OMC #25

I stood perplexedly in front of my huge wardrobe, trying to find something suitable. At first I wanted to put something more revealing, but then I remembered my dream and something inside me said that if I do not want it to happen, I have to dress modestly.

* Btw, I really tried not to think about it all day and keep myself in the action, listening to music, so my thoughts wouldn't slip to Jake and .. this.*

I found light pink tunic,which  revealed a bit my shoulders, and black leggings. I plaited my hair, put on some make-up, a heart necklace and bracelet, and was ready to go. Coat, hat, scarf, boots, door.
I had to go with Jason firstly, but he had something to do, so I went with Cassie, Micha and Alasia.

At least Alasia changes my dream.
Because they lived farther, we got together at my house and then headed to Jake's.
It was all so confusing. Firstly, he almost harasses me and then just let me go, and .. STOP! Damn it, shut up, Caroline!
I turned around nervously. Did I talked to myself?
"Hey, Caro!" Alasia hugged me.
I put hair behind my ear. "Hey, yeah, you are already .. here?"

"Are you okay?" Michelle studied .. considerately. Others noticed my nervousness as well.
"Ah, lay it out," said Cassie.

"This is nothing. Oh, well, my brother got on my nerves again."

Sure they'll believe it.

"Hey, it's pretty close,"
We had reached Jake's house.

"Well, yes. Have we arrived too early?"
"It should have sounded more like: 'Yay, I live next to so hot guy.', not 'Well, yes.'" Said Cassie.

I tilted my head thoughtfully. "It would .. if I wouldn't have been with Jason,"
"O my god, you're so stuck in one guy," said Michelle.

"Please do not use this Aaron's phrase. I have already an allergy to that."
Alasia waved a finger. "No, no, it does not sound like Aaron says. Look, Aaron says: 'O My Gad', but Micha said: 'O my God'."

"The big difference,"

"Actually it is - it didn't sound this funny,"
This time we all laughed, because Aaron really knew how to use that phrase. Say so, that I - and I'm not the only one - have never heard that any of the boys uses it so much and so often :D

The door opened.
"I'll see that you are already having fun here," Jake said, sweetly.

We continued sniggering quietly, all eyes directed towards me.
Uh .. what? "Hey, yeah, we are here to entertain ourselves,"

Jake waved inside. "Good to see you,"
"I suppose, that the party did not start without us, of course, did it?" Cassie studied the corridor.

"Oh yes, we waited for you,"
"So someone is here,"

"Yeah, Aaron, Jason, Hannah, Ed,"
"Jason?" I wondered.

Jake eyed me. "What is it?"
I shook my head. "Nothing,"

Girls were already exploring boy's house.
"You have a beautiful house," I heard Michelle's impressed voice.

"You want the house tour?" Jake asked.
"I ... okay, let's go," I wanted firstly to ask Jason how he got here earlier, but decided to study the house.

We went up first, Jake's brother, sister, parents and the bathroom. Then there was the dressing room.
"And this is my room," he opened the door.

"Wow, you've got a beautiful room," said Alasia.

Room was really nice ... My gaze was dented by a photograph on the table, but I didn't know how to take a look, without others noticing. I just couldn't go randomly to someone's room and immediately begin to finger things. Fortunately, the girls went inside room, as was our custom, when we explored someone's house, and I followed them.

Ten short steps, and I was at the table.
"Eh .. Jake?" I turned myself to the boy, who stood at the door waiting for us.

"Yes?" He raised his eyes from phone.
"Why do you have my picture on the table?" I showed him a picture in black and white - it was from my Facebook.

Immediately, I felt Cassie, Micha, and Alasia's gazes on me.
Cassie was just oh-what-we-got-here-now-face, Alasia looks-like-you-didn't-like-him-without-a-reason, and Micha just looked at Jake suspiciously. And I could not blame her, that she hadn't some special face as .. After all, she knew nothing about my next-previous crush.

* I thought that he was next after Jason, but the previous one, since I was now with Jason .. Okay, it was still confusing.*
And then we all turned our eyes to Jake.

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