SL #44: don't you dare to let us, me down

End of the Melbourne trip was strange, but I enjoyed it at the same time. It began with accidentally calling to Jason's cab in the morning. Hey! It was their fault in the first place. We were packing, minding our business, 'til we suddenly heard Doug's voice from the speaker. His usual gibberish.

And when it suddenly stopped, we called back. I can bet Jason thought of me like an annoying stalker. But to the hell with that - at least it was fun.

The morning continued with me silently singing 'Barbie Girl' thanks to the day before yesterday while coming down the stairs, and a second later I saw Jake coming down from the other side.
A-w-k-w-a-r-d. Fuck that.
The guy smiled at me, wished good morning, but didn't say anything. I, too, didn't made any intention to start the conversation.

On the ship Cassie made me laugh by telling about perfect morning for me: " A knock on the door. Jason: „What?! Again forgot the card here? Fine, I'm coming!“
However, there isn't any Zack, Dean nor Ian behind the door. Instead, there's Caroline, a large smile on her face.
„Hey!“ she says, „Nah, what? You had to come out of the bed for me?“ She enters the cab, closing the door behind. Jason can't nerve himself. What the hell is Caro doing here? he thinks. Caro takes a step closer. „What are you looking at? We're going back to the bed now!“ she says… And we can keep the guys away,"

"OMG, Cas, you're crazy," I stated, however, laughing so hard it was more likely heard over the whole ship. I knew the closest groups are looking at me like I'm mad, but I couldn't help that.
To calm myself, I looked out the window. The sun was shining and the waves splashing. And I knew that when we arrive to Orbost, there's an amazing performance waiting for us, and all in all, everything is going to be awesome.


Just for a moment I thought that how cool it would be, if he suddenly came and put his arms around me.
I wouldn't feel so alone then.
And exactly on the second I was giving up, a miracle happened. His arms were actually around me. I was scared at first, but understood later it was because of the dance.
But still.
With my hands on your waist when we dance in the moonlight...

"Oh, hell," I muttered, jerking and abruptly uplifting myself. It was the day when we had the show in the evening. Wasn't weird then, I saw things like this in my dreams.
Then I smiled. It really had been going great.  And funny for sure. Immediately I saw one really funny and cute case before my mind's eye.


I remember being - once again, haha - the only girl in the group as others had French and we - me and guys, except Zack - multimedia. Which meant our lessons finished an hour earlier and we had to wait for others to practice.

I stretched myself and slowly started recalling the dance.
I pushed myself up, so my blouse raised a bit. As I looked back at the guys, their gazes were still on my leggings and a bit naked stomach.

"Gays," I muttered half-angrily, half-jokingly.
"Look, we can't be gays when we are interested in your .. you,"
"We all have our own perversity level, don't we?" said Ian totally seriously.

I tried to pull a serious face, but my face muscles refused to obey, so I ended up with  bursting out laughing, 
accompanying them.
I kept dancing and suddenly .. and suddenly someone's arms really were around me. Looking up, I realized the dream had came to life.

And I totally didn't give a fuck we were the only pair dancing. I knew Jason's friends aren't mean not going to say anything bad about that. Therefore, I concentrated on the dance and us two only, and it was perfect.
When we finished, I saw from the mirror the missing part of the team. Michelle were leaning on the door and smiled at us.

She was clapping and the smile on her face said it wasn't any joke, but she really liked it.
"Do it the same way on the show and everything is perfect,"


The day passed by quickly, guess because I hadn't been thinking of school stuff almost at all. I was with my whole soul in the evening show.
The show was to start after 2 hours, when I, Alasia, Cassie and Michelle were returning from our meal break.

"Hey, girls!" we heard calling someone us from the right, so we turned to the caller.
Others exchanged the looks of misunderstanding, but not me. I knew exactly who it was.
Adrianna. "Hey," I said, when we'd approached closer.
"You know my brother, right?" Mhm. "Jason? Jason Lockwood?"

"Yes, yeah, we're in one class," Michelle answered and she had that confused look on her face, along with others.
"You're Michelle, aren't you?" Adrianna smiled at her.
The gal nodded at her with surprise.

"You're Cassie, Alasia and you..." She looked me in the eye. "You are Caroline," she finished with a smile.
"Adrianna, right?"
The girl's smile grew larger. "Yup, that's me. Have you got any plaster?"

Um .. okay? That's .. really random. I looked at girls, but they shook their heads. "I'll check out," I said and rummaged in my bag. However, I couldn't find the needed thing. I shook my head. "Sadly, no," Have to say, though, since that I always have plaster with me. True story. Just in case.
"Eh, okay," she answered. "Good luck then .. with dance,"
"Em .. thanks," the gals muttered, and I saluted her with my fingers as a good-bye.

"Okay, that was odd, now wasn't it?" Cassie said as we reached the aerobic hall, where we got ready for the show. "I mean .. she knew all of us by names and faces!"
"Yeah, indeed," Alasia agreed.
"Hey, chillax, stop overthinking," I said with not caring tone, though inside me the exact same emotions raged.

After some time Chantal came back; she'd been eating out with Ed.
"You know who I met!?" she said with a bright smile.
"Ade?" I asked matter-of-factly.
"What?! You saw her, too?"

"We all did," Michelle stated.
"She knew my name!"
"Same her," we echoed.
"That's peculiar!" Chantal continued with wonder.

"Is Jason alright?"
"Why shouldn't he be?" I was astonished of the sudden change of topic.
"Nah, Ade here and all,"

"Pff, for sure, she just happened to be here. It doesn't mean danger immediately,"
"If you say so,"



"Fucking idiot!" I yelled, knowing no one would hear me. Books, starting with "The Secret" and finishing with "The Gunslinger" flew on the floor, 'cause for the first time in my life I didn't give a shit 'bout them. I threw myself in the bed with hatred.

The dance? a sudden thought went through my head. Ah, fuck y'all.


"Jason!" Adrianna roared, not even slightly girly, finding me taking a nap in the bed.
"Why would you yell?" I asked rudely.
She looked at me fixedly. Then she groped for the cupboard.

I rolled myself on the floor with a bang and the thrown vase hit the pillow instead of my head.
"You're insane," I said calmly, pulling myself up, and put the vase on its place.
Ade was still all eyes. "What is wrong with you? And what had happened to your face?"
I touched my face carelessly. "Huh?"

"You'd got black eye. And your lip is abraded,"
"Ah, that," I said as it was nothing. "I fell,"
She put her hands on her hips. "Do I look like I'm half-witted?"
I looked at her ambiguously.

"I can use that vase again, ya know," she said carelessly.
"You wanna make me even more beautiful?"
"Oh, you're so arrogant! What does Caro even see in you!"
I snorted. "She would have argued with you know,"

"Why are you still here?" she changed the topic.
"Where should I be then?"
"You have a performance tonight,"
"How'd you know?" I narrowed my eyes at my sister.

"Well, I just accidentally happened to pass by your school..." she began with a nonchalant voice.
"Accidentally happened to? Mhm, I so believe you,"
"What would that matter? I was there and saw your girl,"
"Caro is not my girl,"

Ade smiled sweetly as if she'd won the lottery. "At least you got who I was talking about,"
I rolled my eyes. "Whatever,"

"I can't go there, Ade! I won't do that!"
"But Caroline will be there,"
"Let her be then,"
"And you wouldn't care if you disappointed her?"

"That means nothing to me. I don't live to impress anyone. I live for myself,"
"But you promised!"
"See that?" I pointed to my face. "I can't go! I hardly even move,"
"What happened, Jas?"


I had to be totally normal carrier delivery. Well, with only difference, I had a performance after some hours. But, like always, as soon as everything's going good, it gotta get ruined. Yeah, even with me using the Secret and all.

I had handed over the package when I heard a shout: "Lie down!" and then it all happened too fast.
The dude, who had just got about one kilogram cocaine, had been lying some meters from me, not exactly looking alive. I leaned on the care, shocked by what had just happened.

I knew there were many. I could hear steps from the left, right and the back of the car.
Oh, fuck, I thought, fumbling for the revolver on my belt, though I knew I won't make it with many. I'm not any Jason Statham here.
Sadly not.

"Jason?!" the voice was way too familiar and turning my gaze up, I saw Jake.

You're freaking kidding me, huh? You really must be fucking kidding me?
"What the hell, dude?!" I yelled at him.
"I'd like to know, too," he said and tilted his head.

"Why would you shoot him?" I pointed at Mark- I guess? -, panicking, and stood up, regardless of two soldiers pointing their guns at me. "By the way, maybe..?" I pointed with my head towards the guns.
Jake made a movement with his hand and the guys' hands fell on the sides in unison.
Whoa, such a boss here you are. I wanted to start clapping slowly, but I really didn't have much time.

"Doing my duties?" he said matter-of factly, hands in his pockets, and shrugged.
"He was my duty," I said through my teeth.
"I don't know anything,"

I don't know with what our obviously really content-rich convo would have continued if it wasn't for one of the soldiers falling on the ground, and the hail of bullets following.
"What the heck?"
Jake shook his head. "I have no idea,"

"Oh, snap," I muttered, hearing the bullets connecting with my car. You, bastards, my car... I did something stupid. I stumbled up and started shooting.
"Idiot, Jason," I heard Jake's voice, but he didn't leave me alone, but did the same I did.

There were only two of them, so it didn't take long. I have no idea who they were, more likely friends of the one our dear Jake had shot.
Speaking of him.
"Hey, where do you think you go?" I asked, shocked, after turning around and seeing him walking towards the car with the remained soldier.
"I'm only doing what my boss told me to," he said through the teeth and was to sit in the car.
"You really are to leave me here to take care of it?"
He shrugged reluctantly. I pressed my teeth together and punched him the right hook.
"The fuck is wrong with you?" he yelled in response and punched me, too.
We "scuffled" for some time, 'til the soldier messaged him the boss said to hurry.
Jake punched me in the stomach, so I bumbled away from him, and he sat in the car, not caring about anything. The car rolled away.
Idiot, Jake. Idiot, Jason.


"And he just left you there?"
I nodded. "Our rules. We don't have to help each others,"
Ade facepalmed herself. "What did you do with those guys?"
"Got rid of them," I said dismissively. I was hell sure Ade didn't have to know...

"Hmm," she said thoughtfully. "Okay. I understand the reason you are so upset, but that doesn't mean you should deceive others, 'specially Caroline. You know, she was so happy today when I saw her. Elated. She's waiting a lot from the evening,"

I looked at my sister with sad eyes. "I can't go like that, Ade," Especially after that...
Notwithstanding, a large grin appeared on her face. "I'm pretty sure Caroline can fix that,"
"What kind of smile is that?" I pointed with a finger at her face.

She dismissed me with a hand. "Doesn't matter, but you gotta hurry," She came and lifted me from the bed, pulling in the vestibule. "Go now,"
I have no idea what happened, but I couldn't help that. I mean, I suddenly realized I really shouldn't let Caro down. I pulled on my sneakers and stepped outside.

"I'm going now,"
Ade stood at the door and smiled as I turned my back at her and started walking towards the car. I sent a look over my shoulder and saw her still standing at the door, though, she had already a phone in the hand and she possibly messaged someone.
So much you care.



"Well, where is he?!" Michelle asked furiously, narrowing her eyes at us and even stomped her foot. "We have fucking one hour to our performance and he's not here. Aaah!"

Michelle was very angry. I was .. also. But not that much. It was Jason, after all. And I couldn't be angry with him for too long or too much.

"I'm sure he'll come," I tried to calm her.
The gal gritted her teeth.
I looked at others, panicking. The girls faces was saying they are trying to think of something to calm Micha or get Jason - which would satisfy the first as well. The lads faces were saying they have no idea where Jason is.

Guys .. Zack.
He stood, leaning on the wall, and looked like he doesn't give a care in the world.
I wanted to pierce his throat - just because -, but decided to shut it. I leaned on the wall as well.
Oh, my love, where are you? Don't tell me you're letting me down. Please...

My phone beeped and I felt our whole team looking at me. Message from unknown number: "He doesn't deserve you, but he loves you,"

I looked at the dance floor with worry. "I know he's coming," Thanks, Ade. And trust me, no matter what happens, Caroline will love Jason forever..

And then... "I'm here,"

I turned around and he really was there. Only that he looked terrible.
"My god, what had happened to you?!"


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