OMC #12: Secrets

"What kind of question is that?" He frowned more.
"Just a normal question,"

"No. It's suspicious."
I rolled my eyes. "It would be normal if you were normal. But you're not."

He didn't argued against that.
Of course not. How many times had he told me that? I half-smiled bitterly at own question.

"What do you want to know?"
"Everything," I said without thinking.

"'Everything' is a wide term,"
"I want to know what did you do in the meanwhile, why I had to wait, all these secrets, and so on." I explained as I was thinking about this for a long time.

"Caro ..." he started, annoyed a bit.
"Please?" I begged then. My confidence began to disappear, because Jason's voice just sounded so confident.
As if he took away my confidence ...
"I can't,"

"Because it is so .. incomprehensible for you. You just can't understand it."
"Maybe I can decide by myself what I do understand and what don't?"

"No, this is the point. It's too hard."
"Jason ..."

"Please?" He eyed me with his lovely eyes.

"Besides, we all have secrets, don't we?"
I thought for a moment. "At least I don't hide anything from you that wake you up at night or just torture you,"

"My secrets torture and wake you up?"
"Yes," I didn't think that his secrets actually didn't let me sleep instead of waking me up, as I said. It didn't make difference.

"You know. I think I know what is the thing. I just haven't got into the way of not being alone anymore. Alone with my secrets. That I have you now. "He pulled me closer to him. "I promise that I will get myself together and tell you. But not now, not at the moment. A little later on. "

"Promise?" I looked him in the eye again, making sure if he was lying.
"Yes. I wouldn't lie to you. "

"Then it's good,"
Jason pulled me to his lap. "The good thing is rather that we are together now,"

"You think so?"
"I'm all too sure,"

And, to make it sure, he kissed me.
I was happy that today I was wearing jeans, because .. Well, the way I was sitting on Jason's lap .. skirt .. yeah.

* But, after all, I have thought about it so much. But wondered if only when there was nothing between us. Today, everything was different. Today, everything was real .*

"Mmhh ... I could sit like this forever, " whispered Jason against my lips with pleasure.
"I know. So do I. " I whispered in response and started putting my head upon his breast. But he pushed it back, kissing again and again.

After a few moments we were lying side by side on rocks, tight.
* Who could even think that my quiet Jason would be really .. lovable? I really didn't find a better word for it.*

"You took it all so easyly ..." Jason mused, raising once again the subject of the former.
"Do I have any choice?" I said with little irritation.

The boy raised his hand, patting gently my cheek. "I promise to tell you everything. As soon as I can."
"When?" I didn't give in.

"Does it really mean so much to you?"
"I just .. can't still live in ignorance. I had to do this already long enough. Why should I still suffer? "

I knew that it will make Jason think. Ultimately, anyone actually liked feeling guilty. But I also knew that I shouldn't affect him this way. This was .. selfish and stuff. Not nice.

Jason was silent. His hand stopped on cheek, then he took it away.
I felt like shit now. "I'm sorry," I whispered, even though I knew how stupid it sounds.

Well, you know. First of all I insisted on giving me explanations and make him feel guilty, then start excusing for my behavior. I'm brainless!

Jason rose to sit, and I followed him. I reached over to his shoulder.
"I'm sorry." I said louder now, "I shouldn't have raise this topic again, neither make you feel guilty because of not telling me."

Jason still remained silent, watching the darkness. Twilight was smoothly transferred to darkness.
The boy started to say something, but my "Strange" stopped him.

"Oh .. Shit, "
I answered the call. "Yes?" I said, bored.

"Are you going to spend another night somewhere else?"
"Mom, I'm with Jason,"

"We don't do anything like you may think,"

"Well, I don't know for sure,"
"Look, honestly, I'm coming home soon. We are .. in Vapiano. "

"Eh .. okay. But now you won't go anywhere for whole week. It's school at the moment, btw. "
"Okay, okay. Bye. "I rolled my eyes.

Without waiting for her answer, I pressed the red button. Then lapsed back into the stone, which had now turned cold. But I didn't care. Besides, my long sweater protected my back from cold.

I closed my eyes. When I opened them again, Jason was over me and looked me in the eye closely.

I shrugged my shoulders indifferently. In fact, I was indifferent. "I can't go out at night now because of yesterday and today,"
"I suppose we should use the current wisdomly,"

His 'wisdom' we meant more kissing.
* Not that I didnät like it. No, it was so wonderful. After all, now I was able to fulfill the desires I waited for two years. Just .. I didn't think it would be that easy. That Jason by himself would kiss me all the time and care so much and so on. It made me really happy.*

I smiled against his lips as we once again finished. "It would have been all the time like this ..."
"It would have been ..." he agreed.

I sighed heavily when my mother's command came to mind again. "I have to ..."
He pressed his finger to my lips. "I know"

The boy stood up and instead of helping me up, he took me in his hands.
"Oh, I'm heavt, after all. Put me down! "

"No, I want to carry you," he said, ignoring my squirming.
"Okay, okay," I agreed because it was impossible to get out of his grip.

There was only 10 minutes driving, so I got home too soon.
I kissed Jason one more time in hurry, and ran along the path to my home.

There was my mother, with who I had a quarrel at first, because I was out too long again, but she still trusted Jason, so she stopped scolding me.

I grabbed a cheesecake from the kitchen, as I had last eaten after the drive. Then I headed to my room where I took Angel in my hand and went out to get some fresh air.

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