OMC #24: Сон

Jake closed the door, as I explored his room. I turned around to ask one thing, but I shut up, just as Jake was standing too close to me. 

"What are you ...?"
 "You can't even imagine, how crazy I am about you," he whispered in my ear. 

""I like you, Caro, and I want you to be my girlfriend," 

"But I have Jason," I argued, even though it was, after all, an all-known fact.
* I mean I wasn't sure what I wanted then. I knew perfectly that I love Jason, but Jake? I liked him, though .. but only as a friend. Now. Plus we had a similar thought .* 

"That doesn't mean anything. We can meet secretly." 
"What? You want to say that I should cheat on Jason?" I won't allow it at all. 

"Why not?" he wondered.
 I pulled him away. "I am not like this," 

He thought about my words for a second. "No, but ..." 
"I love Jason. Jake .. I like you, but as a friend." 

"And nothing more?"
 "Unfortunately, no." I didn't want to continue talking about this topic, even though I knew that I should make it sure. 

I left him there, irresolute. Or rather .. I tried. 
Jake moved to the door too fast, not allowing me to go away. 

"Don't," I breathed heavily because his closeness. In fact, I would rather liked to hiss.
 "Why not?" he asked, coming moving his face closer to mine. Like you are not close enough. He left only one arm, but with the other lifted my chin, that I had to look at him. In the meantime, I turned my eyes down. 

I can do it. "Because I don't want to?" Damn, it sounded a question. Cr .. 
 He took his hands away and took a step back.  "Then I won't." 

WTF? "You just let me go?" I had mu mouth open.
 "Yes," he arranged his long hair. "You don't want me to do, then I won't." He smiled. 

"I didn't think you're like this," I admitted.
 "Like what?" 

"You're in Cyle's gang and .. they wouldn't let it this way,"
 "I socialize  with them. But with others as well. Besides, being in his gang doesn't mean I have to be like one of them. Or what do you think?"
I shrugged shoulders perplexedly. I really do not know. 
"I've told you," the boy shook his head.

 "I was surprised because I just kinda rejected you and you just .. are?" I could not complete the sentence in a different way.
 "I can wait." he said, whereupon I winced slightly, "You are now Jason's girl and I have no right to do anything with you. Men code of honor, right?"

 I nodded doubtfully. "I'll go then?" I showed to the door.
 "Here you go," He kept the door open to me as a true jentleman.

 "Thanks," I quickly moved out of the door.
The party was on it's peak. It was interesting that even the most of Cyle's group was here. Usually, they didn't attend our parties, but assumed it was because one of the members of the group organized a party at his place.

 And they can't even imagine what is actually like.
 "Where were you? I began to worry about already." Jason's strong hands gently tangled around my waist. 

Finally he's here. "I was in the kitchen,"
 Jason sent a glance towards the kitchen, where were Analeigh and Michelle.

 I prayed that I could get there as soon as possible to ask for some cover.
 "Let's sit?" The boy pointed to the free sofa. Well, not quite free, as Hannah was sitting there. 

"I'll go get my drink." I found the excuse to go to the kitchen, "Can I get you anything?"
 "Is there some Nestea?"

 I rolled my eyes slightly. "Damn, you're still boring,"
 "I do not drink today,"

 "Ok," I almost run to the kitchen. 
"Girls?"Analeigh and Michelle looked at me with anticipation.

 "If Jason asks, then I was three-quarters of the last hours in the kitchen,"
 "But you were the ..." Analeigh started, but Micha interrupted her: "Except for the last 15-20 minutes. Where were you?" Her eyes flashed in curiosity and suspicion. 

No. "I've had something to do,"
 "And what is this 'something' that Jason shouldn't know about?"

 "Michelle!" Analeigh exclaimed, "What's wrong with you? She has her personal life." 
"Personal life ... where she was when Jason was not even here? She had to help us in the kitchen. But instead she's just hanging somewhere and we have to lie for her, too," 

"Who needs to lie for whom?" 
I turned around and ...

 "We talked about how girl friends lie to some guy who one of their girlfriends like, so they would start dating," Analeigh tried to save the situation.
 "What?" Jason had a complete WTF-look

"We just wanted to know where Caroline was all this time,"
 "Michelle!" Analeigh hissed quietly at a girl who looked like she enjoyed the whole thing.

 "Wasn't she in the kitchen?" Jason asked steadfastly.
 Phew. I was lucky.

 "Of course she was, Michelle just ..."
 "I never do anything 'just'!" 

I thanked God in my mind that Micha doesn't know anything about Jake. Otherwise, it would be...
 "You didn't tell him, Caro?"

I turned around. "Jake?"
"Tell me what?" Jason joined story, sliding his arm around my waist, showing that I am his. 

In theory. I bit my lip hard, trying to figure out something.
"About what we talked?" Jake glared at Jason's hand as it shouldn't be there.

Didn't I tell him..? 
"What is he talking, Caro?"

 "Caro, honey, who will tell him? Me or you"
 "Jake, I told you, I'm with Jason, we're just friends," 

Jake laughed. "Friends who are holding hands and kissing each other while walking in the forest?"
"What are you talking about, Jake?"

"Don't pretend ignorance, sweetie," 
"Is it true what he says?" Jason took his hand away.

 Oh shit, I really have to do this before all of them? All actually meant only Michelle and Analeigh, but it was quite enough. "No .. well, yes, in some sense," 
"Is it no or yes?"

"We went a few times to the woods - that's all,"
"And of course you don't mention that we date secretly,"***"Angel! Lord, thanks," I sat up briskly, making sure that I'm still safe in my bed, not clarifying relationships with anyone anywhere. 
I obviously think over. Jake and me? C'mon, even if we' have common thinking, he wouldn't date me or anything, because .. he must keep his position.

 Whoa, whoa, what am I thinking about? Why does it sound like I am disappointed that Jake doesn't want me to? OMG, really. This still doesn't change the fact it was too real. Too .. Yes.

I peeked at clock, which showed only eight in the morning. Saturday morning. 

I fell back, but couldn't sleep anymore. I moved my blanket, opened the window, so the room would be a little cooler and went to wash myself up. After washing-up, I made the bed, closed the window and decided to make breakfast for everyone.

 Pancakes with maple syrup seemed to be a good option and, besides, I hadn't cooked for awhile.

"Слёзы не к чему...
Не моя вина,
Что осталась я сегодня одна.
Пусто на душе...
Телефон молчит, повторяю я:он еще позвонит!
Извинишься - прощу... нежно обниму,останься прошу,
Ты мне скажешь люблю.
Почему одна?-задаю вопрос.
Почему ушёл?.. обидно до слёз!!!

Знаю только во сне с тобою будем вдвоём,
если хочешь,иногда я засыпать буду днем.
Знаю только во сне с тобою счастлива я,одену лучшее платье,одену лишь для тебя!!
Знаю только во сне с тобою будем вдвоём,
если хочешь,иногда я засыпать буду днем.
Знаю только во сне с тобою счастлива я,
верю сбудется сон и ты полюбишь меня!

Ветром стану я,
Буду рядом с ним ,
не заметит он,
как станет другим... 
Распахну окно, небо попрошу: ты скажи ему,что я его жду!!
пусть придет ко мне, 
и исчезнет грусть.
Улетим вдвоём... под утро вернусь!
Почему опять - это просто сон?
Почему всегда мои мысли о нём?

Знаю только во сне с тобою будем вдвоём,
если хочешь,иногда я засыпать буду днем.
Знаю только во сне с тобою счастлива я,одену лучшее платье,одену лишь для тебя!!
Знаю только во сне с тобою будем вдвоём,
если хочешь,иногда я засыпать буду днем.
Знаю только во сне с тобою счастлива я,
верю сбудется сон и ты полюбишь меня!"
 "Oh God, Caro, can you not to sing?" my little brother, Dennis, muttered."If you're still going to argue with me, you won't get any pancakes!" 
"You're not Mom!""But I made pancakes," 
He didn't have anything to say against it, and he remained silent.Fortunately. "So, tea?" I decided to spend some time being a good sister. 
"May I go to the living room?"I shrugged my shoulders. "What's that?" 
"Dora the Explorer,"Facepalm. "Oh, okay," 
I gave him his favorite - caramel tea with three spoons of sugar.Oh holy cake, he is about getting diabetes.

 But I could do anything - he loved sugar."See that you won't upset anything," I shouted to him, but he just muttered something in response. Yeah, and you are about being good. 
I sat down to enjoy pancakes and grapefruit smootie. Yes, if I really wanted something, then I did it."Some are really early birds," said the father, as he reached the kitchen. 
"I couldn't sleep anymore,""And you made us breakfast!" 
I shrugged my shoulders."Daphne, you just look, she made us breakfast," 
Mom clapped her hands together theatrically. I rolled my eyes to it, and I continued eating."Today you had a party," began mother. 
"Yes, at Jake's,""Ah, it was this pretty boy with long hair," 
I snorted. "Yes, it was,""I'm not going to bring you home again!" father started to protest. 
"I have a boyfriend, by the way, with the car," He must have forgotten it again."Ah right, yes. Phew, it's good." 
I rolled my eyes again and took dishes in the sink."What time are you gonna go?" asked the mother. 
"About 7-8 we should be there, we're going with Jason,""Okay," I heard as I was already running up the stairs, trying my best not to think about this stupid dreams.

I've never even thought of Jake as ... Who I am lying to?* When I tried to forget Jason, my 'stock option' was Jake. Mainly because I noticed him when he came in our class with others. He was beautiful and .. popular. Although the latter rather bothered me. But he was different from Jason. And then I started dating Jason and socializing with Jake. It was so funny because it just happened. I didn't even have to do anything special for it. Communication with boys was difficult for me, because I never knew what to say. But, it seems that I changed. And
I liked these changes.*

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