OMC #18: Candors

"You didn't tell last time, why you like to take walks in the woods," Jake immediately started a conversation.
"You didn't ask." I evaded from answering immediately. "I actually don't know. I like to walk by the sea. My opinion, you can get some peace, as people don't like to go somewhere in an abandoned place. But I prefer being lonely at times."

"At times?"
"Jason is great,"

"Yes, of course,"
"And you?"

"Why do you like to walk in the woods?"

"I suppose you've noticed a group of people I socialize with?"
That's obvious, isn't it? "I guess everyone have,"

"Yes, exactly. But, in reality, Idon't like that. .. I'm more like .. Jason."
"But you ..."

"Yes, I know. I just .. this time it all came out again that we were in one company one time and they immediately decided that I'm this guy who likes parties, to socialize a lot etc. Not true, actually. I chill somewhere at times, although I would be more happy to sit at home .. or be here. "
"Why don't you show them your true face?" Coincidence? Again? No.

"It's called: 'have a position in class',"
"This is not an explanation." I argued, "Jason, for example, has his position in the class. Even though he doesn't belong to your .. gang." I couldn't resist the temptation to use their own jargon.

Jake also didn't miss it. "Addictive, isn't it? Um ..  have you heard what they talk about Jason?"
I shook my head slowly. * I knew only what my girl friends talk about him .*

"No. Now, that's why you talk this way,"
"What they talk then?" I still wanted to know.

"I'd rather not ..."

"Are you sure?"
"I do not know ... Is there something very terrible?"

"Decide, whether you want or not, "
"Okay," I breathed in deeply, "Shoot."

"Jason is kinda reserved person. I suppose you know this already. He often tries to show that he is one of us as well. That he attends parties and so on. But that's obvious, it's just a cliche. At least I see it because I'm the same. The difference that I act better. Ah, admit that I do. " he told me after I grimaced.

I shrugged my shoulders, not knowing what to say. I couldn't argue - Jake got the feel of this role very successfully, he tricked us all.

"Even if others can't see the cliche, they know that Jason doesn't like it all. And the fact that he is a loner all the time .. I mean, was until now, then there are very interesting rumors about him."

I looked at him with expectation, but he was quiet. Decided whether to continue or not. Without hearing no objection, he said slowly, "Okay. But you wanted it."
No, no, no. Shut up, shut up, shut up! Don't use my phrases. Okay, if I may ... Whatever, go on.

Of course, nothing was heard by Jake. "Some give aguess that he has a drug or other criminal business ..." he began.
My eyebrows flew close to the hairline. "But this is ridiculous,"

"Or is it?" Jake used another phrase of our class.
I didn't say anything, and he continued.

"Twilight fans, of course, are secretly hoping that he is a vampire, a werewolf,"
I snorted. Partly because I personally thought the same way. Only difference, it was a joke, when nothing better could have come to my mind. "Is there something else?"

"You think it's not enough? And you find it funny?"
Now I help but started laughing. "Come on, really. Jason doesn't take a part in anything criminal, okay. And a vampire or a werewolf? We live in a normal world."

I didn't add my thoughts about it, though.
"In a normal world?"

"Yes. Of course, I certainly believe that the fans would be very happy if there would be vampires, werewolves, fairies, angels, and I don't know which fantasy creature else, but still .. this is our usual harsh reality. But you didn't answer. "
"Well. I'm talking: neither the supernatural or criminal,"

"And seriously nothing more?"
"Nope ... What did you expect?"

"Well, after all, .. I don't know exactly. But I know what he is like. Surely not everyone have to be .. 24/7 party-goers."
"What kind of an insight it was?"

"It wasn't an insight,"
"I guess it was,"

"What insight?"
"Oh, never mind"

"Well, sorry, takes a lot of time to understand. But really. Jason is just a quiet boy who likes to be alone." I shrugged my shoulders. Wait a minute. Since when I discuss my man with someone else besides girls? Shut the hell up, Caroline.
"Yes, I know,"

"Then why don't you tell them anything?"
"People prefer to believe what they want to believe,"

I hadn't any argument against that.

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