OMC #10: Drive

"You're kidding me,""No!" 
"Yes, you are,""C'mon, Jason, why is it weird for you?" 
"You and motorcycles .. do not go together? ""Nah, why not?" 
"Well, maybe because when we had this MSN discussion, then you didn't know almost anything about motorcycles,""Maybe just because this I started studying it?" 
He thought about my words. "But, really?""Well, of course, that was not an immediate desicion ... I wanted a long time to study how to drive a motorcycle, and finally I had the opportunity to learn. " 
"Quite interesting,""Maybe you want to try as well?" 
"I do not know .. in my opinion, the guy should drive his girl, not the other way, ""Ah, this is a typical stereotype. Besides, you have other talents. Think about how well you play the guitar. " 
"Teacher said, I totally miss the mark,""For me, not at all. Moreover, can you play the drums and piano. And although you miss the mark in teacher's opinion, it's perfect for me. " 
"Thanks,""And I'm not mentioning your Esperanto and drawing skills," 
"Since what we're talking about me?""I do not know," I began to laugh. 
* After the party at Alasia's place I had only an hour to get home and then motorcycle course. As Jason didn't know this yet - c'mon, we were dating for only a week - I decided to take him with me. But he couldn't understand how I and motorcycles could fit together. Maybe I'm a tomboy? * 
"Anyways. Tell me about it." he said, turning his head back to the road.
 * Jason was driving the car at the moment as he offered to take me to the place. How sweet from him.*"Well, I started in the summer, apart from working," 
"You went to work?""Yep, Deja Vu Lounge," 
"Interesting,""Very. So. I wanted a long time to drive a motorcycle, but the parents were against it because, you know, after these motorcycle accidents .. there are little chances to  ... stay alive. But we finally got together. Besides, I said that at the beginning I will pay for it by myself, so at least they didn'tt have to worry about that. And so it began. " 
"So now you're really in motochick?""Jason!" kicked him gently on the shoulder, laughing. 
"But you put this signature to your picture on FB,""I know, I know," 
"Here?""Yes, turn right,"
"Well, hello, hello," said my instructor, Mr. Cole."Hello," 

"I see that brought us the spectators," he pointed at Jason."Yes, that's my boyfriend Jason. And this is my instructor, Mr. Cole." 
They shook hands."So." Cole said, "Today you have some practice." 
I nodded lovely. "Yes,""Well, get ready then," 
I went to the locker room, where I put on a jacket, pants, boots and gloves. I put on a helmet just before the drive. 
"Wow," said Jason, when I come out fully dressed, "you look like a Charlie's Angel or something."Cole laughed. "It's kind of he sees you for the first time," 
I blushed. "Well, sure. I want to drive already." Jason gave m a kiss on the cheek, and my lesson could begin.


Caroline's motorcycle

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