Открой моё сердце #7

Jason chose "Red Riding Hood," becase  I I refused to watch something too romantic (eg, "Beastly," though I have to see it as well). I just wanted something special for our first real date. Not romance, romance, romance. Although,I can't say that  "Red Riding Hood" wasn't romantic, bu tthe most subject were werewolf, not Peter and Valerie's relationship. 
After cinema (at about 22;)) we decided to go for a little walk along the old town as night was warm and it would be wrong to waste it. We walked in silence again, but I started to like it now.
 * Now = when it it cleared between me and Jason * 
"Caro?" Jason broke the silence finally.I turned to him with curiosity. 
"I'm sorry,"I surprised. "For what, Jason?" 
He shook his head. "Everything,""What are you talking about?" I still couldn't understand. 
"Caroline. Didn't I was the one who let you wait?""But .."." 
"I read every time very carefully what you MSN wrote, trying to figure out what I had done wrong again. And I still can't believe I just let you to suffer. If I were you, I wouldn't have given  opportunity to me. It would be as a punishment for the pain I caused. " 
I flinched inadvertently.
 * Jason said exactly what Alasia had told me. "If he had came, I would reject him." And me .. I was just myself. I said that depends on his intentions. And here I am now.*

"Jason, don't say this,""But it's true," he argued. 
"And it overawes me," I said quietly."I'm sorry," he said again. 
"Jason!" I said, already angry."Okay, okay, let it be." he answered indulgently, and pulled me closer to himself.
"Are you cold?" He pointed at my gray tunic, jeans and ballerinas. 
I shook my head. "Nope, it's quite warm,"He looked at me suspiciously for a second, as if confirming to himself that I really am not cold. Then he turned his eyes back at me. 
"By the way. Sorry, that I start this topic again, but ..." he began."Yes?" I asked curiously. To just ask about the closed topic .. should try it someday.

 * Because there are so many questions I have about the topics that are already closed, but I never dare to ever start them again. Jason just showed that there is nothing weird .*He hesitated. 
"Jason,  there shouldn't be secrets between us. You can ask"He chuckled when I mentioned the word 'secrets'. "If only I could .. yes, I will tell you one day. But anywho. Once you had written in MSN something like this: 'Now it happened .. My soul is divided between you two...' Was it?" He looked inquiringly to me.

I flinched again, but didn't explained why. "It's .. uh .. nothing,"He raised an eyebrow. "'There shouldn't be secrets between us?'" he repeated my sentence. 

I sighed. "And where is: 'You don't have to answer if you don't want to. '? ""To the same place where my reflection and principles and our both single status," 
"Oh. Okay," I took myself together - if there are no secrets, then no -, "I'll tell you then. .. I just uh, I started liking someone else.""Someone else? Like .. besides me?" 
"Yes,""Wowh," Jason seemed to be surprised. 
Well, I would also be if I was Jason. Me and two boys? Really weird. I didn't breathe, begging God that he wouldn't ask it...Damn, he still did it. 
"Who?"I bit my lip. "Do you really want to know?" 
He nodded seriously. "I'm your boyfriend. Of course, I want to know about others." This last was a joke as he chuckled.I kicked him in the shoulder. Gently. "I don't have anyone else!" I protested. 
"Ah don't give a fuck, I don't give, too," he said, repeating Cyle's phrase. *Cyle is one of our classmates.*I smiled even I didn't want to. "I don't, you know," 
"Well, tell me now," Jason ordered.I hoped you forgot already. "Jake," I said quickly. 
"Seriously?"I nodded. "What is wrong with him?" 
"Well, nothing. It's just .. funny how you chose your next 'victim' to be someone with who I sit in Maths and Esperanto.""Victim?" I asked, being a little nettle. Of course, he meant it as a joke as well. 
"Forget it. I didn't mean it like that.""I know. But still." 
"Well. It .. seems to be just interesting how you chose the next guy to be someone who is so different from me.""Yes, Jake is really very different from you. But .. do we have to talk about what had already end?" 
Was it jealousy now? : D aww. 
*I actually wasn't.* But I will not say it. "Of course. First of all, I'm with you now. Secondly, because of the first point I don't need anyone else."He kissed me on the cheek. "It's cute from you," 
We continued walking, both smiling. But inside .. inside of me .. alarm clock was ringing.

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