MNLS #52: Boys...

I tapped my foot impatiently at the ground.
Seriously. I'm taking back all the words about girls' slowness. If any guy will ever say something about girls, that they get ready for too long, I'm gonna kick him with a baseball bat. For real.

If before they were fighting about where we go to eat, now the guys took a major time till they decided what they wanna eat. I kept rearranging the bag on my shoulder as it was heavy and chafed my shoulder considering the time I had to wait. I was to go and take seats when I realized they had already ordered and were heading to the seats.
I shook my head half-angrily. Thanks for telling me.

"What can I get for you?" the waitress asked.
"Eh...," My eyes darted at the clock and I realized I had lastly eaten 6 hours ago, but thanks to the guys' indecision I've lost my appetite. I eyed the counter table. "One cheesecake, please. And lemon Nestea,"
I got my "food" and moved to the guys.

Is it some kind of conspiracy..? Like really? Why does my life resemble movies more and more with every day? Or a soap opera. Okay, whatever.
I wished guys bon appetit, leaving my belongings by the chair and landing on the only spare place, which - you can assume - was by Jason's. Totally mindblown, isn't it? I don't even try anymore and it just keeps happening.

"Tryina be different?"
"Not taking full meal,"
I rolled my eyes. "I'm not hungry,"

"And Nestea?"
"What's wrong with that?"
"It's lemon. We all have peach,"
Like are you serious?! What's wrong with you? It's not even funny. "You're weird," I pointed out tho my lips were curled into a smile.

The truth is, it was fun to spend time with guys. Of course I did love my girl friends, but the thing with the girls was you mostly talk about guys and gossip about others whereas with guys .. well, you can enjoy dirty jokes or cars or computer games .. it's varied, you know.

"Cassie, sweetheart," I chirped seeing the approach of familiar figure. I stormed to hug her - the habit we had with girls - and she whispered in my ear: "You keep fulfilling your dreams,"
"I stopped trying - it just .. happens," I told her quietly before dropping on my loved seat. I grabbed a chair from the table that was next to ours. "Want something to eat?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "Nah, I'll pass,"
I drew my attention back at the table and..."Seriously, guys?"
We glared at the "construction" boys had made: they had taken all the bottles and glasses and put them one on the other.
"What if it falls over?" Cassie asked and pointed her finger at the construction.
They smiled smugly. "Nothing here falls over,"

When we were done with the food .. another a couple of hours had passed. I opened my mouth to say we should start moving, but was interrupted by my phone ringing.
"Um, yea?" I faked a serious voice.
"Caro .. where the hell are you?" Alasia's voice wasn't exactly angry, but she was very .. worried, I'd even say.

"Café 153,"
"You had to be on the beach 3 hours ago, didn't you?"
"Yeah," I said seriously and gave guys a look. "But some people here are not able to decide what they want,"

You'd think guys pulled on faces like "we're so sorry"? Surely not. Their faces were blossoming in smiles - they were so pleased with themselves. I only shook my head.
"I guess we aren't coming today. It's 6 PM,"
"Eh .. I guess? I think we'll be there before you, we're starting moving now,"

"Okay, I dunno whether we do. I think we do. Has anyone else arrived by the time?"
"Yup, Cyle and Joe are there. Arrived about half an hour ago,"
"Okay. But hey, see ya then. We're starting to move,"
"Sure, bye,"

I chirped a "bye" in response and ended the call. "So. Let's start moving, huh? We need some meat, right?"
"We?" For my surprise, it was Cassie and not not any of the guys.
I tilted my head. "We'll buy a bigger packet, right?" I smiled wildly as the guys nodded. "But if you're ready, let's go,"


For god's sake. No. No, no, no. Please don't tell me what I think it is. Please don't tell me they are...
But it was true. Universe doesn't listen to your "no". You only have to say positive things. Otherwise it will happen. We reached the house before the beach company and I would have been very happy if .. Cyle and Joe hadn't been so stoned.

And you know what? I of course decided a long time ago for myself that won't do drugs, but, people, come to your sense and don't do that! You can't even imagine how awful it can be...

They were acting like pigs. While Joe was a bit more normal, Cyle .. Cyle was very far away. He'd burp, patted himself like some kind of animal - it would be too impolite to say monkey, but it was like that - and just .. look, I liked Cyle and Joe. They were cool people who would always entertain our class. However, I've never seen that side of them, and what I saw now shocked me.

The lads had settled up their tents and I let them put up the ping-pong table - they needed to be "entertained" after all. I by myself was planning on playing , but decided not to fight with Cyle and Joe as it was pretty pointless. Instead, I showed Cassie where to put her stuff and just walked around, looking for what I can do.

I had opened my cider and leaned on the garden table beside Jason and Ian.
"Why would they play for so long..?" Jason muttered under his nose.
"Try to tell them that," I said comfortingly.
"It's terrible," he said.

"Yeah," I simply agreed. "I don't understand why they do it while it's so gross,"
"People are just like that, you know. They think while they're young, nothing bad will happen. That they can try everything. That they have to try everything,"
I looked at the field with disgust and decided it's worth a go. A plan had formed in my head.

"Cyle?" I tried for the second time, coming closer.
He looked at me with unfocused eyes. "Caro, dear,"
I smiled at him. "You wanna give me the racket? I'd like to play, too,"
And for my big surprise it worked the second time. He handed me the thing and beckoned at the Joe to bring me another one, too.
Wow. Now that was an easy one.

I searched for Jason with my eyes from the place we were before, but only Ian was there. I furrowed my eyes and looked around.
Ah, there you are, sweetheart. "Jason?" I called out at the guy, who was exploring the garden. He looked at me and I beckoned at him with the rackets. "Wanna play?" I smiled at him invitingly, the heart bumping rapidly. Tho, for my surprise, the Universe happened to be gracious.
"Oh, super, how did you manage to get them? You've got a talent, girl,"

And you know how fun it was? To play badminton with your loved one - you laugh and spend time together and everything's so good adn ...
"Oh my god!" I squealed, getting stuck in Josh's tent strings and flying on the whole caboodle.
How beautiful blue evening sky, was a sudden thought in my head as I laid there on my back for some seconds. I was sure I hadn't broken everything, I wasn't even hurting. It was a pretty funny situation even.

"You alive there?" I heard Jason's voice from somewhere afar.
So caring. "Depends on whether you're talking about me or Josh's tent,"
His face hovered over me. Ohmygosh. "I'd more worry about you,"
I smiled at him sarcastically. Sure, of course, dear.

I blinked quizzically at his stretched out hand.
Really? He'd do that?
I held out my hand and he pulled me on my feet.
"Oh, calmly," he said and his hands tightened around my back as I grabbed my head, feeling slightly dizzy. It was from a sudden uplift.

"You 'kay?" he asked with care and I looked at him. Into his warm brown eyes and then my eyes darted at his lips, so lush and inviting, and...
"Caro?" I heard someone calling my name from distance, tho Jason was in a handre.. I mean, he literally was in my arms.

"Ah?" I asked after another wave of dizziness, which hadn't now anything to do with standing up. "Yeah, I'm okay,"
He smiled at me foxily. "You sure?"
Hmm, id I say "no", will you bring me to the bed? Rather no, you're Jason after all. "Kinda. Look! Could someone that wasn't okay do this?" I twirled around the garden.

"I guess not," he said and looked at me thoughtfully. "Wanna play more?"
I glared at the racket and had an urge to just throw it over my shoulder on the ground. But I was a polite girl.
Yeah, was.

I shook my head. "Enough. Besides, everyone else is here already. We should start grilling,"
Jason smiled at me. "Yeah, we should get something to eat,"

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