SL #40: You're joking, right, Micha?

His hands around me were so warm, his back against mines so soft. Everything felt so right.
Although I knew it wasn't true. That we weren't really together. That there was just that place, here and now, and we were sitting on a bed, me wearing only a very thin night dress and he with only jeans on, and we were hugging.
And I think what the hell is happening.

Then I opened my eyes and understood it was only one of these crazy yet so sweet dreams. Of course I knew they were stupid. I mean .. where would they lead me? Yes, it was true. These dreams .. while being so .. special and .. impossible, they would always make me miss Jason more.

Somehow he was always near me, if it's the right way to put it. But it is possible miss someone who sits right next to, it just depends on how you see it .. And in my situation, I missed Jason mentally, not physically.
However, hugging him is amazing.


With all that falling-out and Jason and .. Jake I'd totally forgotten that now, being in high school, we can finally take part in high school dance competition - let's add a little 'yay' here!
Look, I wasn't that person who would organize anything, but happily - I thought I'd never say that - we had Micha, who signed us up.

"Trust me, it's gonna be amazing. Your remember our dances from basic school, don't you?"
Vampires and absconders? Indeed, Micha. I looked at her ambiguously.
"Oh, c'mon, we made vampires cool before 'Twilight',"
"Really," Chantal, standing next to me, only shook her head.

Michelle gave her a weird look I didn't understand. Then she looked at me. "Caro, I have a surprise for you,"
"You're gonna gift me a voyage to Bill and Tom's house?" I asked excitedly. "Or to 1D's?"
"OMG, of course not! But trust me, you'll like it .. as much, I guess," she smiled foxily.

So that's what she tried to tell Chantal with her look. That surprise. What's that?


Close your mouth, Caro. They look at you like you're a weirdo and Zack's grinning like an idiot.
I liked our team. Yeah, I did. I could even close my eyes at Zack, who was obviously pleased with himself at the moment.

I closed my mouth and smiled. Then I dragged Micha away for a second.
"Micha! It's pretty hard for me to bear with his touch and you make me a surprise like this," I hissed.
"Oh, c'mon, don't tell me you don't like it. And wait, what touch?"
"I'm not gonna say I don't like it. But you could have warned me. What, we're not paired together?"
"It wouldn't have been half as awesome if I had," She parried, ignoring my questions.

I was about to exposit more arguments, but she turned her back at me and looked at our team, where besides Jason - OMG for another time - and Zack there were Chantal, Cassie and Alasia - it seems Micha'd stuck to our original gangdom - and Ian, Mark and Dean from the guys. Yeah, it was the same, too.

"Okay, anyway, everyone's here now," Micha began. "So you're all paired, as I said before: Chantal and Mark, Ian and Alasia, Cassie and Dean, me and Zack and Caroline is with Jason,"
She looked us in the eye in turns.

I heard Zack's horse-like laughing, and Micha turned to him again: "And you're grinning because..?" She squinted her eyes, and I was happy it wasn't me that time she was angry at.
"Eh..." Zack doubted.
Doubted? Is it even possible?

"So?" Micha's voice was demanding. I suddenly realized that Zack could be doubting. Michelle was short, but she had enough force - not physical, though she had it, too -, will and  and power like dwarfs, who are often said to be mean creatures.
Eh .. well, yes, Micha can be compared with a dwarf then.

Zack pointed at me, then at Jason. "It's just ironic how you..."
"Anyway, I'm here the one who pairs people together, and if you have problems with that, you can always ask for help," Michelle smiled at him sweetly. "You wanna dance with Caro by yourself?"
"Me? What? Of course not, she's not even..." And then it was his turn to shut up, because other guys were frowning at him.

I blushed. I've been told by guys that I'm beautiful and stuff, but wouldn't it be a bit too egoistic to say it out loud? And why would I suddenly mention that - maybe Zack was to say something good about me? Look, I know Zack, alright. And he, for sure, won't say anything good about me.


"How'd you even convince him? I mean .. a year ago he was sure for the life of his that he has two left feet, and he'd reassured me he'd never go dancing again,"
"Well .. I just wanted you to be happy again after .. that. And .. well .. I'd told him it could melt the ice between you two and .. would be some kind of an apologia, you know,"

I frowned. "Micha..."
"Yes, his interest turned into sorrow in a moment, but hey, here you are now!"
"I don't like it when he's sad,"
"I don't believe he's sad anymore," Chantal said.

Alasia and Cassie nodded.
"I'd still like to know how you persuaded him,"


Jason, some hours earlier

"No, believe me, it's gonna be amazing,"
"Michelle," I said strongly. "Look, I'd said that already - I do not like dancing,"
She made a thoughtful face. "If I supplicate?"
"No," I tried very hard to hold myself back from gritting my teeth. Is it really that hard to cope with a 'no'?

"Hmm," She made then.
What else?
"I don't want to be a busybody about anyone's personal life, but..."
"But you still do that," I cut in.

I was sure to get a look like Adrianna's when I dared to chip in, but Michelle was just looking at me.
"You're an interesting person, Jason Lockwood," She stated seriously.
I raised my brows. "Really?" What will that lead to?

"The more I watch your behavior after Caro'd fallen in love with you, the more I understand why would she do that,"
"I'd already told Chantal once and I may repeat myself: I don't find anything interesting in myself,"

"I think none of us does. We gotta find someone who will find that in us," The girl said thoughtfully. "But the thing is, I may not be a big fan of Caroline's being in love with you, because I don't understand how you can wait for someone who ignores you for so long-" I was suddenly freezing. "-, but she's happy and I like that. So, I want to say that she'd be in the seventh if not in higher heaven if you suddenly decided to join our team. Yes, I know you don't like dancing," She said when I wanted to protest again. "But I also think you should do something serious for her. Especially after your falling-out. In case you won't work out,"

I was stunned. No, seriously. I could have expected that from Chantal. From Cassie or Alasia also. Hell, even Caro could say something like that! But, for god's sake, Michelle saying something like that - no, I couldn't even expect that.
And then I took a moment for an inside argument, during which I decided maybe it really could be a good way to say a proper "I'm sorry" to Caro. She said "I'm sorry" is not enough. Of course she'd like that. It would be original, different...

"Who else is in?" I asked slowly, still doubting, but quite a little already.
Micha smiled like she'd known exactly what I meant. "Don't worry, he'll be there, too, but he won't do any harm to you,"
I was to answer next question, but Micha cut me off: "No, Caro has not told me about that. I'm just more open-eyed than I'd seem at first sight,"

It locked my mouth, but I already had another question in the queue: "Eh .. where should I come?"
Micha smiled, triumphantly now. "I'm getting everyone together in the gymnastic hall. Be there after the lessons. It's be great to see you joining your friends," And once again, like reading my mind - though it was easy to guess -, she answered: "Yeah, Ian, Mark and Dean are in, too. I hope we're gonna have so much fun together,"

And before I could say anything, she turned and started walking away. Then she remembered something and shouted over her shoulder: "You really are an interesting person, Jason. I won't ever tell Caro again to let you go,"
With that she walked away, satisfied, leaving me there, standing speechless, only: Fuck, for god's sake, what had I got myself into? thrumming in my head.

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