OMC #19: I can be cunning as well

"Thanks for accompanying me," I told Jake at my threshold.
"Always please. Can we go for a walk sometime else?"

"With a big pleasure," I said with a smile. I was lucky that I had found a new friend.
"Good." Jake really liked my answer, "I'll see you at school! And the day after tomorrow at the party." He winked at me.

"I look forward to. Bye!"
I went to my room, to study some physics again. Then I stretch after a long sitting, wondering what I could do next. I was alone again - my brother had dance practice, and parents went with him this time.

I could use the time to be on the web, lying later that I studied or read at that time - my mother was constantly worried that I'm sitting at the computer for too long and ruin my eyesight, even though I actually didn't sit this long. I even had borrowed a book. But "Beautiful Creatures" didn't bind me then.

Then I remembered that I had unwatched 45 minutes from last "Harry Potter" film, because I hadn't bothered to watch it.
C'mon, like 7 films, even 8. You may go crazy if watch all of them.
But now it seemed like the only likeable option.


Lunch. Noise around.
How typical. Boring. Oh.

What do all do at school lunch? Yes, of course - the latest gossip (aka who, with who, when, where, etc..), others use it otherwise of course... (Aka, look or better listen, where are you going to avoid get someone caught).
Noise increased again, but I almost didn't hear it. It was more like a background. I ate chicken Caesar, being in fact somewhere else. Jake's words made me think more deeply.

"The Earth is calling Caroline," Michelle called, but this time I was fully prepared for this.
"I'm completely there," I said, smiling, when I swallowed a mouthful of delicious salad.

"At least we have you still here," she continued.
I understood the hint, but didn't comment on it. I would like to see you when you finally have someone ... For example, Craig.
"Ah, Micha, let them be," murmured Cassie, who couldn't ignore what Micha said.

"Well, of course,"
"Naah, Micha, even I got over," I told her.

"Oh God! Then I have to get over it for sure." Michelle pretended an excessive shock.
"Exactly," I murmured.

We heard a cough behind, so our whole table - me, Cassie, Micha, Alasia, Analeigh and Hannah - turned our heads.
"Can we talk, Caro?"

I pursed my lips. "What do you want to talk about?"
"You know, my behavior ..."

I felt the curious glances of girls at us.
"Okay," I looked at my salad plat - Caesar was successfully eaten. Orange juice was drunk as well.

Yes, our school canteen is really enviable.
I stood up and followed Jason, throwing away the garbage as we walked past recycle bin.

"So?" I asked when we were in safe distance, arranging the bag on my shoulder. This suited very well my today outfit: a beige tunic, jeans and dark gray shoes.
"Please, forgive me again," said Jason sincerely, looking into my eyes.

"This time you at least have a reason," I couldn't help being mean a bit.
It touched him, I could see it from crooked being. "You're so mad?"

In fact, I was more scared than annoyed. I had never seen this Jason. I crossed hands. "I am,"
"What am I supposed to do, so you won't be?" Jason took my hands in his.

I looked at them for a moment, but then pulled back, once again crossing on chest.
Jason sighed. "Dinner Today, at 'Abla'? "

My mouth fell open. "You must be joking,"
A wide smile appeared on his mouth. "I suppose it was a 'yes',"

"This is ..."
"I book a table for 8,"

"I have a better idea,"
Jason looked at me suspiciously, but expectantly.

I smiled - my plan was successful. He hoped that the most expensive restaurant in the city can make me forgive him. Sorry, dear, but I have something better for you. Lord, I sound so .. bitchy. "What about you prepare the dinner by yourself?"
"You must be joking,"

Gotcha. "I'm sure more than I wouldn't be mad after that," I said thoughtfully.
I saw Jason growing numb. Yes, the boys in our class really can't cook. No one. That's the point.

"Well, at my house at eight?" the boy explained.
"And you better play fair!"

"I promise,"
"Great," I was pleased with my idea. I gave goodbye kiss on the cheek, because now we had different classes - handicraft and industrial arts.

I waved to him, and at the same time, the girls came to me.
"Well, what's the subject?" Alasia examined immediately.

Can't see any problem in not telling. "We had a little argument, now he's trying to get my trust back,"
"What task did you give him then?"

I get out a little laugh, because I still found my plan hilarious. "He wanted to take me to 'Abla'..."
"No way!" Cassie cried.

"It's the most expensive restaurant in the city," said Alasia.
"Yes, but I declined,"

"You're crazy!" said Michelle.
Even her? Wow. "I thought of something better,"

"What can be better than 'Abla'?" Hannah mused.
"Does anyone of our boys in class know how to cook?" I turned mostly to Analeigh. She just socialized with whole class.

"Level 1 in most cases. Sandwiches, fried eggs .. nothing special,"
"That's right. So..."

"You told him to prepare dinner by himself? You're a genius, Caro," exclaimed Analeigh.
"Or am I?" I asked a large smile.

"Who else would come out with this? I would go right to 'Abla." said Hannah.
"I wouldn't," was a typical response of Micha.

All the rest of us rolled our eyes.
"Let's go now," I called.

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