Открой моё сердце #5

"Love?" Jason was truly surprised.I looked at him stubbornly. "Yes,""But .. How?" 
"As these things always happen. Firstly, you like someone, then you become infatuated, and then ..."He chipped in with: "No, no, I understand that. I do not understand how can you love me?""Do I look like a God?" 
"Wh-what?" He was really surprised at my irrelevant question. For him, of course."Do I look like I know all the things in the world, and they are in my control?""No, but ..." 
"No. Now, that's the point. How, for the hell, can I know how I love you?""Damn, you're really a religious person,"Now it was my turn to wonder. "What?" 
"The God, the hell...""Jason, don't change the topic," I pressed through the teeth."What do you want to hear tehn?" 
I saw red. "Tell me, did I just tell you about my love for you to ask me such a thing? You know what? F you!" I stood up and started walking away forcefully."Hey, Caro, wait!" He stood up and ran for me, clomping on every step, but I ignored him. Finally, my smarting (?) eyes gave the result - first tears started flowing down the cheeks. 
"Caro, wait ffs!" He took my hand and turned me around strongly. It should be noted that at the same time he did it so gently, that I couldn't get hurt, and forcefully, that I would stand and look at him."What, Jason, what?" I tried to get my hands free, but I knew how pointless was to "fight" with him. He mightn't workout, but was still a boy. "What do you want to tell me? Or maybe ask?" 
"Caro!""No, no!"But then he did something that I would never had expected from him. At least not now.

He knows how to calm the girls.

He kissed me. My doubts were dispersed, words forgotten and, after all, I was calmed down."Do you know now?" he asked after moving away, however, leaving his face only a few centimeters away.My eyes were shut because of pleasure, and my hands crossed firmly on his neck.

To be sure he isn't going to run away. 
"So?"I opened my eyes reluctantly. "I believe you," I smiled at him."And now we're together?" 
"Wiiiiii!" I yelled, whereupon the swan couple that was near us flied away fast. I chuckled and looked at him. "There is no reflection nor principles?""And keep you waiting? I may be a freak, but I'm not completely insane." 
I tightened my grip on his neck. * No, I'm not going to strangle him.* "Tell me just one thing." I whispered against his chest, "Are you doing it intentionally or just because of my confession?""Caroline," His hands squeezed my waist harder. "I would not be Jason, if I did something that I do not want to do. Of course, I'm with you because of myself. You really haven't noticed?" 
"Um .. no?""Caroline ..." he whispered and kissed my head, "You should be more attentive." 
"I just don't know how to read people,""A little more attention would be good," he argued."I guess I'll try," I replied.
"Seriously?""True that" 

"Finally, he sobered down," Michelle said.I gnashed my teeth.

 * Actually, I didn't want to tell anything to  Michelle, because her behavior .. could drive you really mad at times. But she still was my friend and I couldn't be friends with her if she didn't know that something has happened in the meantime. I was wondering that then she would still continue her testimonies like "leave this guy" and so on. Although, in theory I couldn't break up with Jason as there was nothing between us .. But this is it - now, there is. However, I was sure for 100% in Alasia, Cassie and Chantal, because I knew I could trust them .*

"Can you just be positive once?" I wrote to her stubbornly, even though I knew how absurd it was to argue with Micha. But I don't care."Seriously, Michelle," wrote Alasia. 
"I am positive," said Micha."No, you are not. You always need to take others off," Chantal wrote."+1," I agreed with her."+2""+3" 
I clapped my hands - Alasia and Cassie knew how to cheer you up. "Nah, Micha, one for four, what will you say?"Michelle said nothing. She simply signed herself out of this thing.

It's better this way. "Let her go," I wrote, "if be honest, I did not want her to be included here. But at least now she knows.""You haven't told her pretty much things last times," Cassie noticed. 
I nodded, but then had to remind myself that we were talking on MSN. "Yes I haven't. And if be pretty honest, I do not regret it. Michelle are recently becoming an ego. It's better if only you know,""Aww," answered Alasia at my long text."= D" 
Our conversation were stopped by phone ringing. "I'll be back = P," I wrote to my BBFFs * =Best of Best Friends Forever xD *, having the phone already in my hand."Here we go," was Cassie's answer. 
I smiled and answered a phone call. "Already miss me, J?""Ofc, how else can it be," was the answer of my boy's velvet voice. And now I really can say "my". Oh ..."Aww,""What's up?" 
"Msn, music, .. nothing. You?""Kind of same," 
I bit my lip. You should say sth, Caro? However, your comzón phoned you. I chuckled at this idea. Comzón. Yes, of course. "You wanted to hear my voice?" I asked then."Of course. After all, we already have spent too much time together in MSN. Ultimately, we got to the next level." 
"You are right. I'm tired of msn,""But you must have been left sth undone? I'm not going to interfere you then." 
"You are already late," I said, before I could stop myself."Mh?" 
"How could I now concentrate on anything else?"In response, was his soft laughter. "Yeah, right. My little stalker girl." 
My little girl stalker. Aww. "Now you know?""No, FB doesn't show profile views normally, but .. isn't it obvious?"I snorted. "It's too obvious." 
"Yeah," was his answer, "but yes, I wanted to hear your voice before going to bed and wish you good night as well.""How sweet of you," was all I could say. 
"Good night, kitty,""Good night, comzón," I couldn't resist the temptation to use a nickname I gave him. Okay, actually I was a cat, though. Felis.

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