Открой моё сердце #1 (in English)

So, for now, I decided to tranlate my best story (for now and in my opinion) to English, so you don't have to bother yourselves with google translate if you want to read my story (although, as I understood now, it's not this bad as I thought). Enjoy :)


Ghastly steps echoed in the hallway. I was hopelessly late today.
To chemistry, yeah! -.-
"Hello. I'm sorry, I ..." I started, but the chemistry teacher interrupted me."Oh, have we finally reached the place?" he flatters.
Like ... fur realz. I belated to Chemistry for the first and last time. "But I ..."

"You do not argue with me. Shut up and sit in your place." He shut my mouth again.
"In fact, you shouldn't behave this way," said Jason.

"I'm sorry?" Teacher found a new victim. First of all, NO! Not him. Secondly, you protect me? :O
"Yes. Caro belated for the first time and you start
quarreling with her?" said Jason.

In turn, I looked at Jason's and the teacher.

Should I sit? 
Eyes measured the distance from the door to my place.
A little much.
In fact, I had never thought that the distance to my place (which was in the middle of the class) were so far.
Except this time. 
"You do not talk to me like that!" he shouted, "Both to the headmaster!"Class immediately began to buzz. I looked at Zack.
Yes, that's what I thought - grinning like a horse.
I frowned in frustration.
So this is how we handle our best friend, huh?
"Okay," Jason said quietly, and stood up. "We're doing it.

How he managed to keep calm?

He kept the door for me and we moved down.

I breathed slowly in and out. I haven't talked  to Jason in real life a lost, just once, when we had some "public benefit work" to do (which consisted of
cleaning art class), but spoke freely on MSN.
-.- Oh, the digital age, "Thanks," I said quietly.
Jason looked up at me. "For what?" He made a break and I was beginning to answer when he went on: "He acted inappropriately with you."
"Yeah, .. but others simply sat and were silent.""They are different. I'm not." she said.
I wanted to tell him that I know how special he is, but how would it sound? "Yeah, Jason, you know too well what you mean to me, of course, I know you're special ."... No way. Instead, I smiled to him, because, to my great astonishment, he was still looking at me. Actually .. I'm used to this (that he watches me), but like so far? Usually, it was more like a short glimpse .. or sometimes something longer.

"Why were you late today at all?" He asked then.I bit my lip. "I ..."

He noticed my hesitation and said, "You don't have to answer if you don't want to,"I breathed a sigh of relief. "I don't want to, actually."
"I think we should take our stuff now, huh?" I asked Jason after 'visiting' the headmaster.

*Surely he didn't tell us anything special - he already knows our chemistry teacher "education manners". He suggested that we should try to socialize with him normally and so on. As you understood, nothing special.*
"Yes, although, I don't want to go there at all,"I half-smiled. "Who do?"
Silence descended between us. I didn't like it, either, but I had no idea what to say or do.

It have always been this way. I sighed quietly, but he noticed it.
"What's wrong?""No, I just .. ah, never mind," I answered again with one of these sentences I used, when I didn't want to talk about sth.

"As you wish," His response was unusual.
He have never asked anything when I answered him so, but now he .. sounded disappointed.
We entered the chemistry class silently - the teacher was bustling laboratory at the same time - and left the class quickly. This time separately.

Your typical behavior, ofc.

I came to class the next class - it was the math - and momentally was surrounded by my best friends - Alasia, Michelle, Cassie and Chantal were waiting for a response.
I looked at them, tired. "What are you waiting for?" I asked gently, even though I would liked to bark at them. But it would have made mood even worse.

Alasia winked at me. "You were alone with him, what were you two talking about?""Nothing of what I would have liked or expected from him." I replied, glaring at the table, "You know what he is like. I need some time and so on?"
"Ah, you have to leave him alone!" Michelle said in her most usual voice. I'm-not-really-interested-in-voice. "Find yourself someone better."
Chantal nudged her with an elbow. "Michelle!""What?" She snapped at us, "Am I not right then?"

We said nothing, because we knew the answer. She is right.

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