SL #54: Let's call it the War

We kept staring at each other intimately without neither of us taking any step further. I don't know, it .. most likely we just needed the right moment.

"You know, I'm cold," Jason rubbed his arms and peeked at me. "Aren't you cold?" He pointed at my thin hoody.
I pouted. "Should I be?"
He laughed. "I guess not then. But I'd rather we went inside,"

To stay and admire fantastic lake alone at night or follow love of your life inside? Yeah, sure, everyone'd choose the first one.
He stretched out his hand and, once again, I glared at it with surprise.
Apollo Bay really has changed him. "Anybody can be good in the country. There are no temptations there." Nonetheless, I knew it could be because Zack wasn't there. When Zack was missing, he was always different. Always more .. human.

"Thanks," I said sincerely and smiled with a hope he'd see that in the dark.
In response, I saw his bright teeth flashing, so it was likely he saw.
As we were gone, everyone had fallen asleep. Seriously, that is weird. I was thinking they were gonna party till the dawn or something. It was only two AM and the surroundings were already silent.

"Come, I wanna show you something," Jason murmured.
My eyes flitted quickly at my hand that was now in Jason's tight grip.
What the..?
He ignored my irresolution - that's if he even noticed - and guided me behind himself to Alasia's brother room. Strangely, no one was sleeping there.

Jason sat on the sofa and patted the seat next to him.
I raised my brow with surprise, but he was busy with the IPad, which he'd taken from the table.
I pulled on leg under me and wondered, what he searched in the tablet.
"You serious?" I asked, half-disappointed, pushing down the wish to roll my eyes.

There was "League of Legends", shortly LOL, on the screen - the game our boys had been always playing and discussing lately. For real, by then I'd heard about it from everywhere.
"Look, it's awesome,"
Something human-like in the armor and with the sword slayed some monsters and moved further. Jason moved the IPad and the creature - the chances are, it was most probably a human  - changed its direction.
I tilted my head to show my "interest".

Actually, I liked computer games. For really, I did. I remember time when I was smaller, I had a bunch of different was games, which I always played. Seriously - they're so awesome! My personal favourite was "Warcraft II". I was some kind of a tomboyI loved climbing on the trees and play boys games: guns, bows, police, etc. C'mon, just just Barbies are not enough, admit it!

But why I didn't show any enthusiasm at the moment was probably 'cause I hadn't faced the game before and couldn't figure out what to do. Look, guys have that kind of thing that when they're way into the game, it's really hard to get them back in the real world. Besides, if they're really busy in there, they are not eager to bother themselves with an explanation, so you gotta figure it out all by yourself. And how could I do that if IPad was in Jason's hands?

Speaking of the devil. I was lost in my thoughts, however, I felt young man's eyes on me and after a moment he'd turned off the IPad and put it aside.
"You don't like it?"
I pouted my lips with a smile.
"C'mon, it's so cool!"
I gave him oh-really look. "Guys,"

"Girls," he mimicked me.
"Nah, I actually totally like computer games, really,"
"I see," he said and looked at me thoughtfully.
And then I told him. Told about how long time ago, once upon a time, I was such a big computer games fan.

"Warcraft II? Really?" He smirked. "But it's like, ancient,"
"Year 1996," I showed him my knowledge.
He smirked at that. "You wanna see the third part?"
I smiled as wide as I could and nodded enthusiastically. "With big pleasure,"
Jason opened IPad again and that time I saw familiar, yet renewed pictures on the screen.
"Here' much cooler stuff," The guy explained. "Some races have been added, for instance,"

I looked at him with awe. Like I said: guys don't bother to explain if they're in the game and they have "mega important battle" to fight. But if you ask politely and show that you don't understand anything at all, they're eager to help you.
A night with Warcraft. Should be fun.


From distance I heard fizzing sound and furrowed my brows.
What fairy party is in my bedroom?
Surface beneath me moved and I opened my eyes suddenly.
Wait, what?

My first reaction was to jump off the sofa. That's what I did, but then the whole picture kicked in.
Alasia and Cassie giggling. Confused me amid the room. And sleepy Jason, who continued to sleep calmly.
May I repeat myself? Wait, what?!

Cassie put her hand in front of her mouth and coughed. "I'm pretty sure you had pleasant night, sunshine,"
I turned around slowly, just like in the movies, to face her. Sunshine? Ah? What?
Someone flicked their fingers in front of my face and I focused my gaze back there. That was Alasia.
"Sweetie? You okay?" the girl asked and watched my face.

The mind slowly drifted back and I understood what, who, where and with whom.
"You aren't gonna tell me I just .. spent a night in his embrace, are you? Or more like on him?" I pointed my finger fearfully at the sniffing guy, who'd turned his back at us.
Girls faced changed from troubled to secretive.

"We were hoping you would tell us,"
"Oh," The word slipped over my lips and I wasn't sure whether I should be happy or scared.
Alasia motioned for us to follow her. That was a good idea, considering I had no idea how fast asleep Jason was.

"So," Cassie began, when we were in harmless distance. "How did that happen and why don't we yet know anything?" She peeked at Alasia and they winked at me.
"Because it .. we .. I dunno," I laughed nervously "We were just playing Warcraft last night and then .. next moment you giggle in our room and all,"
"Ah, you're boring, Caro. We want details,"

"Well, listen. There are that kind of glowworms, whose colors you can change. And the trees move around and can punch the enemies. Moreover, the warriors are all female and really sexy. The undead are pretty cool, too. Thought, well, some are really nasty, as they're made of different body parts. Not very nice. Humans and orcs have changed too. They have.."

"Caroline," Alasia gave me a serious look. "You make no sense. What the hell are you talking about?"
"You wanted details and I'm telling you details,"
"Details .. oh. You're such an addlehead in the morning,"
"Yep, I need coffee," I stated, rejoicing secretly that I don't have to explain the situation at least right now.

"Let's make some then," Alasia said in all hostess voice and I could hear her bustling in the kitchen.
Before Cassie could make any comments, I jumped back in the little corridor and flitted upstairs.
And immediately bumped into Jason.

"Mornin'," I muttered, half-shocked. I hadn't thought I could see him right then and there.
"Morning," he answered still sleepily and tousled his hair. Having finished that, he shook his head to fix his "hairstyle". Looked wildly sexy.

"You disappeared," He continued without waiting for my next comment, which had no intention to form.
"Eh .. you don't wanna know," I smiled sheepishly.
He studied my face. "I wouldn't ask if I didn't,"
"Let's say you want coffee first,"

"Yay," I grimaced a smile at him and asked to follow me.

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