OMC #11: Who are You, My Love?

"It seems to be pretty cool,"
"It is. That's why I do it."

"Yeah. Maybe I should try, too."
"Want to mimic me, yeah?" I asked, obviously. joking

"Hah, who talks about mimicing ..." He reminded me.
I blushed and turned my head. Yes, of course.

"Hey," Jason craned to me, "I was only joking."
I looked at him, so he could put a hand back on the steering wheel. "I know"

He smiled at me and looked back on the road.
We didn't have a long drive, but I still managed to bury in thought.

Why do I deserve this? Me who even "left" Jason for a while. And now he comes and .. says that he really wants me. And he even doesn't need time or anything. And I don't even have to think anymore what was wrong with him. Because he's a absolutely normal now. Not some kindof supernatural , as I thought for some time.

* The thing was that I just read "Twilight" and "Hush, hush" and "Wicked Lovely" and whatever else from all this fantasy things, and sometimes I got lost between reality and imaginary world - although I still believe in all sorts of mythical things - and I thought that perhaps Jason has some kind of secret, too - aka he is a vampire or something. It sounds wildly, I know - and because of that he holds the distance between us. However, he wasn't any of that.*

Though, I still don't know many things about him. Of course, the usual things, like .. favorite ice cream and stuff, but I don't know who he really is. He hasn't told me the real reason why I had to wait. For example. what he did at that time and so. After all, I would like to know so much .. but this guy is just such a mystery.

My thoughts traveled back to mysticism. Even Edward, and Patch, and other characters told their loved ones who they are and so on. Okay, Jason does not really love me .. yet. Yeah, I had to add it. But still .. it was so easy between them. Bella quickly understood Edward's nature. Elena Stefan's one. Nora .. Well, it took longer for her . But they knew. And I don't.

"Caro-cat, what are you thinking about?"
Fucking Edward Cullen. Oh, go away, Twilight-mania. "Eh .. nothing," I tried to quit the topic.

"Nah, tell me. It's so boring to drive." asked Jason.
Well, you wanted it. "Stop," I commanded.

"What?" He didn't get it.
Well, we were still on the forest road. "I want to go to the forest for a walk. Stop, please." I tried to talk to him softer.

"Uh .. okay?" Jason was still surprised, but complied with my request.
Fortunately, it was a quiet forest road, where he could park the car.

"What now?"He asked as I slipped out was of the car quickly.
"Come," I called him to follow me, moving very determinedly into the forest.

Of course, determinedly. I knew beach and forest too well.
"Caro, maybe you tell me what's going on?" I heard Jason's steps behind me, though his voice was full of doubt and surprise.

I guess I would be surprised as well. "Don't ask me anything. Just come." I told him.
We remained silent. The sun began to go down, and twilight descended to the forest.

* Normally, I wouldn't be here.I adored  nature, especially the sea and the forest, but I didn't know all the secrets and didn't dare to go for a walk to the forest after dusk, though home and the city were quite near. I didn't trust them completely, I may say.*

"Caro?" Jason was still confused.
"We got here," I whispered. I love this place. Here were all so nice and mossy. And the old trees, and at all .. beautiful.

Jason looked around doubtfully. "How often do you .. go for a walk .. to these places?"
"If I feel like this," I replied.

The boy walked to me and stood before me. "You want to explain what's going on?"
I sat on the rock and patted it, suggesting that he should sit next to me.

"Tell me," he commanded.

I snorted in my head. Will he so intrusive after my question as well? I knew the answer. Of course not. But is it worth it to ask then? I don't even know how he reacts. However, this response was also determined. It's all decided.
*Strange to think that I decided it just in 20-minute drive time. But now my life is unpredictable.*

"Caroline?" Jason was obviously upset by my silence and secrecy.
"All right. You really want to know? Okay. Just answer my question." Then I fell silent, waiting for his reaction.

He frowned at my firmness, but still said: "Ask,"
I looked deep into his eyes. Those nice warm brown eyes, which I always liked. "All right. If you are so confident about this, then..."

"I am, Caro, I am," I felt that his voice was now filled with conspicuous anger.
I sighed for the last time. "Who are you, Jason? Who you really are?"


The place Caro and Jason was in the forest

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