MNLS/SL #56: Come and Get It

"Gee, don't splash at me!"
I stopped immediately and gave the guy a look. "Maybe you gonna run and tell mommy?"
He glared at me.

I narrowed my eyes and readied myself for a new wave. Because since when abide by the rules? "It's just water, J,"
"I've got lenses," He stated seriously.
Whatevs. "Okay," I raised my hands in surrender. "Be like that then. Fine," I crossed hands on my chest and gave him my best glare.

"Really, Caro?"
I turned at Ian with surprise, raising my brows.
"You're gonna?" He smirked with challenge.
Ogh, how I loved Ian. He was so cute and so caring! And for sure he was a feeling person. I mean, in his case you didn't have to doubt as about some people here...

Water filled my mouth so a scream didn't follow as I was dragged in the depth of the lake.
"You fucking bastard!" I screeched as I emerged. I whipped my hair back. Can imagine it didn't exactly look like in the advertisements.

"And you!" I flicked my finger at Ian, who was still laughing with Jason.
Still, I couldn't hold back laugh nor a smile - guys will be forever guys and I'll still forever choose them over girls. I've counted more than enough reasons.

"You know what, people, I'm gonna drown you right here, right now with all your lenses and stuff," I said dead serious and submerged.
I had a genius plan going on in my head but I feared whether I was crossing the line or not.
YOLO, I thought then. We live only once. Let my life be once an American teenage movie then.

"You didn't,"
Two boys looked at with dead serious, but not totally angry glares.
Not totally angry.. But c'mon, it was fair enough. I mean, prank vs prank. Fair deal.
"You just didn't do it,"
"What did you do?" Analeigh butted in.

I've noticed a couple of minute ago already that girl keeps a track on me, Jason and Ian.
Sure, honey. Took your toys away. So sad.
Jason and Ian exchanged a certain look. Their completely shocked expressions were filled with guile.
Ugh-oh, that's gonna end bad. But oh, it was so worth it.

You wanna know what I did? Wanna really know, what I did? Oh, oh, you're so gonna laugh. I'm not sure whether you have made any bets by now.
Anyways, less words, more action. So what I did. I tore down their swimming pants. Under the water. Lol?
It's pretty nice you can't see clearly down there.. Or, well, I dunno. Wait, what, did I just turn into Michelle? Gosh. Pervert Caro. How fantastic.

"We're doing that,"
"We're so doing that," I heard guys saying and looked at them with slight fear.
What are they about to do? Oh no, no, no, no, not that. Please?

The problem was, I wasn't the best swimmer. I mean, I could keep afloat for a while, but if you asked me to swim longer distance, I'd fail. I just didn't have enough physical strength. I wanted, of course, to be physically strong, but I didn't have enough willpower to make me - Am lazy, I know right.

Anyways. All that thinking made me forget my surroundings. And gave a chance to guys to remove my bra, thank you very much.
"Fuck you," I gnarled under my nose as they happily swam away with my top cover.
I squinted my eyes at them. "At least I let them hang on your legs,"

"Take over from here, J," Ian said and put bikini top on Jason's shoulder.
Holy shit, you kidding? Now this became serious.
"Give them to me," I said, secretly gladdened we weren't in, like, a transparent lake.
"Now this is awkward," He told me and tilted his head.

At that very moment I didn't really feel that it was what-the-hell situation. It didn't feel like I'd spent year and a half waiting for him while he kept sending mixed signals. It was .. the other life. It felt as Apollo Bay wasn't just some other town. It felt like it was some parallel universe where miracles were possible.


When we came back to the shore after a long swim, wet and tired, everyone were surprised we hadn't actually drowned or something. Others would of course, too, go for a swim, but only we spend two hours in the other state. Just the two of us, I mean. Even Ian had got out before us.
Oh yes .. I can already imagine all the juicy details we've given them to gossip about. At least no one knows what actually happened there.
Analeigh? She disappeared somewhere after realizing no one pays her any attention really.

Lying down on the blanket I saw Annetté and Sofia sending us a glance and then exchanging another one between each other.
I remembered how girls had just had a really bad fight just when I came to their class and would not talk till the end of 9th grade. One time, however, there was some really juicy piece of gossip going around, so they were besties again.
Gossip does some magic, doesn't it?

"We were just about to go to eat," Ian informed and smiled at us guilefully.
Oh, Ian..
"How cute," Jason almost cooed. "Did you wait for .. us specifically?"
I can't explain how his voice emphasized "us" exactly. It wasn't bad or anything, it was .. hmm, he, like, tasted the word on his tongue or something? Like how it would sound.
For me, "we" always sounded mysteriously.

"You have to visit Steffani," Alasia said and winked at me.
"Steffani is here?" Jason seemed to be all ears now.
Meh? "Steffani?" I asked curiously. Should I be jealous that Jason knows? LOL, Caro, stop. I shook this stupidity out of my head. Sometimes I can be so silly.

"It's a pizza restaurant. They have, like," Jason made this bellissimo finger movement. "Best pizzas in the world," He finished with muah on his lips.
Wait what. "Um .. okay?"

It seemed that I had shocked Jason with my coldness towards the pizza. He looked at me with squinted eyes. "How dare you, Caro? It's, like, pizza," He made an accent on the word, like it was something magical.
Now please don't get me wrong. It wasn't like I didn't like pizzas, okay. Pizzas were good. But as much as the other foods (I liked)
Oh gosh, now that was so logical.

Anyway, yeah, I didn't really share opinion of tumblrarians and Jason that pizza was life. And no, you can't marry a pizza. Sorry.

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