OMC #21: New Turn

"Um ..." I wasn't prepared for question like that, "I guess that maybe you will start from the beginning?"
"One morning in August ..."

I understood what was his point. "No, no, I do not think so from the beginning. I guess I also would like to know about .. conception, right. I mean ..." What start I want?
"Naah, I just wanted to tell you my whole life story ..."

"Later." I replied, so I could earn some time. Do I want to hear about his and his girlfriend time together? No. After the break-up? Not quite. Starting from break-up. Yes. "I believe that since the break-up would be  .. nice." I wanted to beat myself. Nice?!

"You know what to choose. You just take on of the most painful period of my life."
"You know, you don't have ..." I started, but because it was Jason's own phrase, he knew perfectly how it ends.

"But I want," he argued.
"Then I'm totally listening," I sat more comfortably.

But he shook his head. "Do you want my work to be bogged down?" He pointed at tasty lasagna.
And who said he can't cook? "But you're gonna escape again. And I promised my mother to be at home by midnight."

"Tomorrow's Saturday," he reminded.
"And Jake's party. Where do I hardly get access to if I will stay longer. I couldn't even get out a whole week. But I told her that we don't have a party every week."

"Yeah... I suppose we will have 4 hours?"
"Something like that,"

"Then we'll eat lasagna now, after that I'll answer your questions later, then sherbet and talking again. And you're home by midnight."
I nodded. "I believe it is,"


"I wouldn't like to talk about my former relationship, because, you know, it's personal after all. Moreover, there is not anything important."
"Why did you take ' a break'?"

"I told you - there are things that girl could disturb,"
"And now I don't?"

"I'm trying to cope with it,"
"So I really don't bother you?"

"No, like I sometime told you .. you're the smallest of my problems."
"Am I the problem?"

"No. Do you want to listen, or we're gonna argue more about who you are to me?"
I stared at the table. In fact, I wanted both, but said nothing.

"I suppose it was the first. So. OMG, I don't know what to tell you. Ask something."
"And if I'll ask the wrong question?"

"I can comfort you by saying that the level of false question have gone down, so you are more likely to ask the right question"
"That's really a good thing. Okay, okay." Jason's look told me that there's no point in spending this little time we have. "What are these things that I may disturb?"

I raised my brow.

Jason shook his head. "You don't get it,"
"Jason." I did not like the way he talked. "Wait a minute. I still haven't asked where you are working and what is your profession?"

"Courier," was the short answer.
I had a weird feeling inside. Like some kind of deja vu or something. I ignored it. "Still, how can I bother you about your work?"

Jason looked at me very gravely. "I work part-time, and thus get less money,"

"But it's best that I can afford now. Besides," he pulled me closer, "I have you and it's much better than I should be working the whole time and without you."
"Aww," I said, and he kissed my forehead.

"You want to know something else?"
"What's wrong with Zack?"

"Again this .. I told you to ask yourself from him. I can't read his thoughts, after all."
"But you're his friend, his best friend. Why does he do that to you?"

"I'm not his best friend. And he's not mine. We're just friends. And why does he? Well, I do not know - maybe he doesn't have his own woman, so he has to do sth with you."
"To do sth with me?"

"You understood, after all,"
"Yep, I did. But still. I don't know, it seems so strange to me."

"Haven't you thought, for example, that ..." Jason grew numb.
"What?" I was intrigued.

"Well, I'm not quite sure what will you think about it,"
"Tell me. I want you to know the end."

"Okay. Have you ever thought that Zack acts like this because .. because he likes you?"

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