SL #51: My wolf cubs

Okay, that's .. interesting. It's slowly becoming a habit that we are in one place at one time. Just so cute. Pull yourself together, Caro, you can do it. I mean, you two spent together the whole day, which can be considered as a date.

It was totally fathomless how he could make me feel that way. That I lost myself. That every time I talked to him felt like the first time. That...
"Oh, hey, Caro," I heard Ian's voice behind and turned around. I wasn't completely sure whether I was thankful to or mad at him because he ruined another - btw, which time it would be? - chance to be and talk with Jason alone.

Ian put his hand on my upper back and pushed towards Jason,"
"Let's go and say hi to him too, or else he's standing there like Death, our Mr. Lockwood,"
And so it went. When there was something else, that I-can't-speak-to-him-like-a-normal-person-would attitude was gone. In the meantime, the guys approached and the bus, which had to start our three days journey, arrived soon too.

We got inside and took the seats in the back - so we wouldn't annoy others that much. Jason was the only one from boys who sat alone, but I couldn't convince myself that on the spot that it would be normal to sit next to him. Besides, he was already in a deep conversation with guys, so I decided not to butt in. Instead, I tossed myself on the chairs in front of Jason.

For the first three-fourths of hour, nothing interesting happened: guys would discuss their things and I listen to music. Then they started playing "Contact" - which ended with whole bus shooting daggers at us because of our yelling, because when guys shouted: "Contact!", it was extremely loud.

"Listen, lads, I'm tired of playing," Jason said after a while - for that moment about half an hour had passed. "Go play with Caro, she's not sleeping or anything,"
I pressed hand on my mouth - because of sudden I could laugh very loudly - and giggled like crazy: really, Jason? Play with Caro?! You know, how bad does it sound, right?
I dropped my feet over the seat and peered at the guys. I kept the grin on my face and shook my head, laughing.

They looked at me understandably - I can imagine the scene: the lads are minding their business and then suddenly, totally randomly, their classmate would turn to face them and laugh like crazy (not even laugh, but suppresses her  laugh, so it looks very retarded). Very normal human being. Then again .. since when I am normal? - and only then understood Jason's words. The others had another reason to glare at us disapprovingly.


"Oh my god," I muttered after getting my bundle and stretching myself while looking around. I've never been in Apollo Bay before and the beauty of that town managed to surprise me. Actually, the whole Australian coast was very beautiful: ocean and sand. Paradise.
"And now what?" the guys demanded after the bus had driven away. The sun dazzled and I by myself wouldn't be against getting somewhere by the water or just cooler place.
"In a second, in a second," I calmed them down and looked for my phone.

"Heyhey, we're on the beach. You just arrived?" Alasia's cheerful voice filled the handset.
"Yea, Alasia, we're here already. I think we'll cut through the shop," The boys shook their heads. "Or not,"
"Anyways, you're near the shop, right? Pass by it, then walk on the left side of the pavement till you reach the houses - it's quite impossible to get lost there. Then you turn to the right and keep walking for a long time as well. House number is 10, a green house. Give me a call later,"

"Okaay," I lingered the words and sent an ensuring look to the guys, who followed my movements, holding their breath. Quite creepy, must say. "Well then, bye, see ya later,"
"Bye! Wait, Analeigh, what the hell are you..?" Alasia spoke quickly and ended the call.
I stuffed the phone in the pocked and turned to my companions, explaining our way.

I walked before, they following me like cubs - and please don't you think I actually think of them in a bad way. It's just that, had I said "like a duck mom", then, excuse me, no me likey. 'Specially as there has been so much talking of these duckface girls. Pups, on the other hand, doesn't sound offensive at tall. Imagine: my cubs, mm .. okay, shit just got weird, sorry.

"How do you expect we get inside?" Ed asked as we'd reached Alasia's house.
I shrugged. "We break in?" I offered, looking for my phone and dialing one's of my best friends number to find out what we would do next.

"You here?" Alasia asked without introduction.
"Um, yea .. how will we get inside?" I asked, watching the boys amusingly: they stretched their tired muscles and made plans about how and where to put up tents.
"Are the guys around?"
I nodded and then realized I was on phone. I facepalmed myself mentally and walked away, taking seat on the stairs behind the house. "Not anymore, talk,"

"Anyway, you see the shed over there?" I looked around. "Well, you go there," I did as she asked. "Search in the second room under the bucket. "Found?"
"Mhm," I muttered looking around.
"Is anybody around? I don't want for them to notice,"
"Nope, they're playing with each other outside,"

"Playing with each other? Cute. Well, anyways, put the key on its place later, when you start moving and don't forget to lock the door,"
"Okey-dokey, see you,"

I walked out the cool room into the blazing sun and used my hand as a sunscreen.
"Oh, sweetie, look what I have here?" I yelled to the boys, who were unfolding the tents, and whisked the keys on my finger.
They left the things on the ground and stormed to me as I opened the door. We took our stuff and moved inside.

"So, where to?" Ian asked.
I looked around the stranger house. "Well, the bathroom is here," I opened the door to the aforementioned room knowingly just because I saw the sauna and the showers from the outside. "Here's the living room," I said moving forward. "The kitchen. And there are bedrooms upstairs," It isn't hard to play Miss Know-It-All when you're a step ahead of them .
"Let's put the drinks in the fridge, tents up and adios, there's no time to waste time," I turned to my "crew".

"Okay," they muttered and we did what I suggested.
We left the bags in the anteroom and guys began putting up the tents. I sat down on the stairs and watched their work.
"Hey, it's madly warm. Maybe we'll finish in the evening?" Jason suggested after about fifteen minutes when they were done with the wrestling with the tent sets.

I lifted my eyes from the Angry Birds game. "Fine with me," I smirked at their faces.
"Yea right, Caro, you aren't doing anything useful," Jason grumbled, though he was smirking. The smirk made me wanna say: "Make me,", but as there were too many people that didn't have to know about me and him I left the idea.

I stood up. "Okay, let's go then, we have to get something to eat anyway,"
The lads hid their tents in the shed and looked at me. I took my wallet from the bag I left inside and waited by the door for guys, who did the same. I locked the door and ordered them to wait for me in front of the house as I needed to hide the key.

"Anyone been in Apollo Bay before?" I asked as I had no idea where we could go to eat.
"We may go to Bayleaf Cafe," Ed suggested.
"No, we're not going to any cafe," Ian quetched. "There's no normal food!"
"Okay," Ed said, slightly surprised at Ian's caviling tone. "Beacon Point?"

"No! Not restaurant either ," said Jason from the other side of me. "We gotta wait there there for like gazillion years,"
I rolled my eyes and sent a longing look at Wickens Provedore &Deli, where they offered scrumptious pastry. "Maybe you'll fight over that," I gnarled under my nose.

We wandered around Apollo Bay city center for about two hours. No, seriously. The guys still couldn't make up their minds about what and where they wanna eat: either in the cafe or restaurant. They'd divided into two groups that couldn't come to an agreement.
Their another argument - which was about if we want pizza or not - was cut short by my phone. 'Twas Cassie.

"Hey, sweetheart," I chirped in the phone, happy for having a little variance in that pointless argument.
"Well, I got here. Alasia said you're moving around somewhere. Where are you now?"
"Um...," I lingered and noticed that guys' attention were once again switched from eatery to me. "Right now we're in the city center. Skenes Creec Road,"

"Where the Bacon Point is, isn't it?"
"I mean, I can come with my bags there, we're heading to the beach afterwards anyway?"
"Yeah, if following the plan. Will you find your way here?"

"Well .. wait, did you come to a conclusion where will you go to eat?"
"No. I'll tell you later," I said, annoyed.
"Uh .. okay?" Cassie's voice raised from not knowing why I was being moody. "Meet you next to Cafe 153?"
"Wait a sec," I put my phone on my shoulder and looked at the guys gravely. "Is Cafe 153 okay? Or we'll have round 128?"

"Yeah! It's such a nice place," Ian came to life and Jason nodded along.
I gave them a death glare. You serious?  Because of two of you we spent two hours wandering around the city and now you come out with a nice eatery? Really?! I shook off mean comments and concentrated on Cassie. "You heard? They're agreed,"
"Okey-dokey, perfect. See you after fifteen minutes,"

"Well, young wolf cubs," I challenged them after saying goodbye to Cassie. "Have you finished fighting and are fine with the place now? But please, maybe we'll go there then? Or you're gonna fight about which way we will take?"
I knew, yes, that I sounded really bitchy - even if I didn't plan that - and that they may not like it, but when I heard them giggling, I understood that sometimes they're fine with that order, too.

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