SL #42: Something new

"Should I say 'thank you' now?" Jake asked and smiled at me brightly.
I envied him for his long and thick hair more than ever 'cause I'd had put my hair up in a bow and my face was more likely red as a potato!
I tried to smile in spite of an awkward situation. "I .. um, sorry?" Why doesn't it sound convincing at all?

Jake smiled at me encouragingly. "Happens," He waved at me - yes, exactly at me - with a hand and walked away.
Someone wants to remind me why would he even come here?

"OMG, that was like so good," Annetté said through the bursts of laughing.
"You think," I tilted my hair after a sarcastic comment.
"You saw his face? He enjoyed it!"
"Ha. Ha. I guess," I tried to take the whole situation as a joke as well.

"I guess we gotta change now," Kelley said.
We nodded to each others and closed the cab doors.

"Oh, my gosh," slipped through my teeth and I leaned on the wall.
"Come on, C. It wasn't that bad at all,"
I looked at her with wide open eyes. "It wasn't that bad at all?!" I hissed. "Ugh. Why don't you undwerstand?" I walked around nervously as much as the cabin allowed.

"Why are you being such a drama queen?" Chantal asked with a raised brow. "Well, you gifted him a bit of .. lap dance. So what,"
"No, Chantal, it's not about the lap dance" I sank on the floor by the bathroom door, ignoring the fact my dress was short. Ed doesn't like me that way anyway. Oh, well, he has Chantal after all. "It's about .. him"

"Jason didn't see it and I doubt Jake's gonna tell him. C'mon,"
"Don't talk about Jason!" I half-yelled. "It's about Jake,"
"Jake?" Chan said, confused, her brows on the nasal bridge.
I nodded, holding my head in my hands.

Cassie sent Chantal a look and the girl gulped air. "That's it," she whispered, agitated. "What you were talking about. Who you were talking about,"
I nodded again, numb.
"That's why you are so agitated," she said excitedly. Wait, I'm agitated? Check yourself, okay. "'Cause he's your crush,"

I nodded again.
"And" Chantal asked.
I shrugged. "Dunno,"

"He's the past,"
They were silent for a moment.
"No, really. He must be,"
"Dance competition is soon,

"Everything can be done professionally,"
They didn't say anything again.
"Cassie, are you ready now? We should go already,"


I totally adored dancing. It was something I needed so much on that very moment - the freedom. While doing physical work, which needs lots of energy, you don't think. You just .. let loose. And I needed that more than anything.
There were more people this year as almost all the 10th graders were there. We sang along the songs with girls, moving ourselves in the rhythm.
If you want to hear my opinion, it's the best exercise.

I saw Cyle's gang who moved around with some weird cans. I let corners of my mouth fall a bit, seeing Jake with one as well.
After a second they managed to make me laugh out loud, though, by pretending to be DJs. By the dance floor there was a DJ booth that wasn't in use anymore, I guess, so they pretended to be disc jockeys, doing that way too comically.
One thing that is good in Cyle and his gang for sure is the way they can make everyone laugh .

Then my mouth fell open as I saw how professional Jake seemed while starting dancing break.
Whoa. Micha, you made a mistake - that's the one who should have been in a team. Not the one that doesn't wanna dance.
Cassie showed me thumb ups and I nodded - I knew that nevertheless he acted like a badass, he was the right one.


He was alone there. I eyed him fixedly. It was dark, but strangely I saw his bright brown eyes through his spiky hair.
I'm delirious. It's not physically possible. Well, fuck logic.

I really wanted to go and talk to him. I mean, he was drunk enough, so if anything was not to go the right way, he wouldn't remember anything in the morning anyway. In theory, at least.
Okay, seriously, Caroline, nothing can go wrong.

And I really went upstairs. Not caring about anything or anyone, coming to a conclusion that if I want something with him, then I gotta go and take it all by myself.

Obviously, while walking upstairs, I imagined myself into some kind of an advertisement or a movie: how I walk in slow motion, my hops moving perfectly from side to side, hair falling on my back, lips curling into flattering smile.
OMG, Caroline, get over it eventually.

Jake was still looking at the dance floor as it was quite impossible to hear my steps through the blast. Finally, though, he saw me from the corner of his eyes and waved with a can.
It looked like beer, but remembering way too well his previous behavior, I was afraid it wasn't true.

"Hey," I said, confidently, not feeling that confidence at all, though, and my voice was shaking like crazy. Happily he couldn't notice that because of the music.
"Hey," the guy said and leaned on the sofa.
"Why are you sitting here alone?" I asked matter-of-factly. Kinda in a way "no, I'm just resting my feet here, not interested in you at all".

"Oh, you know. Run out of steam," He motioned on the dance floor.
I nodded understandingly. "Yeah. 'Specially if you dance energeticallyt,"
He looked at me and, once again, I felt something inside me. It was like .. when Jason would look at me. Drilling, like looking in your soul.
Stop. Caro, sweetie, you're here with Jake, a normal guy, not with .. some.

"You dance good," he said suddenly and I smiled largely.
"Thanks. It's improvisation,"
"Club dance is improvisation, yeah. I'd like to check out the courses where you can learn it,"
I snorted. Girly. "Indeed. I saw you dance break very well. Had you attended courses?"

He took a sip and his eyes darkened as he fell in thought. "I used to, yes, when I was in 8th and 9th grade. Had to quit because of school in high school, though,"
"It seems it was useful. I wanted to learn something street, too, but don't have enough time,"
He nodded thoughtfully. "I think you would be good at it. You seem quite flexible-" Caroline, don't you dare to make it sound dirty in your head. "-and energetic. You have .. the spark and the zing in you."

I dropped my eyes on the floor, blushing and growing numb.
"Oh, c'mon. I'm being serious,"
I felt Jake's fingers on my chin.

I looked at him, and he smiled.
Fantastic. Is he ever sad?
"What happened before," he began, but seeing my abashment added quickly: "No, don't take it that way .. I'm not a guy who only thinks of .. you know,"
I looked around, feeling embarrassment.

"It was .. interesting," he said. "And I liked the way you acted, not being someone who would immediately hang herself on me. Don't you think I think of you that way. I mean, ugh..."
Wow. Jake doesn't know what to say? Pinch me.
"I like how you take everything so naturally. You took it as a joke, not starting to scream or anything. It sounds really confusing, doesn't it?"

I wasn't drunk at all, but didn't understand anything that was going on. I shrugged and smiled.
Jake nodded to himself and suddenly held out his can towards me. "Wanna try some?"
Oh, snap.



Ugh. Dancing. I guess I'll never get the point of this.
But watching the certain girl in light blue dress twirling with her girl friends in the middle of the dance floor made my heart skip some beats.
Okay, let's paraphrase that: I don't understand it, but obviously enjoy when someone .. does that well. And in a sexy way. And seducing. Mhm.

Once again, I was the only one who didn't dance.
I thought whether it does some kind of deja-vu this time and if something like last year event can happen... But no, this time almost all the 10th graders were here and the situation was different.

I smiled seeing Caro move in the rhythm. She reminded me of a modern fairy - her dress moved with her, and she was kinda flying. Only that her hair should have been set free.
I tried to look around, so I wouldn't stare in one direction all the time - this "tried" there was because how can you keep your eyes off someone so beautiful? I saw some guys - some from the other classes and some from somewhere else - who would look at Caro hungrily.

I raised my brow.
And I was thinking my gaze is intensive. Need some lessons?
But that time I wasn't planning on doing it the way I had done previous year. The trip was for relaxing, after all.
Nothing criminal, J.

I looked around for some more time and found one guy that stared at Caro happened to look at me. I narrowed my eyes at him, being sure he wouldn't see that because of the darkness. I wasn't even completely sure I was the one he was looking at.
But he straightened his spine and I could even see his face becoming pale. He stood up, fumbled upon a chair and walked away fast.

Wait, what? Now, what was that ?
I looked over my shoulder, but there was no one.
I did that? By just looking at him? Oh god.

I shook my head, actually not knowing how I should react art his.
If my eyes have an effect like this, then I don't know...
I moved my eyes on the floor, searching for Caroline with need.Only that she was gone.

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