SL #45: You're an angel, Caro

I shook my head as Jason had, once again, refused to tell me what had actually happened. Even when we were left alone, 'cause I had to fix Jason's appearance.
I watched the lad's eyes opening wide, trying to keep myself from laughing, as he saw the make up tools in my hands.
"What are you to do with that stuff, Caro?"
I gave him an obvious look.

"Oh, no, no, no. You aren't. You won't, you hear me? You can't do that to me,"
I raised a brow and put my hand on hip. "Yes, I admit: it's weird, especially in your case. But there's nothing I can do, my dear. You can't perform like that. Imagine you're a celeb,"
We both ignored the words "my dear".

"I don't want any make up!" Jason stated, whimpering, and pursed his lips.
I didn't even try to keep myself from laughing at his mega cute face expression, and came closer.
"No, please, Caro, anything but that,"
"Oh my god. You're such a cry baby," I said and crouched before him. "I'm not going to make a drag queen out of you."

"To what?" he asked, confused.
I only shook my head, muttering under my nose: "Guys," I took concealer in my hand and followed with a smirk Jason's once again scared face. "Hey, listen, it's just concealer. It's going to cover up your blacks eye and scraped lip,"

He didn't seem exactly convinced and his eyes were still big, looking at my act. I squeezed some  drops around his eyes and carefully, trying not to hurt him, dabbed his face with my fingers. His eyes didn't leave mines even for a second and I uncontrollably thought about "The Last Airbender", when Katara begriming Zuko's face with that water from Spirit Oasis - by the way, let's just cry for another time 'cause they didn't end up together. It was fate's twisted sense of humor that I was actually "healing" the surrounding of his eye and it was left eye as well.

"Am I hurting you?" I murmured, pressing a bit tougher - only a bit -, so that the cream would absorb better.
I noticed he wanted to shook his head, but then he likely remembered I was "fixing" his face and he shortly answered: "Yes,"

When finished with the concealer, I stood up and observed his eye.
"So, if I put some powder on that eye of yours, it will be invisible to others. It's worse with the lip .. I think I gotta put some foundation as well. Have you cleaned the wound?" I asked strictly.
A grin appeared on the boy's face, though, he shook his head.

I raised my brow. "I don't find anything funny here, Mr. Lockwood,"
"You," he said and laughed out loud.
I raised my both brows. "What?"
"When you're trying to be strict and all. Then you're funny," he said and coughed to control his laughter.

I shook my head, not being able to hold back a grin now as well. "You get beaten up and you're still laughing,"
"I didn't get beaten up," his voice sounded offended, but I understood he was only joking.
"Fine, fine, you superhero. Let's continue with your make up,"
"Gosh, why,"

"You successfully managed to survive the first part. Don't you lose your heart now,"
"Easy to say for you,"
"Is not. Because I'm pretty sure you're not a coward,"
"Am not," he agreed.

"Make up is not the worst thing in the world, c'mon,"
"Caro! We gotta perform in like half an hour. Oh..." Cassie's was panicking at first, but grew numb then.
I looked over my shoulder, not standing up. "Hey, Cas,"

"You're spending time interesting way," the gal said matter-of-factly.
"Yeah right, if you call that interesting," Jason said silently, but Cassie managed to hear him.
"Brave, Jason, brave," she said and smiled widely. "I can bet quite a few guys would hang back a lot or even run away,"

"It sounds like I'm cowardly, not brave, though,"
"No, no. It's like you are brave enough to wear make up when the one that lo ..  I mean, feels sympathy towards you makes you to,"
I pulled a face at Cassie.

The girl raised her hands as a sign of giving up and said: "I won't interrupt you anymore," And then she slipped through the door back upstairs.
I smiled at Jason cowardly while turning around, and tried to hide my face with hair that has escaped the ponytail. "Sorry, they are always so .. straight-forward,"

He smiled back at me. "I guess I've got used to it. Whatcha gonna do now?" he changed the topic. Probably for me not to feel awkward in the first place.
Cute. "I actually need some rubbing alcohol or vodka at least. Then the concealer again. But some foundation is also needed to be put on, just in case. And I gotta powder, too."

"Sounds like hell,"
I rolled my eyes. "You better be happy I don't do the whole make up like I was taught in the model agency,"
"You used to go to the model agency?" he asked, interested. At least I think it sounded like that. I mean, he had to be as Jason didn't have such a habit to ask about things if he wasn't really interested.

"Yeah, happened once. Alcohol, alcohol," I repeated then, racking my brains about where the hell should I get the rubbing alcohol at school at 8 PM.
"Em .. I guess someone of the guys has it. It's the party afterwards,"
"That's a good idea. I'll go check for it. You again-" I pointed a finger at her. "-sit there and don't move,"
I stormed up the stairs to the hall, where the event was to begin, and saw Zack standing by the door. I had a thought whether he was glued to the wall as he hadn't moved since Jason'd got back.

Okay, I would have never thought I'll ever do that, but .. it always once the first time, plus it's a special occasion. It's going to be alright, Caro. You've just spent about 15 minutes with "your loved person" in one room AND didn't rape him. Okay, that was really insane. I shook my head to get rid of those weird thoughts. "You're a brave girl, Caro," Jason's once-said words went through my head and I knew I'm gonna make it.

"Zack," I said quietly, approaching him.
He looked at me with a big surprise and I couldn't detect any arrogant smile on his face, as I'd waited for.
I raised on my toes and whispered: "I need some vodka,"

"I thought you're about to make Jason look solid for the show. Are you going to throw a drinking party instead?"
I shook my head. "Jason's wound on the lip need to be disinfected. I don't have any rubbing alcohol around. I only need little,"
"Okay," he said and waved for me to follow him, probably to the wardrobe.

We stopped before his locker and he started rummaging through his sport bag. I looked around, hearing the clatter from his bag. No superfluous ears were needed - nothing could have gone wrong.
"Do you have any towel or anything?" he turned to me, looking around with keen eye.
"What? Ah, yeah," I handed him the cotton pad.

He looked at me with an odd look, but didn't say anything. Only tilted the bottle he had in his eyes and gave the pad, now stinking terrible with the alcohol, back.
"You better be careful for no one to notice,"
"I have only some steps to take," I said, facing up to him and tightening my grip a bit around the pad in case to cover the smell.

I turned to walk back, but a thought occurred to me.
"Thanks," I said over the shoulder and smiled at him.
Zack sent me another weird look and didn't say anything. Only when I'd turned around and run some steps away from him, I think I may have heard him say: "So you really do care about him,".
Although, it may have only been my imagination, that Zack is able to be nice.

I opened the door at a blow and slipped inside.
"You," I breathed to Jason, who stood before the mirror and observed his face. "I ordered you to remain on your place,"
"I got bored,"

"Oh, whatever, sit down now," I commanded and took the vodka-imbued cotton pad between my fingers.
Jason quickly blinked his eyes. "Stinks like a couple of alcoholics,"
"Oh god, you complain more than I do! Shut up now,"

"I better don't ask what you're going to do if I won't, right?"
A large grin appeared on my face as I'd recalled what I had answered to the same question the last time. "Depends,"
And then I was being the med-sister and make-up artist again, doctoring my dearest .. classmate.

I saw him closing his eyes and pressing his teeth together, and said softly: "Sorry. It .. yea, may smart a bit,"
"I can handle that," he answered calmer.
Well, yes, all in all, it was just an easy smart. Couldn't be that bad, only in the beginning. After that I repeated the procedure I'd done to his eyes, adding a bit foundation.

I stuffed the stuff into a small back and took out the powder and the brush.
"That dusk-like thing can do anything?" Jason asked, gobsmacked.
"That's not dusk, silly. It's the powder. And yes, it can do something. You saw yourself before?"
He nodded. "I still have my vision,"

"I recommend you to close your eyes," I stated knowingly and took enough dose of powder on the  brush.
With light strokes I covered his eyes, so no one would notice the damage.
Wonderful. If only the lip would be covered perfectly, too.
However, I couldn't disguise that perfectly.

"I think no one will notice that in the dark. I hope, at least," I stated the fact, as Jason was checking him out in the mirror.
He looked at me. "It's like magic,"
I smirked. "No. It's just the make up,"

"Thank you," he said and my breath got stuck somewhere inside, as he was standing so close when I had come closer.
"You're an angel, Caro, you know that?"
"I'm rather a demon, but thank you,"

Someone knocked on the door.
"Why would they know?" I asked Jason silently.
He shrugged. "Cleaning lady?"
"Hmm. Come in?" I said hesitantly.

Alasia peeked inside and immediately, a sweet smile appeared on her face.
"Love birds, maybe you two can give us some moments, too? The performance is in 15 minutes,"
I tilted my head at Jason. "Let's go show that beautiful face of yours to others as well,"
His deep laugh made me smile and that time I was completely sure we were so gonna make it.

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