OMC #26: @ Jake's place

"Ah, that," Jake grew numb for a moment, but took himself together quickly, "I'm doing our class poster, for that I need everyone's photos."
"But why are is only Caro's picture here?" asked Cassie, who was closest to me, and came to the table, as if to make sure that I'm telling truth.

"I just started to do this and there are some more pictures in the second drawer,"
Cassie sent me should-we-check-it-look. I bit my lip.

"I have a question." Micha said, "Why do the other ones in a drawer and Caro's on the desk?"
"Apparently it remained there when I was cleaning up,"

"Ookay," From her voice I could say she wasn't satisfied with the answer.
"Hey, what are you doing here for so long?" Hannah appeared in the door.

"We're coming," Jake began to move, "aren't we?"
"Mhm," we muttered in response, moving towards the door.

"It is still doubtful, I think," Alasia whispered to me.
I shrugged my shoulders. "I just do not know what to think,"

"It is doubtful," whispered Michelle from the other side.
"Just let's go now," I heard Cassie's whisper from behind.

We skipped down the stairs.
"Do you need help in the kitchen?" Alasia asked immediately, as nothing has happened.

"You could make a biscuit cake,"

Girls went to the kitchen.
"Coming?" Alasia turned to me.

"I'm .. yeah, now, just change a few words with Jason,"
"Heeyy," Jason hugged me.

"Hey, you are here already?"
"I got ready earlier and was told at your home that you already went,"

"You read my thoughts, don't you?"
"It was not that hard to assume what you want to know when see me in here,"

"Well. But I'll go now, I will help in the kitchen,"

I went to the kitchen, to help others.
Cassie and Micha already started making the cake bottom, Alasia and Hannah cut the fruit.

"You can grate the chocolate," Alasia told me.
I grated chocolate, then sprinkled it over the cake. It came out another unique biscuit cake.

"Mm .. you are done already?" I heardJake's voice from behind.
I closed the fridge just to discover that I am alone in the kitchen.

"Where are the others?" I asked, letting the boy's questions unanswered.
He pointed behind him, the girls had taken their places on the couch.

Are they kidding me?
"So are you ready with the cake, as I understand?" Jake repeated the question, moving closer.

I walked slowly around a table, so the table would remain between us - I still hadn't forgotten my dream. Although this is ridiculous - to see 'danger' in every movement, word, situation. "Yes, now it has to harden in the fridge,"

"Understood," said Jake, but his voice contained something that told me to be careful.
We eyed each other for a few minutes across the table.

"In the kitchen," I heard Cassie's increasing voice from the living room.
Uh .. What does this mean now? Oh ...

I returned to the fridge, where a moment I left my drinks. Jake left the kitchen, closing the door, and Jason came inside.
"Hey," I uplifted my Fizz Diamond.

"Bring out one Premium, please,"
"Wow. You just look who drinks." I said, burrowing into the fridge once again.

"Hahaa. As I usually do not drink."
"Though not at the Alasia's,"

"Nah, it was only once,"
"Well," I was about to yell 'catch' , but Jason was already before me, so I was tight between the wall and him.

"I suppose you're better than AleCoq," he attracted.
"Give it a try," I whispered, becoming all crazy from his hyper-sexy voice voice.

I think we spent too much time in the kitchen, because one moment - oh yeah, I lost track of time;) - we heard the steps, so we had to stop. It was Ed, who did not pay any attention to us, though.

I arranged slightly my tousled hair and pulled my shirt lower.
"Come on," Jason put his hand around my waist and we went into the living room.

Meanwhile, some people had joined - Sheena and Brenda, Zack, Alex, Carl, Josh, and most of the Cyle's gang.
We slammed at free sofa - surprise, surprise, there was even one free.

Someone kept this for us, for sure: D
"Look who arrived," said Cassie next to me.

"We were already thinking that you actually won't come back," Michelle joined her.
"Khm, girls, I do not believe that my kitchen is suitable for this much,"

Wait a minute. When did all shut up and began to listen to our private life? I grew numb, sinking deeper into the sofa.

"Well, folks, it's still Jason. He is introvert, so he prefers to .. piddle somewhere separately." Zack just couldn't not to be himself.
This is it. "Certainly, Zack. We are not like .. some people." I wanted to say 'like you', but although knowing that Zack had a girlfriend, I had no evidence they're making out somewhere. Ofc it was too likely.

"What kind of hint it was?" he asked suspiciously.
"Well, you know. We are somewhere alone and don't stick our noses in others' private life." I pursed my lips triumphantly. I couldn't say anything smart in these situations, but I won't let him act with me like this.

Jason squeezed my waist gently - at least he was impressed.
"You know, bro, she says right," replied a voice from somewhere beyond Cyle's voice.

Wow, what the Wheel of Fortune has hit me? Cyle personally approve my saying. Woah.
Zack did not say anything - he remained quiet on the couch, mouth locked.

"How was my kitchen .. from this perspective?"
I seek Jake with my eyes. Then looked at him seriously.
"Quite all right, man. We were very comfortable there." Jason replied for me.

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