Открой моё сердце #6

Rumors about our dating spread in our school like wildfire in the spring. Surprisingly not from Zack, as you could have thought, no, we just shown us by ourselves. I mean, shown that there is something between us, and let people make their own conclusions. And if mentioning Zack .. this guy have kept his mouth shut since our relationship. And what else could he tell? He can just be happy that he was right, but .. the funniest thing is that he would never have guessed that we could give a reason to his talking. But here we are - we demonstrated ourselves. 
"Caroline! Caroline, are you, damn it ,listening to me at all?"
"Michelle," I closed my eyes to calm myself down, but as I answer her, I opened them again. "I'm talking to someone, actually." Jason who sat next to me looked blankly at Michelle. 

"I need your help!"
"Maybe you should wait until I finish?" I said as calmly as I could. 
"Ah, it is arbitrary. I'll find someone else." Michelle growled angryly, and pounded away.

"What was that?" Jason asked, puzzled. 
I sighed. How tired I am of this. "Michelle just shows her real face. As she says: "Once, person's ambition must show themselves." I shrugged my shoulders irresolutely.
Jason put his hand on my shoulders and said soothingly: "She will change her mind," 

"No," I replied firmly, "and if she would, I wouldn't want to socialize with her anymore. Next year I will not sit with her in any class."
*This year I sat with her in Chemistry and Russian.*"Yeah.." 

"Oh, never mind. We don't have to talk about me and her." 
He chuckled. "Yeah. We can talk about you and me instead." 

I was still offended because of Michelle, but Jason's words brought a smile to my face. "Yeah, we really should,"
"For example .. what are you doing tonight?"

I thought for a moment. It's Friday, Friday.
 *Ooh. In fact, I do not like RB at all. However, I do not hate her as JB. This guy is disgusting. But, well, that's it that the most stupid songs will haunt you. Oh, not mentioning that all their songs are stupid.*

"Friday. I have no plans."

 * I was not that kind of person who would do something every night. Or what 'every' .. usually I didn't do anything. I was the one person who preferred to sit at home and read a book or just chill out, not partyin' in the city or sth. Although I had nothing against it. But the point was that there wasn't anyone I could take with me.* 

"Nice..." Jason said mysteriously.
 I tilted my head slightly. "What are you planning?"

"How about going to cinema?"
I bit the cheek. "I haven't been at the cinema for awhile," 
"It's good," 
"Yes it is. I wanted to go one day .. Wait, do you have sth to watch?" I asked then, laughing.

*Jason is really devoted cinema-goer, who have watched almost all movies, which comes to the cinema. And even more. Well, at least normal movies .*

He laughed as well. "Of course. I haven't been to the cinema for a long time, too. Yes, yes," he said at my surprised face expression, "I had no time. Physics." 
I nodded understandingly. "Yes, right. Wait, you have already started preparing?"

"Of course. The exam is in a week already, after all." 
"Although I am going to prepare for it on Saturday and Sunday." I replied thoughtfully, "The next weekend."

"You better watch you won't regret it later,"
"Do not worry, I won't. So, today at..?" 

"I come at 8, will it be nice?"
 I smiled. I like evening sessions. "Definitely," 

Jason wanted to say something else, but Cassie landed on a bench across the table, and stared at us with interest.

"You know what happened with Michelle? She is really strange at the moment." 
We looked at each other.
"Michelle wants everything to be the way she likes, you know," I explained to Cassie. 

The girl frowned. "What do you mean?" 
"Well, she is moody." 

Cassie sighed and rolled my eyes. 'Why?' 
"How do I know? She is, after all, Michelle."
Cassie only shrugged her shoulders at this. "Well, you are right,"

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