks I'm a player, you know. As I socialize with Cyle and them,"
"You socialize with me, too," I said, joking.

"Yeah, but .. I don't know,"
I really wanted to help him, but I wasn't good at that relationship thing. I put my hand on his shoulder. "Listen, I don't know much 'bout that, but I suggest to give her some hints. Maybe she'll like you if she doesn't already,"
"You think?"

I don't know why I had this feeling, but I was suddenly so sure Micha likes Craig. Maybe Caro had told me? I wound all the conversations with her in my head - mhm, I really remembered them all -, but didn't remember anything. I guess, I was too focused on .. "us". "Yes," I said before he could notice my deep thoughts.

Craig's words kept running through my head and I needed to get rid of them fast, before I could storm into Caro's cab and tell her everything. I looked around and noticed swimpants' section.
Great, I need these.


Once in a while I turned my gaze at the shop's door where Caro and Cassie entered a hour ago.
She really likes to keep me waiting? My thoughts stopped when my alter ego reminded me who keeps who waiting.
Chantal told me: "Dude, you can't avoid her forever," and for the last a couple of weeks I was thinking about how I should talk to her.

The problem was mostly about me not knowing at all what should I tell her. While analyzing my thoughts, it would be logical to ask her to be my girlfriend. But I didn't know if she was a good actress. I mean, even if we started dating, Zack mustn't know, 'cause you never know what that bastard could to her... And if I told Caro we had to hide our relationship, how well she could pretend?
I had no idea.

The sun was still blazing, though it was nearly 5 PM. I reset my sunglasses and looked at the shop doors again. Two girls were leaving it. Of course I knew who they were immediately.
Car had now two bags in her hands and I wanted to know what she got. I eyed her for long 'til it occured to me that my sunglasses weren't that dark I could glare at someone without that someone noticing.

But before I could look somewhere else, I saw Cassie smirking and when she looked at others, I assumed she was smirking because of me, though. Unlike her, Caro had glasses on, but as I knew her, I knew she was following me closely every second.
And when she smiled at me brightly, I felt myself happier than ever while being with Jade. Just because of a smile. And then I understood what is love.

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