OMC #20

"I told you that you should let him run after you,"
"I know, Mom, that's why I did this," 

"You're learning," She winked at me.

"So you need a new dress?" 
"The dress? I was about to put jeans and..." 

"Oh no, you have to look nice today. I can do make-up and do your hair, if you want." * My mother works as cosmetician.*
 "It would be nice." I smiled at her, "The dress .. I'll see if I have something." 

I had. We watched though all of my dresses - which I really had a lot - until we found suitable.
 "It is not very formal, but also not casual. What do you think?" 

I whirled myself in front of the mirror. "I like it," 
The dress had black and white dots, black belt below the breasts, it was also flounced and with frills. My mother made suitable manicure, makeup and hairstyle. I was ready to go. 

"Thanks, Mummy," I whispered, hugging her goodbye.
 "Please, please. And behold, you will ..." 

"Yes, Mom, we won't do fool things," I wanted to be added 'yet', but changed my mind. This is personal.

"All right. Well, bye then." 

Of course, I didn't have to walk, my father agreed to take me there. 

"Have fun," he said as a good-bye. 
"Yes, definitely,"


"Hey, you came,"

 "Of course I came. How could you prove yourself, if I hadn't come?" 

Jason, like a true gentleman, hung my coat in the closet. His eyes slipped over my dress.
"Like it?" I whirled in front of him. 

"You look great," He kissed me on the cheek.
I was ready for his next comment, but the smell of burning, coming from the kitchen, stopped me.  "Something  is burning," 

Jason's eyes widened, and he rushed to the kitchen. I tried not to laugh. It's, after all, his first time...
I washed my hands in the bathroom, then headed to the kitchen, to help the poor boy. 

"So, kiamaniere iri?"
 "Uh ... malbona," he admitted. 

"Where can I get an apron?"
 "Not so bad. Seriously, you don't have to..." 

"Where can I get an apron?" I asked strongly. 
He pointed. "Be careful, don't ruin your beautiful dress," 

I liked his caring. "What you have with these aprons?" I pointed at his at first, then at the one I was going to wear.
 "Mother likes different quotes," 

"Yes, very funny. So, what is for dinner?"
 "Lasagna, sherbet," 

"You're joking," Jason's tenacity surprised me.
 "Nope. And it looks like I had chose the right thing." 

"Yeah. So, you need some help?" 
"Sherbet should be re-mixed, in order to avoid crystals," 

I took this delicious treat out of the fridge and mixed it. If being honest, I had never made a sherbet, but after seeing it I was tempted to try.
"So," I said, as the sherbet was back in a freezer, "waiting for further orders, master-chief." 

"This is too much to say, but thank you,"
 I waved my hands, to show I was still waiting for further commands. 

Jason shrugged his shoulders. "Everything is ready." He smiled at me with his bright smile, "Please to the table."
He took my hand and led to a beautiful living room, where he had created a very romantic atmosphere with candles. 

"It seems that you really have experience the girls," I mentioned his previous life. 
He turned a bit serious. "We didn't have anything like this," 

"Why not? Oh, sorry, I'm again ..." 
"It's okay. You know, you should get to know a little more about me." 

My eyes widened. "You're really ready to talk?" 
His hands slipped at my waist. "Not everything, but still. You're worth it. Of course, I also would like to know more about you." 

It was nice to cuddle with Jason again. It helped to forget everything - past, present, future. All my pain as I was waiting .. Stop. I'm currently in the present, not in the waiting past. "I don't believe there's something interesting in me," 

"Or isn't there?"
 "Not something that you have," 

"Each life story is unique, and you cannot say that one is more interesting than other," 
"Or can't I?" 

"No," was his sure answer.
 I raised my eyes - Jason was about 10 cm taller than me. 

"Let's talk while eating. Mademoiselle." Jason waited behind the seat, until I sat on it.
"Don't act the dandy, I study French as well, you know," 

"Or do you?"

His funny laugh filled the room. "Sorry, but it's so addicting,"
 "I know," 

Then Jason became more serious, fundamentally changing the topic. "So, let's start from the beginning, right? What exaclty do you want to know?"

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