OMC #8

"Alasia!" I called tiredly, wandering in her large house.
"In the kitchen," I heard her anwer from the downstairs.

Passing by the people, or it's better to say my own classmates, I headed down the stairs carefully to the kitchen. 

"Yeah?" asked Alasia as she noticed me at the doorway. She decorated biscuit cake that I and Michelle cooked with the melted chocolate.
"Um," I forgot already, for what I had come there, "when they arrive?"

"Soon. Mike said they will be here in about 15 minutes. "Alasia smiled at me. "Missing him?"

"Well, yes, if being honest. I already have him, but the pain of separation still hurts." I smiled sadly.

"At least everything is okay betweem you two," her voice rose at the end of the sentence so that it sounded like a question.

 "Yes, of course," I said quickly.

"And .. this second? "She pointed with her jaw somewhere behind me.

 As I turned myself, I saw Jake who had just left the sauna, with a bottle of beer in his hand. I turned my head back to awoid staring at his sixpack.
Ultimately, Jason hve sixpack as well. "He is the past," I replied.

"Really? Like .. "Fuu, you're too old, I like the new one"?"I started laughing.  

"Jason is not old .. Well, at least in some sense. In this sense, that he is my old crush though but still .. new boyfriend? " 
"It was a confusing sentence. But yes. "
 "Let's talk about something else, shouldn't we? I also wanted to say that Josh upset the vodka bottle on the stairs. Your staircase is a wonderfully vodka-scented now. "

"Ooh," mumbled Alasia half-angrily, "why do they always have the need to get so drunk?"

"Well, he isn't drunk .. yet, "

"Could you clean it, please? I have some work to do here. " She pointed at chips that was needed to be put in the bowl, and
uncut fruits and vegetables.
"Yeah, sure. Where can I get the cloth? "

"Bathroom," said a Alasia's voice from somewhere of the refrigerator. Probably she took the sauce
 I had to do some acrobatics to pass by the people who were on my way. Finally, I reached the bathroom, where was also a glass door to the sauna. Where were .. nude boys.

I turned my back at them to get the cloth to dry the floor
 "Oh, Caro, Jason is too little for you?" called .. no one else but Zack.

Ignoring the 'wit' and boys' responds at all, I headed back to the door, to clean up a
little vodka mess on the stairs. Or at least I tried.
"Get out of my way, Zack," I hissed through the teeth. 

"Or what ya gonna do? Tell Jason maybe? "

"You know what?" I got angry, "You have already caused me a lot of problems. You have tried to reveal us, and now, when everyone knows that there is something between me and Jason, you're still not satisfied. What the hell is wrong with you? " I yelled at him.

Zack was silent.
"Get out of my way!"

He didn't move. 

I slapped his bare chest with a cloth, so he staggered out of my way and I got along. I tamped angrily out of the bathroom, leaving me the boys watching me with amusement through the glass door.

I reached the stairway and started cleaning the stares. I stood up and immediately felt Jason's hands around me

"Jason!" I called and hugged him, turning myself 180 degrees. And, yes, I really did hug him, having a cloth that I just cleaned floor in my hands. And above all, not just an ordinary cloth .. vodka-soaked cloth.

"What are you already cleaning here?" He asked, as we had finished greeting kisses and hugs, "Party only began."

"Josh upset some vodka here," I said as calmly as I could. The former anger was almost gone. I didn't want Jason to notice that sth was wrong.

But because of only a little anger was gone, the boy noticed that after attentive looking into my eyes and said, "Is there sth I should know? Your eyes look a bit strange. "I shook my head. "Everything is alright,"

 "But in reality?"
"If I say 'Zack', is it enough?" 

Jason sighed half-angrily. "What again?""I do not know and do not want to know. It doesn't matter. I have to take it back now. " I showed him the cloth in my hand."I'm taking it back by myself. I guess that Zack is still there. "

"You're not going to talk to him, do you?"

 "Why not?"

"Because then he has reason to pick up at us again. Let it be, I will take it. "I quickly passed by him, so he couldn't catch me. Zack passed by me on the way, so in some sense, I was relaxed a bit.

Alasia was in the bathroom was at the same time, she was drenching sth in the sink.

 "What is it?" I studied her hands while washing the cloth.

"Ah, Drake upset the wine Brittany gave him,""Huh, how he managed to? After all, he's not drunk. "

"Well, I do not know. Did you cleaned the mess? "


Alasia chuckled. "I just started thinking why it took so long, after all, but then remembered that I sent Jason to you by myself."

I chuckled, too. "Ah, it were you. I wondered, how he found me so quickly. "

I put a cloth to dry and came out with Alasia, heading back to the living room. Boys were currently playing Monopoly, where they tried to get Doug out of business, and others played Alias in the kitchen, Michelle was also there. Chantal were talking to Ed and Charles at the same time about some kind of olympiad again, Hannah and Cassie were chatting with Analeigh. I was looking for Jason, but then remembered that he was in this Monopoly-company. 

Instead of joining someone, I grabbed my Blueberry Fizz from the fridge, and opened it. I took a big sip, closing eyes pleasure.

* Usually I didn't like alcohol, but this time I decided to try it. And what was so bad in that? Just alcohol .*

"Ai-ai, Caroline is drinking?" Cassie smiled."Mhm," I replied.

"Is there any normal people?" Michelle said with her usual voice, looking around."Jason does not drink, as well as Brenda and Sheena. At least I haven't seen them drinking.. yet. " I replied, sounding as rude as she.

She snorted  and went to chat with someone."I don't think it's bad or anything," Hannah said, grabbing her red wine. 

"Exactly," Analeigh and Cassie took their drinks, too - Viru White Cooler Pink Grapefruit and Caribba Lime.I rolled my eyes. "She is driving me mad," I mumbled.

"Oh, let it be," suggested  Alasia, who just joined us, having Old Tallinn cream liqueur in her goblet. Her smile said that Jason is behind me. 

"Do you not like that I drink as well?" I asked, turning myself around.But it was not Jason. It was Jake.

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