SL #50: the Sun, the beach and my two crushes

Micha has never approved of mine and Jason's "relationship" - okay, okay, let's be honest here: none of them is approving anymore -, but lately she's been showing her own initiative in that case. Gotta admit she's been instigating me to talk to Jason at times, too, or organizing that dance show...

So I actually shouldn't have been surprised when we entered the class, where we haven't had any English lessons before, and she practically dragged me by hand to sit by Jason. It was our computer class - we had multimedia there -, where the tables were by walls, forming a large circle. In the middle of the class there was room for teacher. And where we'd sat down, from my side there were Jason, Cyle and Joe, and from Micha's Bradley, Brittany.. I didn't pay attention to who else 'cause when you have Cyle and Joe in one pot, then you don't understand what "peace" means anymore.

Actually, Jason was raising the devil with them that time, starting with, for instance, changing Cyle's screen to pink. Not that changed the desktop background to pink, but modifying colors, contrast and whatever else so the whole screen tonality was pink.

He looked at me and flashed his advertisement smile at me. Four of us burst out laughing, not paying attention that everyone was glaring at us and the teacher came behind us.
He shook his head. "Jason, change it back and stop the games here,"
Jason clicked some buttons on the screen - I'll skip describing the detailed process as some of you would for sure, like Micha, say: "Ah, stop blathering about that programming stuff," - and the screen was back "normal".

"Open the workbook on page 59, exercises 1-4,"
"What page was it now?" Jason asked in whisper, invading into my personal space.
"59," I whispered in jerky voice, shocked a bit by his closeness.

When you loved one's lips are against your neck, it may be quite pleasurable, you know. Just that he'd leaned closer as he didn't hear the page number was breathtaking. Well, yeah, everyone's breath would be caught in their throats when their loved one's lips touched their neck, because the skin became super sensitive and all the hair raised. Totally fantastic.

After half an hour we started writing an essay.
"Why?! No..." Jason said, lingering on the words, after seeing the topic: "How has Internet changed our lives?".  "Fuck me,"
Um .. really, Jason?! Like you being serious right now? "Eh .. well .. actually I'm a bit busy at the moment, ask me later," I stated totally seriously, but silently enough. Honestly, I was even hoping for him not to hear that.

However, he did and cast a look at me. At the beginning it was as serious as mine, but then it turned into a smile and we just burst out laughing. Amid the essay writing, in front of our whole group.
Oh, god.

The teacher, who was our form master at the same time, looked at us disapprovingly.
"I think I should part that company over there. Your atmosphere is way too funny,"
"No," we half-yelled.
He shook his head once more. "Just keep quiet and stop disturbing the others,"


Are you kidding me or what? Why would I always finish at the same time as he does?
But Zack wasn't in our group and Cyle'd finished writing that freaking essay as well - not that the essay was guilty of anything -, and, after all, a year has passed since my blog and I wouldn't even care actually if someone started whispering, so I just stood up after the guys, handed in my work and skipped after them.

Strangely, both of the guys were in mood of talking to me that day, so we'd talk non stop while going to the cloakroom.
"You coming to the beach?" Cyle asked.
I nodded my head eagerly and was about to say: "How could I decline that superb event of ours?", when it occurred to me that it'd sound a bit too desperate. Instead, I said: "Of course, it surely will be awesome,", which was milder version of what I wanted to say at first.

I saw an amused smile appearing on Cyle's face and over his shoulder I saw the same smirk playing on Jason's lips.
"Trust me, it will be fun," Cyle assured me and I wondered what he had come up with.

"Ready, dude?" he asked Jason and after his nodding turned to face me again. "You're heading to the same bus stop that we are, aren't you?"
I nodded and before I could do anything - whatever I was to -, I found myself hanging on Cyle's shoulder, upside down.

"Hey!" I hit him slightly on the back but he pretended not to notice it.
I boosted up my upper body so I wouldn't have to gaze at garments, crawling out of young man's jeans, nor be situated in the epicenter of Hugo Boss toilet water - because, trust me, Cyle most likely poured half of the bottle on himself every morning.

My eyes flitted on Jason, who stood a couple of meters afar. At first he was surprised, but after a moment he was laughing.
No jealousy at all, really?
"Hey-ho, let's go," Cyle said over his shoulder to Jason and started walking as if I didn't weight more than a handful of bay.

We passed by the supervisor lady, who gaped at us, but didn't say anything.
On the streets, people would send us these same astonished looks, but not say anything 'cept for one senior lady, who looked at guys sharply and asked: "You're not planning on raping that girl, are you?"

For my surprise, Cyle answered: "Of course not, you gotta respect women's wishes," and I could've bet I heard Jason muttering by my side - oh right, why would he be at that Cyle's side where I was? -: "Unless she wants it..."
Maybe he has his naughty side as well?

I guess it would have been a very interesting experience to drive with them to the beach, as in addition Cyle promised to give me a piggy back ride - whereas to mu question "Maybe you'll carry me on your back?" he answered he wouldn't have that good view then, and, thank god if he exists, I had jeans -, but then I had to be in underwear on the beach, not that it was that bad thing.

Cyle put me down only when the bus came, and straightly on the steps. I can say we must have been a very spectacular sight.


"For God's sake, Caroline!" my mother cried as I stormed by her. "Are you being late to somewhere?"
"We're going on the beach!" I shouted in response, rummaging through my wardrobe desperately.
"Okay, how was the essay?"
"Good," I responded and sighed happily when found the desired dress. It was rose colored chiffon dress that suited finely for going to the beach.

I also found my bikinis and longer top as the dress was quite see-through and I didn't want to shock Jason that much. I still remembered all too well his previous reaction.
Oh right, I am weird. He's told me that, too. That I remember such things. That I remember all the things that are related to him. But it just is that way.


It was fun at the beach. Analeigh and Alasia taught me how to play volleyball. Which meant as soon as I hit, it either flew in the bushes or .. hit someone's head from our crowd. Obviously I impressed everyone with my skills.

At the end we wore down and laid down to sunbathe. It was nice to forget everyday (school)problems and just spend time with your classmates in free atmosphere. It was always like that, that as we socialized outside school, we became closer. And that time literally.

As the evening approached, everyone'd pulled the blankets closer and one moment I realized how close Jake was and I had no idea what he was about to do or what I should do. I mean, he was my crush after all! I sat there, cross-legged, and his hands patted the sand just 10 cm from my feet.

I looked aside and there 10 cm afar was Jason.
Has my dream come true and I have been left on the deserted island with my two crushes?
But no, that was not true as the beach was full of people and our own classmates were here as well as us. They just weren't that .. close.

Jason moved on the sand, so without counting Sofia a circle formed. Jake was still laying on his stomach in front of me, patting the sand - did he plan doing sand cakes? - and looked at me.
I saw Jason fumbling in the sand and I just was to ask him whether I can join him in building a sand castle, when I saw what exactly had he rummaged out.

Not that I was entomophobic ..but I didn't like contact of these gross legs - or whatever they are called - with my skin. All my hair would raise just at mention of that.
I didn't start screaming, observing Jason's game with that creature. I tried to figure out what he plans to do with it..

I had to hold back laughter and enlarging grin as Jake was still very interested in my face.
Jason held the insect slightly on his palm - just seeing how it floundered its legs caused goosebumps on my skin - and .. put it on Jake's back. Yup, you heard right.

For the first seconds Jake kept observing me and I kept my poker face on, though Jason was eyeing me now as well.
The insect on the lad's back came back to life and started struggling, so Jake didn't smile anymore but turned his head and fumbled his back.

Through laughing I noticed Cyle's eyes, which observed Jason. They had some ambigous glimmer in, which made my laughing come to an abrupt halt.
I never got answer to the question "Could he know?", because even though I thought Cyle wasn't exactly the best person, it turned out he had enough discretion not to stick his nose in other people's private life.

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