SL #41: A new beginning? Do it Caroline's way

He was cold. The fact Micha'd paired us up was amazing and I hoped for it to change everything. I thought: hey, we had just had an argument, but had made up and it would have been wonderful way to get back our friendship back.
But I was wrong.

He was acting like .. ugh, like in the beginning of the school year. Socializing with Analeigh, ignoring my messages in MSN... It seemed,for him the dance was just something that needed be done. And nothing else
The only person who enjoyed the situation was Zack. Obviously. I saw his glad face expression as he sent me looks.
I hated him.

When we landed in a bus, to drive to Melbourne, Michelle hastened inside to get us places and reserved them near Jason, extra for me. And what would Jason do? Stand up and sit next to Zack somewhere in the back of the bus. Thanks to the destiny, Analeigh was sitting next to him, if you don't count the gap.

Idiot. Jason, I mean.
And then, just like reminding of her presence, I heard Analeigh's laugh from the back, but I didn't turn around because I already knew what I would see there. Jason and Ian were sitting there - Jason'd just reconsidered his decision suddenly. And Analeigh had occupied her seat the way her feet were in the passageway. Not that it's something criminal  - of course not, I growled.
Sure, it was just my stupid jealousy. I liked sitting that way, too .. but I would never sit that way, if Jason was on the other side of me. Which didn't mean Analeigh would care or not do it.

But the truth was, I was tired. I knew that feeling - I've had it a couple of times before. It was, when I knew I had to stop.
Like .. yeah, I've waited for it for a long time - one and a half year -, but nothing serious happened, right. Jason didn't try anything to start a relationship and I had no chance to do that. I mean .. he knew what I'm thinking of him, feeling for him, but .. it was like he simply didn't care.
It was such an old story.


That time I was in one cab with Chantal, Ed and Cassie. We were slowly getting ready for the night, as soon karaoke was to begin. After that we planned to watch Eurovision and head to the club.

"I like that how you've thought of things and put such a short dress on," Cassie commented as I was doing make up before the mirror.
I saw mirror image of Ed peeking at me, having occupied the bunk bed with Chantal.

"Hey! It's not for him, okay," I parried, laying the mascara on the front of the mirror for a second, and smoothed the dress.
It was turquoise with a silver belt under my breasts. I liked it very much, though it was quite short. Usually I would like short things - for obvious reasons, alright -, but that time it wasn't because of Jason at all.

"Yeah, right. We so believe you," Chantal said and three of them exchanged an ambiguous look.
I took the lipstick. "But think for a moment .. if there was someone else," I said thoughtfully and waited for their reaction.
They exchanged a look of not understanding.

"What's that supposed to mean, Caro?" Chan asked. "It's not possible, now is it?"
I smiled and raised a brow. "You think I'm gonna be rooted with him forever?"
"It seems so now,"

I shook my head, laughing sarcastically. "Forget it. You ready, Cassie?"
Obviously Ed and Chantal had no intention to "visit" night club, because they "had nothing to do there". In reply I told them that we would be back by two in the cab and he they gotta make away with things by then.

We exited the cab with Cassie and started moving towards the karaoke bar. We didn't rush as we had enough time.

"Hey, what would that mean?" Cassie asked as we'd almost reached the bar.
I let my gaze follow the teachers that had come with us - as almost all of the 10th graders came, there were many of them. I hugged myself 'cause I wasn't used to them seeing me that naked. Not that  was naked .. well, you get it.

But as they had passed by and there were less people, and I finally dared to look at Cassie seriously, I couldn't hold myself back. I told her everything.
How I'd been feeling lately. What I thought of Jason. And .. I told her about Jake.

When I shut up, she raised her brown and I thought whether I had overacted. Though, when turned my head, I understood it was just because Analeigh and Jason approached. Analeigh skipping and Jason glowering at me.
I don't know why, but when they passed by, Analeigh went between us - dafuq?! -, and Jason behind me.
Cassie smirked at that and said: "Going for the look from the back,"
I sent her a yeah-sure-look and she went serious again.
"If you don't take him now, you're not a real woman,"

My eyes went back open and a large grin appeared on my face. "Really?"
"I mean .. look at him. He's like a freaking Greece god on Earth. Wearing all these sexy clothes and his body .. mm," She licked her lips, making it more understandable. Like I already don't know that, hah. "Don't get it wrong. I'm not interested in him. He's just someone nice to look at on a bad day. Or, well, yeah, on a good day also," She smirked.

"Yeah, true story,"
She hushed her voice. "About Jason, on the other hand .. well, yeah, you've stuck around for a very long time .. but look, you're right: lately, he hadn't done any effort to show you he still cares. It really feels like he doesn't. He's a good person, of course. But, excuse me, he's acting like an asshole,"

I just shrugged irresolutely.
"But you know what? Enough with that. You take him. When he sees you in that dress, it shouldn't be that hard. Come," The girl took my hand and dragged me inside the bar.
Immediately we spotted ours and went to them.

"Would you like to sing with me?" Analeigh turned to just then and smiled at me brightly.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. I smirked. "I can't sing,"
She didn't care. "Oh, doesn't matter, it can't be that bad,"

Maybe I over judge her? Maybe she's just friendly with everyone? I tilted my head, thoughtful. "Nah, dunno.."
The truth, I really wanted to sing, but the fact was, I didn't have voice at all.
However, I pulled the booklet towards me and started flipped through it.

"Oh, c'mon, the only song I know here and could sing along is 'Barbie girl'," I said, smiling at Analeigh.
She laughed resoundingly, but not disparagingly. "Okay. I'll go check whether we can sing," She waddled away and the silence fell among us.
I peeked at Jason through my lashes, but turned my gaze away immediately, realizing he was gazing at me, too.
After some time Analeigh returned and announced sadly the karaoke is already over. We decided to go and watch Eurovision then, after that return to go clubbing.


"Oh, come on, Cassie, even I didn't took that much to do my make up," I moved around the doorway impatiently.
"But we're not ready yet, too,"Michelle stated from their cab. She was in one cabin with Annetté, Kelley and Lea. They were getting ready, too.
"Ugh," I exhaled deeply..

But then I forget my impatience, and put my hand in my hair instead to put my hair in order as Jake came into our corridor. "Our corridor", because strangely our two cabs were here while others' were in totally different corridors.

That's why I was surprised: why was he even here when others were somewhere else. Jake passed by me and I closed my eyes, enjoying the smell of his aftershave.
"We kinda sorta have 15 minutes 'til the beginning," I started and walked around in the small hallway again. "Although, if we calculate the time you need to get ready, we won't be there even after a hour,"

"Oh, keep calm, Caro," Cassie gave me a sharp look and continued doing her make up.
Her sharp look was nothing compared to Michelle's. Though, calling it sharp is an understatement.
I sighed at their slowness and leaned on the wall.

I was like that for about 5 minutes, actually not even paying attention to girls until I realized they were all glaring at me with cunning faces.
"What?" I said, narrowing my eyes.
And then I heard someone coughing behind me.

Wait a sec, wasn't there like a wall behind me?
Suddenly I felt someone's hands on my waist and I froze like a statue. When I finally dared to turn around, I found out that I had just gifted Jake Evans a lap-dance while standing.

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