OMC #22: You must be kidding me, right?

"No, definitely not. No!"
"Why not, Caro, look at yourself and say if you are not worth boys' attention?"

"Did you know that if I even get boys' attention, then only remove the ugly boys? Except you, of course."
"Ugly? "

"Yes. As you see them, then you will understand. Actually you have seen some of them."

"Aidan, Toby, Spencer"
He nodded after each name, as if he pictured them and rated. "You my poor girl ... But it doesn't change the fact that Zack may like you .. or is he ugly as well?"

"Michelle thinks about him better than I, I'd say. I don't like him much."
"And we all know why,"

"You're talking like Cassie,"
"Familiar, however. In some way."

"So you know?"
"That my mother and her aunt are girl friends? Yes, we have once met on a meeting."

"I don't remember, they had some girl friends get-together,"

"Right, yeah, Cassie told me. But still. Me and Zack? It's not possible."
"Don't cross it out .. even though he hardly has chances,"

"Yes, I don't like him,"
"This, too, but I wouldn't give you to him,"

"Am I a commodity or something?"
"I thought ..."

"I know, I just fooled,"
"Oh, you!"

"Don't, don't!" I laughed, as he began to tickle me.
I tumbled on the couch next to him, because I'm terribly afraid of tickling. Suddenly his face was very close.

"You can't escape easily," I said, after a long, long kiss.
"Nah, I had already this hope,"

"You've always hoped for this. And in fact, you have won."
"You haven't been able to repress you curiosity completely,"

"No, I'm not this good at it yet ... is it now necessary?"
"I would not say that you have asked wrong or unnecessary questions,"

"So I may continue?"
"I thought your questions have stopped,"

"No, I'm just not sure if they are right to ask,"
"Why not?"

"Because I do not think that you remember our conversations ... do you?"
Jason had a big grin on his face. "If you want to say that only girls can remember everything that guys have ever said to them, then you're wrong. I remember very well everything that we've ever talked about."


"Wow. I would have never thought."
"Because I'm a boy?"

"Because you're Jason,"
"It sounds like some kind of an insult,"

"No. It sounds like a lifestyle."
Jason's hollow laugh filled room. "Maybe,"

"Do you want sherbet?"

"You're really asking that?" I leaned on my elbows, to climb off the couch.
His hands on my waist didn't let me go. "Where now?"

"Shouldn't you bring the sherbet?"
"That's why I'm asking,"

"I need to go to the bathroom,"
"Okay," He kissed me on the cheek once again, releasing my waist.

I headed to the bathroom while he went to the kitchen for our dessert.
The light flashed threateningly, and then went out.


The roof. At first glance I thought I am in a completely unfamiliar place. But then I understood.
In Melbourne.

I have been there for a couple of times - Melbourne is very beautiful.
But why am I here? And wasn't I just in the bathroom at Jason's.

Suddenly, it became clearer. I'm at the top of the Crown Casino ... Wait, what?
The problem is that I'm afraid of heights at times. At times, because the roof of a house is okay to be normal, but .. Crown Casino was too much.


I kept breathing deeply, leaning on the bathroom wall.
The light was back. "Jason?"

His face was puzzled and worried. "You screamed and I ..." He made a waved his hands in indefinitely way.
"I .. screamed?" I really didn't remember anything about screaming.

"What happened?"
I told him, as someone had done it for me - my voice was so sure. "Something will happen. We have to keep off the height."

"What?" Jason's facial expression was still confused and scared.
"I have to .. sit down,"

He took me up bridal stile without further questions and took me to the living room. Lemon sherbet waited on the table already.

"Tell now, what happened, why were you shouting?"
I took another deep breath. Strangely, I needed time all the time since then. "I had something like a vision. Yes, that's right. I was on the roof of Crown Casino. Just on the top."

"Crown Casino?"

"Yes, yes, I know. I just ..." He shook his head. "Go on."
"I'm not quite sure, but I felt a terrible fear. I had a forevision that something terrible will happen. And the point is that not exactly in Crown, but somewhere .. in the heights at all. On the roof somewhere else."

"Like someone .. jumps down from there?"
"Not just someone." I watched at Jason with my big eyes full of fear . "One of us."
Crown Casino

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