OMC #13: Mistique

 There was nicely dark outside. The moon that shone in the sky, was quietly transforming a full month.

* I have always liked the Moon. Such a beautiful shiny disc, which was full of secrets ... I was particularly fascinated with the full moon. As I read different books, I learned that the most powerful moon phase is full  moon, and in various books, it was associated with mysticism, unfortunately, mostly with evil.

For example witches and other negative creatures become  very powerful at this time and so on. Wolves werewolves, vampires, mermaids (H2O - Just Add Water), angels, fairies. Although I have never understood why witches, werewolves and vampires were listed as negative and cruel characters. Or fallen angels and demons. No, I wasn't a satanist or anything, but just .. for example, my mother was categorically opposed to my interests of 'black powers'.

Yes, I love werewolves and fallen angels .. perhaps even demons. No, not them, though. Oh yeah, when I brought home the book "Prom Nights from Hell", she went all crazy and told me to take the book back. Of course I didn't do it, and 'hell' was only in Stephenie Meyer's story "Hell on Earth", so ... Moreover, it was a good book.

 But back to the topic. Witches, werewolves, wolves, fairies, vampires, mermaids, angels, gothic at all, etc. I liked all of it. And my mother missed the old me. An ordinary girl with her ordinary interests and problems. Dresses, dance, boys etc. But this is no longer for me. I'd changed .. and I even knew why. No, rather when.

I'd changed after falling in love with Jason. His secrecy, whom no one - not even her best friends, including Zack - didn't know too much, who had his unique interests, who was just a secret. A big secret. I knew what others thought of him. They all felt some kind of .. awe or something before him, because he was different. And he really was.*

"Don't go, Angel," I asked my cat who wanted to go back into the room.
Apparently she understood, as she cuddled up on my lap, and went back to sleep again.
I looked in the sky again. There was only moon, no stars.

* However, Jason had a strong position in the class. He was the one who was asked to draw posters or who was invited to the school bands. But he was already in a band. "Moonwalk". How ironic.

Jason was also asked to make sketches for our class blog that Aaron - class IT specialist - took successfully over the computer.

Wait a minute. When I once again began to think about Jason? I thought, I was thinking about month and mythical things and .. Jason now. Interesting.*

I looked at my watch.
01:28. I should probably go to sleep, tomorrow is Sunday and homework -.-

I went back inside with Angel, letting her on the floor as soon as she wanted to go to her bed. I grabbed my nightgown and went to the bathroom.


Once again, a cold November day, it was raining outside. This year weather in November changed a lot. One time it was 12 that you could go out with warmer sweater, then again 5 and you had to put on the coat and boots. Today, however, I didn't think about going out. If so, for just a little bit, because today I had to do my homework. Parents went with my little brother to his dance competitions.

I made myself hot chocolate and took some muffins from the kitchen, so studying mathematics and physics would be nicer.

* Actually, I really liked math, but I didn't like learning all these formulas for test. Physics, on the other hand .. to put it mildly I didn't like it. And now we had a week after the physical exam.
Brr ...

Although, in fact, I didn't worry. I felt quite okay. No more shaking, sleepless nights.
Everything will be good.

In the end of the year there will be only Math exam, after that Chemistry, and then you could choose by yourself what you want.

It was indeed strange that the exam was in half of the year, but we first started studying for the last two quarters of last year, so it was almost the same as starting preparing at the beginning of school year and take an exam at the end.

Which means that it doesn't matter.
"ISO processes. Ooh."


Strangely I even could study for really long time. I was proud of myself.
I looked out - the rain had stopped, but the sun was still behind the clouds. Nevertheless, I felt an urgent yen to go for a walk.

I put on warmer clothes: black jeans, black top, dark gray warmer sweater, gray hat and blue boots.
I looked at myself in the mirror. It looks gothic. But I wasn't about changing anything - I'm going to forest anyway.

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